Recommended fire starter popularity! [Ferrocerium]

Recommended fire starter popularity! [Ferrocerium], Shieldon

Fire is indispensable in daily life. Even in the outdoor scene where you can enjoy an extraordinary life, it plays an important role in cooking and warming up. Speaking of items that are useful for starting a fire, burning appliances such as lighters, which are the tools of civilization. Many people will bring it to the outdoor scene. However, it is a drawback that it depends on the environment. The strong wind does not light the fire. I took it to the top of the mountain and couldn’t ignite it. You may have experienced such a common problem. On the other hand, there are tough gears that can start a fire in an environment where lighters are not good at it. This topic, Fire Starter, is a typical example. The fire starter does not require fuel and can be used as a fire starter in both main and sub. It’s very convenient, and the analog part is perfect for outdoor scenes. Please refer to the explanation and find a model that is easy to handle.


What is a fire starter?

Outdoor gear that rubs a metal rod to make a fire

Recommended fire starter popularity! [Ferrocerium], Shieldon

A fire starter is a fire starter, also known as firestone. A metal rod made of magnesium or ferrocerium is rubbed with a metal plate called a striker to disperse sparks toward the fire. The main types of fire are commercially available ignition cotton, hemp thread, and wood chips made by shaving dead branches with a knife.


Benefits of Fire Starter

Items that are not affected by the environment

Recommended fire starter popularity! [Ferrocerium], Shieldon

Example: Combustion appliances such as lighters that use fuel have the disadvantage of being easily affected by atmospheric pressure and temperature. If the igniter is affected, it will cause troubles such as not igniting. Firestarters, on the other hand, are not affected by temperature or temperature. Can be used by wiping even if it gets wet. If the item to be burned is dry, it can be ignited regardless of the environment.


Very good as a spare ignition item

Recommended fire starter popularity! [Ferrocerium], Shieldon

The feature of the fire starter is that it is compact. Lightweight outdoor gear models weighing less than 100g are common, and they are all extremely portable. It’s also more analog than an igniter, but it’s simple and doesn’t break. The advantage is that you can start a fire even in a tough environment. It’s a very good spare ignition item you can trust.


Cospa is the strongest class without the need for fuel

Recommended fire starter popularity! [Ferrocerium], Shieldon

Firestarter rods can be rubbed with a striker thousands of times, and depending on the model, tens of thousands of times to blow sparks. Unlike a lighter that you have to throw away when you run out of fuel, you don’t have to replace it unless you lose it if you buy one. There are individual differences, but there are many models that can be used for a lifetime.


Disadvantages of Fire Starter

Likely to be lost

Recommended fire starter popularity! [Ferrocerium], Shieldon

There are many models of fire starters that can be used many times and are said to last a lifetime. On the other hand, it is a small outdoor gear that can be lost due to an accident. No matter how sturdy and used it is, if you lose it, you will not have any children. If you don’t want to lose it, choose a model that has a low risk of loss.


I need some tips to ignite

Recommended fire starter popularity! [Ferrocerium], Shieldon

The more you get used to the fire starter, the easier it will be to ignite. On the other hand, while you are not used to using it, you will continue to practice to get the hang of it. Until you get used to it, it is a good idea to prepare a fire type that is easy to ignite, such as ignition cotton. As you get used to it, you will be able to start a fire in a short time even if it is difficult to light a fire such as wood chips.


Types of fire starters

Made of magnesium

Magnesium powder falls off so it is easy to catch fire

Recommended fire starter popularity! [Ferrocerium], Shieldon

Many people will know that magnesium is flammable through science experiments. The same is true for magnesium rods. When the rod is rubbed with a striker, magnesium powder falls and sparks. More suitable for everyone than the other material, ferrocerium. The advantage is that it is easy to ignite the type of fire.

Recommended fire starter popularity! [Ferrocerium], Shieldon

Since the rod is scraped, the total amount of magnesium will decrease as you use it. Therefore, ferrocerium is one of the best in terms of durability. However, many rods rub more than 10,000 times, which does not mean that the durability is weak. The mainstream of fire starters, there is a rich lineup that you can spend a long time with. It is a kind that has attractive variations and you can find your favorite set and function.


Made of ferrocerium

Disperse sparks more than magnesium rods

Ferrocerium, which is not often heard, is an alloy of iron and cerium. Rubbing a hard object, such as the back of a striker or survival knife, at high speed will cause a spark of about 3,000 degrees. Another name is ignition stone. It features a combination of flammable cerium and the durability of iron.

Recommended fire starter popularity! [Ferrocerium], Shieldon


When ignited, it does not drop powder like a magnesium rod. You need to have a flammable fire such as cotton or tissue. On the other hand, even if you rub the rod, it will not deteriorate in a little bit, so the durability is high. Another advantage is the abundance of simple designs. Check it out if you just want a rod or a rugged design. You can also choose a large rod that can be used for two generations.


How to choose a fire starter


Choose by the difficulty of losing

The entry set has a pouch and is hard to lose

Recommended fire starter popularity! [Ferrocerium], Shieldon

Camping and barbecue-related entry sets may also include a fire starter. It features a folding knife that can be used as a fire source by scraping dead branches, a fire-breathing stick that can send wind to the fire source, and a horn. It usually comes with a pouch, and if you put it together with other gear, the risk of loss will be greatly reduced. The set is highly recommended for beginners as it has a reasonable number of gears that are convenient for ignition.


The accessory type that you can wear is convenient even in an emergency

Recommended fire starter popularity! [Ferrocerium], Shieldon

There is also an accessory-type fire starter that acts as a necklace or bracelet. You can store it while wearing it, so you don’t have to worry about losing it. If you use it as an everyday accessory, you can start a fire even in an emergency such as a disaster. The fire starter is made of metal, but it can be carried on an airplane. It is also possible to carry it with you when traveling.


Choose by the difference in length

Striker over 70 mm is easy to handle

Recommended fire starter popularity! [Ferrocerium], Shieldon

The shorter the striker, the shorter the distance between the hand and the spark. Also, if it is small, it will be difficult to grip and operability will be reduced. Fear of burns can also upset control. If you are worried about handling the striker, it is a good idea to use 70 mm or more as a guide. Fear is reduced and operability is improved. If you choose a striker that is a ruler, you can see the length at a glance.


Easy to use rods of 50 mm or more for beginners

Recommended fire starter popularity! [Ferrocerium], Shieldon

Firestarter rods are easy to ignite if they are long. More sparks will be scattered when rubbed with a striker. Another advantage is that there is a distance between the fingers holding the rod and the sparks, which reduces fear and makes handling easier. A rod of 50 mm or more is recommended for beginners. The longer the rod, the more times it rubs. Even deteriorated magnesium can be used without fear of failure until you get used to it.


Use a rod shorter than 50 mm for portability and loss prevention.

Recommended fire starter popularity! [Ferrocerium], Shieldon

Shorter rods rub less distance and are less likely to spark. The attached striker also tends to be shorter. It is an image for advanced users while they are accustomed to it, as sparks may come close to their hands. On the other hand, if you succeed in starting a fire, your fear will diminish. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if a beginner chooses it. The fire starter with a short rod has a wide variety of sets and accessory types that are convenient to carry. It can be carried around regularly and can be used as a measure to prevent loss.


Choose a model that is easy to handle

Easy to control with grip

Recommended fire starter popularity! [Ferrocerium], Shieldon

Firestarters with wooden, plastic, and rubber grips feature easy-to-grip rods. Control is not disturbed by moisture such as sweat or cold. When the gripping force is stable, sparks often disperse and it becomes easier to ignite. If you have a weak grip, we recommend a large wooden grip. It is stable because it can be gripped firmly. For those who have a strong grip or who value portability, a small grip that you can pinch with your fingers is recommended.


Pen type that is light and does not have to worry about getting wet

Recommended fire starter popularity! [Ferrocerium], Shieldon

The pen-shaped fire starter is a type in which the rod and striker are housed in a tubular case. Some models have a striker lid. Many pocket sizes make it convenient to carry. You can also choose a light model of 30g or less. Another advantage is that it has a lid and does not get wet. It will come in handy even in mountaineering scenes where luggage is limited and the weather is volatile.



I recommend a fire starter that is easy for you to handle

Recommended fire starter popularity! [Ferrocerium], Shieldon

It is important to try Fire Starter anyway. Even if it looks difficult, anyone can handle it once they get used to it. It is a good idea to choose a model that can be used for a long time and is easy for you to handle without worrying about cost performance. If you’re worried about control, use a rod with a grip or a large striker. If you have all the relevant gear, such as knives and fire-breathing rods, it’s a good idea to choose only rods.



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