Recommended army knife popularity!

Recommended army knife popularity!, Shieldon

There may be surprised many people who have troubled experiences because they do not have small items such as scissors and tweezers at their travel destination. I would like to recommend an army knife in such a case. The swiss army knife, which is a compact collection of many tools, should be very useful in the outdoors where it is difficult to carry many tools. It must be especially useful in Japan, where there are many disasters. There are many types of Swiss Army knives, so you need to know the tips to choose the one that suits you best. So this time, I explained in detail the types of army knives and how to choose them. If you are looking for a swiss army knife that can be used in a variety of ways, please take a look.


What is a Swiss Army knife?

A knife with various tools useful for everyday use

Recommended army knife popularity!, Shieldon

When you hear the word “army knife”, many people may think of a large knife used in the military. Swiss army knives look and use differently than large combat knives called tactical knives and combat knives. A swiss army knife is a small knife for use in daily life other than battle scenes. Due to its wide range of uses, it is also called a Totoku knife, a multifunction knife, or a tool knife. The Swiss Army knife is especially popular and famous in the world market, so the name Swiss Army knife is also popular.


Compact and easy to carry, it can be used as outdoor equipment or toolset

Recommended army knife popularity!, Shieldon

Swiss Army knives are equipped with several tools such as can openers, bottle openers, and screwdrivers to help you procure food and maintain your weapons during the march. It is small in size and compact and has been devised so that it does not get in the way of the march. More than 100 years have passed since the birth of the Swiss Army knife, and the functions to be installed have made great progress. Now, with the addition of functions such as a compass that is easy to use for camping and mountain climbing, some can be used as a substitute for a toolset. With the introduction of knives with more than 100 types of tools and knives that can be used to repair personal computers, the use of Swiss Army knives is expanding steadily.


How to use a swiss army knife

Outdoor and indoor repairs such as camping

Recommended army knife popularity!, Shieldon

Depending on the type, the number of tools installed varies, but the swiss army knife has features such as scissors, tweezers, and toothpicks. You can use it instead of a kitchen knife when cooking at the camp, which is also convenient when cutting strings or cutting wood. A screwdriver that is convenient for setting camping equipment and a bottle opener are also available, so it is very convenient in the outdoors where equipment is not easily available. Some knives combine pliers, files, and equipment for connecting wires, making them easy to use indoors. It is useful for car maintenance and repair in the garage, assembling home appliances, etc.


As a convenient item that can be used while traveling

Recommended army knife popularity!, Shieldon

Since the swiss army knife is compact and not bulky, many people use it as travel goods. It can be used for various purposes such as cutting fruit with a knife and eating it, opening the bag with scissors, and unplugging a drink. Some types of knives come with a ballpoint pen, which is very convenient for travelers. The flat-blade screwdriver that comes standard with the Swiss Army knife may seem unnecessary when traveling, but it’s a convenient way to use it. Useful for tightening eyeglass screws and opening pull tabs without damaging the nails.


As a disaster countermeasure product in case of emergency

Recommended army knife popularity!, Shieldon

Taking advantage of its compact and multifunctional nature, it is also recommended to purchase an army knife as one of the disaster countermeasure supplies. Knives and scissors are useful for cutting strings and opening bags. It’s also useful for tearing injured clothes and cutting gauze and hemostatic pads. A can opener is also convenient for eating, and a screwdriver will be useful when opening the lid of a machine or the like. Some swiss army knives are equipped with LED lights, which is also helpful when working at night or in dark places. If you throw one in the disaster prevention bag, it will be convenient in case of emergency. Since the blade of the swiss army knife cannot be locked with a safety lock, it is not suitable for heavy work such as removing debris, but it can be used as a substitute for equipment used in daily life.


How to choose a swiss army knife


Choose by the ease of use

For beginners, the standard type with about 10 tools is easy to use

Recommended army knife popularity!, Shieldon

Although it is an army knife with many functions, it may not be possible to use it if there are too many types of tools. It is not advisable to blindly choose a multifunctional knife without knowing what it is used for. If you are buying a Swiss Army knife for the first time, it is better to have about 10 basic tools. It has convenient functions for daily life such as knives, scissors, and picks, so it can be used as a tool replacement at home or as an outdoor product. Once you get used to it, you can try a multi-tool knife.


Frequently used tools that come in multiple sizes are convenient

Recommended army knife popularity!, Shieldon

When using a knife for camping or mountaineering, it is useful to have multiple blades. You can use one knife for cutting food and the other for crafting. The large blade is durable, sharp, and easy to use as a main knife, and the small blade is suitable for fine work using it as a utility knife. If you use a screwdriver that does not fit the width of the screw groove, it will be difficult to work, and if you force it, the screw groove may be crushed. Especially when using it as a tool, it is better to choose a swiss army knife with multiple sizes.


Choose by convenient function

With a saw that is convenient for cutting ropes and tree branches

Recommended army knife popularity!, Shieldon

Some army knives have a saw-shaped blade in addition to the standard blade. The jagged blade is useful for cutting fibrous objects such as ropes and ivy, and can also be used for removing scales from fish. You can also cut the branches of a tree while shaving it like a file. For those who frequently use Swiss Army knives outdoors, we recommend using a saw blade. Many knives intended for outside use, such as survival knives and diver knives, use saw blades.


With LED light is convenient at night or when you want to brighten your hands

Recommended army knife popularity!, Shieldon

Although not standard equipment, a swiss army knife with an LED light is also available. Although the LED light has a slightly narrow irradiation range, it contains almost no ultraviolet rays and keeps insects away. Very convenient when working at night. It’s convenient not only outdoors but also when you want to work in a dark place or when you want to brighten your hands. It is also useful as a simple light in the event of a power outage due to a disaster. When preparing an army knife as a disaster prevention product, it can be said that it is a function that you want to incorporate.


With a USB memory that allows you to work anytime, anywhere

Recommended army knife popularity!, Shieldon

The Swiss Army knife has been a long-time hit product for over 100 years since the Swiss knife maker began manufacturing it for military equipment. With the development of technology, knives incorporating high-tech equipment are also on sale. Among them, the model equipped with a USB memory is attracting attention as a unique knife that allows you to start your computer even when you are out and work at any time. Recommended for those who are looking for a Swiss Army knife that is a bit different from others.



A swiss army knife with about 10 tools is recommended

Recommended army knife popularity!, Shieldon

It is a major premise that the tools you want are built-in, but if you want to master each tool of the Swiss Army knife, the number of functions should be about 10. It’s exciting to have a lot of features, but since the tools you use often are limited, you may end up with a treasure. If you are buying a Swiss Army knife for the first time, we recommend a knife with a modest number of tools. When you get used to handling it and want more functions like this, why not consider a multifunctional one? This time, we introduced the Swiss Army knife in a ranking format while giving popular brand names. Please find an army knife that will be useful in your daily life.



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