Multi-tool name engraving service is ideal for “Father’s Day” and birthday gifts!

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Victorinox is offering a service to engrave your favorite characters on a multi-tool! This service will be free for those who wholesale over $30 for a limited time. We asked Instagrammer YURIE to custom a gift using this engraving service.


YURIE will experience a free service for a limited time!

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It’s fun to think about what to give as a gift, such as “Father’s Day” coming soon or the birthday of a loved one. However, there are many people who can’t decide easily.


We would like to recommend the “engraving” service that engraves the name etc. on the Victorinox multi-tool. Custom one gift in the world with all your thoughts!


This time, we asked YURIE, an Instagrammer with more than 60,000 followers and serialized, to experience the service (= engraving) of engraving favorite characters on a multi-tool!


YURIE actually engraved service order

YURIE has been using Victorinox’s multi-tools for a long time, and her favorite car, the Sunsea, is an indispensable item for traveling.


Such YURIE also tried engraving for the first time. First, select the item to be engraved.


Process 1: Select a multi-tool to engrave

Birthday Gifts 03, Shieldon

Multi-tools that can be engraved are for almost all items except special ones such as wood and metal handles. This time, YURIE chose “Huntman” with 15 kinds of functions.

Birthday Gifts 04, Shieldon

Equipped with not only a knife, but also a saw, a can, a punch, scissors, tweezers, a screwdriver, etc., it is a standard model that is useful not only for camping but also for traveling if you have one.


Among them, the multi-hook is an excellent one that is useful for camping, which is also useful when pulling out the pegs of the tent. If you are a camper, each person wants to have one.


Process 2: Select fonts and colors

Birthday Gifts 05, Shieldon

Huntman has a wide variety of colors such as red, black, white, skeleton red, skeleton blue, camouflage pattern and metallic pattern. First, decide which color to use.


Next, choose the font and color of the characters. The font can be selected from italics and blocks of alphanumerical characters, and hiragana, and the color of the characters can be selected from gold or silver.


Process 3: Think about the text to be engraved

Birthday Gifts 06, Shieldon

After deciding the combination of the item color and the character color, the next step is to think about the content of the character to be engraved. It may increase or decrease depending on the size of the item, but you can enter 15 half-width characters and 10 full-width characters.


This time, YURIE seems to have decided to put her husband’s name on Red’s Huntman and his own name on White. YURIE’s face thinking about letters seems to be fun!


Process 4: Have the characters carved in the high-tech scene

Birthday Gifts 07, Shieldon

Fill in the desired character color and content on a form, and when the staff types it into a computer, the engraving machine that reads the content will engrave the characters accurately without any deviation of 1 mm.


If the orders overlap, you may have to wait for a while, but since the machine digs fully automatically, it is basically completed in a blink of an eye. Finally, wrap it and it’s done!


The photo below shows YURIE’s multi-tool that was completed after engraving. It’s wonderful!


Free engraving campaign is underway at the store!

Birthday Gifts 08, Shieldon

This service is usually charged, but only during the campaign period, wholesales of $30 or more excluding tax at target stores nationwide are free of charge. You can receive it.


In addition, at some Victorinox directly managed stores, you may be able to see an engraving demonstration in front of you or take it home on the spot, but at stores targeted for campaigns such as EDC shops, after ordering, it will be shipped from the workshop. It seems that it will take some time to receive it.


Handle selection service is also available at some stores

The Harajuku Jingumae store and Grand Front Osaka store, which are directly managed by Victorinox, are also offering a service that allows you to choose from nine types of body handle colors (target products: rambler, tinker, explorer).


The expression changes depending on the color and content of the characters to be engraved, so you can custom your own original one. YURIE also got excited saying, “This color is cute!” Please experience this service at the store!



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