Outdoor knife that is very active in the outdoor scene

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The outdoor knife is a convenient item that can be widely used for cooking and chopping wood in the outdoor scene. This time, we will introduce the recommendations of such outdoor knives in a ranking format. Since the characteristics differ depending on the manufacturer such as Opinel and Mora, we will also explain how to choose an outdoor knife.

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The outdoor knife, which is ideal for camping and outdoor activities, is useful in a variety of situations. If you’re going outdoors, one is a must-have item, but there are so many different types of outdoor knives that many people don’t know which product to choose.


In addition, outdoor knives have different shapes, materials, and versatility depending on the item. The choice depends on how you want to use it, so it’s also important to choose an outdoor knife that suits your scene.


Therefore, this time, we will introduce recommended products of outdoor knives in a ranking format. We will also explain the points of how to choose, so please refer to it.



Enjoy “Bushcraft” with an outdoor knife.

“Bushcraft” is a camping style that uses materials in nature to acquire the wisdom of living in the natural environment. Outdoor knives are indispensable for such a life, such as splitting firewood and burning fire to cook, cutting tree branches to make tools, and so on.


“Butning” indispensable for bushcraft

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The fun of “Bushcraft” is that it doesn’t use artificial tools. Bonfires and cooking fires are also made from natural sources. Therefore, what is important is “firewood” for burning fire. Dividing the firewood into a flammable size with an outdoor knife is called “battoning”.


For batoning, you need two pieces: firewood to break and firewood to hit a knife. Press the outdoor knife against the firewood to be split, and break it while striking the knife with another firewood. The trick is to break it carefully while watching the state of the knife and firewood.


“Feather stick” made with an outdoor knife

Outdoor Knife 04, Shieldon

Another fun thing about bushcraft is “chimney starter”. Instead of using an artificial ignition agent, a natural ignition agent called “feather stick” made of thinly cut wood like feathers is used to start the fire.


Outdoor knives are ideal for making feather sticks. We will scrape firewood with a diameter of about 5 cm from top to bottom. The trick is to shave in a smooth direction that does not go against the fibers of wood. Feather sticks cut with an outdoor knife are fun to start camping and cooking.


Precautions on how to handle outdoor knives!

It is an outdoor knife that is useful for outdoor activities such as camping and mountain climbing but is careful when handling it. For safety reasons, please do not carry it alone. It is safer to carry it around until you reach the campsite or the trailhead.


How to sharpen an outdoor knife with a sharpener

Outdoor Knife 05, Shieldon

When sharpening the blade, attach importance to the angle. Most outdoor knives have an angle of about 20 to 25 degrees, so keep the anchor stone at about 10 to 12.5 degrees and hit the blade. As a rough idea, place the knife on the anchor stone so that the blade and anchor stone are firmly attached from the side.


Beware of violations of the Firearms and Swords Act!

Outdoor Knife 06, Shieldon

It is an outdoor knife that is useful for outdoor activities such as camping and mountain climbing, but let’s comply with the law. When you carry it, be sure to put it in a special case and store it in a box for thorough management. According to the Gun Sword Law, it is prohibited to carry a knife with a blade of 6 cm or more.


Also, even if the knife does not exceed 6 cm, it may be punished if there is no justifiable reason, so please do not carry it alone. Improper management is a “minor crime violation”.



It is an outdoor knife that is useful for camping and mountain climbing, but since there are multiple types, it will be a more reliable purchase if you think in advance what kind of situation you will use it. Please thoroughly manage safety and use it as a meaningful leisure companion.



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