No need for an ax! 5 “wedges” that can be used for chopping wood in camping

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Chopping wood that comes with when you enjoy a bonfire. However, chopping wood with an ax or hatchet is difficult for beginners, children, and people without power. The ax and hatchet itself are bulky, and the UL faction is also a source of trouble.


Therefore, I would like to recommend “wedge”. This time, we will take a closer look at the benefits of wedges, how to choose them, and up to 5 recommended wedges.


A bonfire comes with a chopping wood. But I don’t want to use an ax or hatchet

Chopping Wood In Camping 02, Shieldon

One of the great pleasures of the camp, the bonfire. “Wood chopping” is a must to enjoy such a bonfire.


However, chopping wood using blades such as axes, hatchets, and knives is quite a hurdle for beginners, and there are still concerns about safety when you want children to experience it.

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There are tools such as “Kindling Cracker” that even children and weak people can easily chop wood, but the size is quite strict for UL groups. In the first place, the ax and hatchet itself are one of the bulky tools for the UL group.


Actually, there is an item I would like to recommend to campers who are worried about such a wood chopping tool! That is the “wedge”.


Complete chopping wood with an ax or hatchet? What kind of tool is a “wedge”?

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A convenient tool “wedge” that lowers the hurdles for chopping wood. This time, I will introduce this wedge in detail!


How to use a wedge

A wedge is a pointed metal tool that is shaped just like a doorstop. It’s extremely easy to use. Just hit the tip of the firewood and hit it with a hammer.


Since it is sunk by the weight of the hammer and wedge + the force of hitting it, even hard firewood can be broken comfortably with a packer.

Chopping Wood In Camping 05, Shieldon

However, when breaking a thick log, if you drive only one wedge in the middle, the firewood will not break and you will not be able to remove it with the wedge stuck.


For thick logs, use a set of two wedges as shown in the image, and be careful to drive them alternately!


Benefits of using a wedge

Chopping Wood In Camping 06, Shieldon

  • You can chop wood more safely and with light force.
  • Can be carried compactly
  • Hard firewood that does not break with an ax or hatchet can also break


Compared to blades such as axes, hatchets, and knives, it does not have the sharpness to cut your hand when touched, and it does not require the movement of swinging backwards like an ax, so you can chop wood safely and with lighter force.


Also, if you use both a peg hammer and a hammer for chopping wood, you only have to carry a small wedge, which is perfect for UL groups.


In addition, hardwoods, knotted trees, fibrous trees, and other wood that cannot be toothed with an ax or hatchet can be broken with a wedge.


How to choose a wedge

Chopping Wood In Camping 07, Shieldon

Points for choosing a wedge:

  • Check the characteristics by shape
  • Is the shape that the blade easily bites into?
  • Combination with hammer material


There are two main types of wedges for chopping wood: “straight” and “twisted”.


Straights are simple pyramidal or conical shapes and are suitable for making elongated vertical firewood. The twisted type has excellent tearing power and tears fibers more powerfully.


Also, in either type, if the cutting edge is not shaped so that it can easily bite into the firewood, the firewood will not crack easily, so check the shape of the tip.


Most of the wedges for chopping wood are made of metal, mainly steel and stainless steel. Particular attention should be paid to the combination with the material of the hammer. If both are made of steel, sparks will be generated when driving, so you will need goggles and gloves to protect your face and hands.


5 Recommended Wedges

Now that you have a deeper understanding of wedges, here are 5 recommended wedges to introduce!


  • Doberg “wedge”

Chopping Wood In Camping 08, Shieldon

Chopping Wood In Camping 09, Shieldon

An item that is particular about durability, using steel that has undergone curing heat treatment to increase the hardness of the material. The hollow grind shape that becomes slim toward the tip pursues ease of biting. Hard hardwoods will also crack.


The attention to detail is shining, such as the easy-to-grip grip shape inspired by the tools of iron craftsmen and the careful deburring of the corners.


 (2) Oda Nobunaga’s “Shinboku (standard model)”

Chopping Wood In Camping 10, Shieldon

A noteworthy item from the garage brand “Owari no Otsuke” launched by a long-established mold maker that has been in business for 50 years. Uses stainless steel “SUS303” to achieve a rust-resistant wedge.


The grip is covered with vegetable tannin leather, which is hand-sewn one by one by a leather craftsman. It fits comfortably in your hand and is easy to grip, and grows even more glossy and smooth over time.


  • Glensfoss Bruke “Splitting Wedge”

Chopping Wood In Camping 11, Shieldon

Chopping Wood In Camping 12, Shieldon

An item from Sweden’s long-established wrought iron maker “Glensfoss Bruke”, which has been producing axes since 1902. A wrought steel wedge that strengthens the cracking force by twisting.


Grooves on both sides reduce the risk of getting stuck in firewood. The edge of the striking surface is polished and smooth. It is also attractive that it comes with a genuine leather case and is easy to carry.


Glensfoss Bruke wood-splitting wedge

Chopping Wood In Camping 13, Shieldon

  • Size: Cutting edge 47mm, total length 225mm
  • Weight: 1680 g (with individual differences)
  • Materials: Steel, genuine leather (case)


  • TRIPATH x myX bespoke “TW-KUSABI wedge”
  • Chopping Wood In Camping 14, Shieldon
  • Chopping Wood In Camping 15, Shieldon

A topical item that Yokohama’s outdoor shop myX has made a special order for “TRIPATH PRODUCTS”.


A wedge made by cutting out a high-strength 20 mm iron plate with a laser and combining the technologies unique to Tripass Broadcast. The large hole in the back is not only convenient for passing strings, but also convenient for taking out with a peg when it bites into firewood.


  • Fireside “Nejirikusabi”

Chopping Wood In Camping 16, Shieldon

A wedge with excellent splitting force due to the tapered body and the angle of twist. Since it tears fibers powerfully, it is also very useful for tough firewood that cannot be broken with an ax.


The wide wedge head design makes it easy to hit the hammer. It weighs 2 kg, which is the heaviest in this article, so it is a wedge suitable for people with a little power.


Fireside twist wedge

Chopping Wood In Camping 17, Shieldon

  • Size: Cutting edge 45 x H210 mm
  • Weight: 2kg
  • Material: Iron


Hammer that goes well with wedges

Finally, I would like to introduce a hammer that goes well with chopping wood with a wedge! Let’s find a hammer that suits you, such as the material of the striking surface and the impact absorption performance.


Fireside “Striker”

Single-ended type tip-cutting mallet. Switching from takeback to downswing is smoother than the double-ended type. You can choose from three types of head weights of 600, 800, and 1000g according to your physical strength.

  • Size: W121 × D29 × H333mm
  • Weight: 600g (head part)
  • Materials: Iron, hickory material


Fireside striker 800

Chopping Wood In Camping 18, Shieldon

  • Size: W129 x D34 x H354 mm
  • Weight: 800g (head part)
  • Materials: Iron, ash material


Fireside Striker 1000

Chopping Wood In Camping 19, Shieldon

  • Size: W133 × D36 × H365mm
  • Weight: 1000g (head part)
  • Materials: Iron, ash material


Daigoro “Ishito Hammer”

A double-ended hammer made of oak that fits in your hand. There are several types in the lineup according to the weight of the head part, so you can choose according to the power of the user.

Chopping Wood In Camping 20, Shieldon

  • Size: 30 x 4.5 x 10.5 cm
  • Weight: 1.1kg (head part)
  • Material: Handle / Oak
  • Color: Red, Black


Daigoro Ishitou Hammer 1.5kg

  • Size: 30 × 4.9 × 11.5 cm
  • Weight: 1.5kg (head part)
  • Material: Handle / Oak
  • Color: Red, Black


Halder “Shockless Hammer”

A shockless hammer that absorbs the recoil when hit with a structure that contains a fine iron ball inside the head. The striking force is firmly transmitted to the wedge, reducing the burden on the wrist. Since the material of the striking surface is resin, sparks do not fly even with a steel wedge.

Chopping Wood In Camping 21, Shieldon

  • Size: 36.5 × 12 × 5 cm
  • Weight: 0.95kg
  • Materials: Head / Nylon, Handle / Wood


Halder Shockless Hammer Steel Handle Head Diameter 50mm

Chopping Wood In Camping 22, Shieldon

  • Size: Head diameter 50mm, Head length 120mm, Overall length 315mm
  • Weight: 1150g
  • Materials: Head / Nylon (white), Pattern / Steel


M & M “Shockless Hammer 1.5P”

This is also a shockless hammer with an iron ball in the head part. It has a simpler design and is attractive at a reasonable price.

Chopping Wood In Camping 23, Shieldon

  • Size: H320 × W100 × D48 (mm)
  • Weight: 952g


Let’s enjoy more stress-free chopping wood with a wedge!

Chopping Wood In Camping 24, Shieldon

A wedge that can be chopped with a safer and lighter force and can be carried compactly. It can break tough firewood that cannot be broken with a hatchet or ax, and is a recommended tool not only for beginners and children but also for veteran campers.


Please refer to this article and enjoy the more stress-free chopping of wood with wedges!



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