OEM Product Fixed Knife Damascus Blade G10 Handle DJ-2503

Item NO.: DJ-2503

Item segment: BL

Designer: Jango

Blade material: Damascus

Handle material: G10

Blade HRC: 58-60

Blade thickness: 3.7mm/0.146”

Blade length: 120mm/4.72”

Handle thickness: 15.4mm/0.606”

Total length:  253mm/9.96”

Weight: 163g/ 5.75 oz

Blade style: Utility Point

Handle color: Black + blue

Sheath: Yes

Blade finish: Acid Stonewash

Blade grind: Flat


Item NO.: DJ-2503

Item segment: BL

Designer: Jango

Blade material: Damascus

Handle material: G10

Blade HRC: 58-60

Blade thickness: 3.7mm/0.146”

Blade length: 120mm/4.72”

Handle thickness: 15.4mm/0.606”

Total length:  253mm/9.96”

Weight: 163g/ 5.75 oz

Blade Style: Utility Point

Handle color: Black + blue

Sheath: Yes

Blade finish: Acid Stonewash

Blade grind: Flat



Damascus steel was the forged steel of the blades of swords smithed in the Near East from ingots of Wootz steel either imported from Southern India or made in production centers in Sri Lanka, or Khorasan, Iran. These swords are characterized by distinctive patterns of banding and mottling reminiscent of flowing water, sometimes in a “ladder” or “rose” pattern. Such blades were reputed to be tough, resistant to shattering, and capable of being honed to a sharp, resilient edge

Utility Point: It is similar to the water drop type tip, but the tip angle is sharp and can be used for puncture. Generally, the portable tools are in tip mode.


What is a Damascus knife?

Overview of Damascus knives

The Damascus knife is a blade that has been attracting attention in recent years, and has gained a reputation for its extremely sharp sharpness, design, and ease of maintenance. You may have seen Damascus knives derived from Damascus knives.

The Damascus knife is customed to resemble a blade manufactured in the city of Damascus in Syria, and the name comes from the city name. The blade has a unique pattern, and most Damascus knives come with a leather scabbard, which is also attracting attention as a fashionable EDC item.

History of Damascus knives

Today, the blade that is described as the Damascus knife is a blade that imitates the sword that was once manufactured in Damascus. It is said that the sword was very sharp, but it is unknown even if it actually existed, and it is also regarded as a legendary sword. Therefore, even if you say Damascus knives in a bite, they are not always manufactured in Damascus, Syria, and there are many domestically manufactured Damascus knives.

It is said that the legendary sword was able to cut steel. What a cool thing.

The legendary sword was customed from a mineral called Damascus steel, and it is said that it was so sharp that there was an anecdote that it even cut through steel armor. It is said that blacksmiths from all over the world visited Damascus in Syria to learn how to custom Damascus swords.

A blade customed in the city of Damascus in Syria is a model of the Damascus knife.

However, the method of making it has not been passed down to posterity, and it is said that the technique was cut off about 200 years ago. Then, the Damascus knife was customed by reproducing the legendary blade. Regarding how to make it, it is unknown whether the old Damascus sword can be completely reproduced, but the feature is not different from the anecdote, it has a pattern on the wood grain, it is rust-resistant and supple, and the sharpness is reproduced above all.

Uses of Damascus knives

It is convenient to take one for mountain climbing or camping.


Basically, Damascus knives are used as EDC knives for camping and mountaineering. Derivatives include cooking products such as kitchen knives and fruit knives, but the sharp sharpness of Damascus knives is most useful when cutting hard objects such as wood and ropes.


It is said that it is hard to get injured because of its sharpness.

Most of the EDC injuries are injuries caused by falls and injuries caused by EDC knives. And many of the injuries caused by EDC knives are caused by the use of blunt knives due to poor care and poor quality. With a sharp Damascus knife, you can reduce the risk of injury because you don’t need extra force and you don’t have to use it too hard. For safety, it is very important to use a sharp EDC knife such as a Damascus knife.

Damascus knife price

Damascus knives are often more expensive than regular EDC knives. Most of the items cost more than $100, and the cheapest items are about $50, and the expensive items are tens of dollars.

It’s not cheap at all, but many people buy it because of its high quality.

In the past, it was a rare knife that you can hardly see even in EDC specialty stores, but now it is highly recognized due to its overwhelming high quality, various products are EDC knife wholesale, and it is easy to do on online shopping sites. You can buy it. You may feel some resistance to spending more than $100 on an EDC knife, but considering the high quality, the cost performance is not low.



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