Limited model release that only 90 pieces come into China

Notice of the release of special items from the Swiss “Victorinox”, which is familiar with multi-tools! What is released this time is a limited item that will surely be difficult to obtain if you miss this opportunity now. Here are some details that interest you.


Victorinox whole body special specification multi-tool is now available!


From Victorinox, the world’s limited 6,000 rare multi-tool “Deluxe Tinker Damascus Limited Edition 2018” is now available.


Limited models, of which 90 are only available in China, will be available from Saturday, May 26, 2018 at Victorinox retail stores and other Victorinox stores nationwide.


We are now accepting reservations at the Rakuten shop! If you are interested, it is recommended to make an early reservation.


I was struck by the “pattern” of a mysterious knife! Limited model should pay attention to “Large Blade”

Let’s unravel the charm of “Deluxe Tinker Damascus Limited Edition 2018” to be released this time!


Special gift box

Swiss Victorinox 01, Shieldon

Check the package first! The gift box containing the rare model has a special specification that says “Limited Edition 2018”.

Swiss Victorinox 02, Shieldon

When you open the box, the handle of the high-quality wood “Plumwood”, which is also used for furniture, gives a sense of luxury.


With serial number

Swiss Victorinox 03, Shieldon

The limited-edition model with 15 functions reveals the serial number when you open the driver parts. It firmly proves that it is limited to 6,000 pieces.


The most notable point is the pattern of this mysterious “Damascus steel”

And the most notable point is the “large blade” which is a knife function. The reason why it has a special pattern and its presence is in the material used.

Swiss Victorinox 04, Shieldon

Adopted a material called “Damascus steel” which is completed by superimposing multiple metals in 333 layers. A mysterious pattern like wood grain is created in the manufacturing process of this material.


In addition to the unique pattern that is not the same as the two, the advantages of each metal material are taken advantage of. It is an excellent material that combines toughness with suppleness.


A 2018 limited edition model that combines the fascinating “Damascus steel” with the functionality of the excellent multi-tools that Victorinox’s history has built.


How about as a gift to celebrate a memorable year, such as a moving celebration or a birthday present?


[Deluxe Tinker Damascus Limited Edition 2018]

  • Price $350
  • Handle: 91mm
  • Function 15 (contents below)


1: Large blade

2: Small blade

3: Philips type screwdriver

4: Can opener

5: Driver (small)

6: Bottle opener

7: Driver

8: Wire stripper

9: Reamer

10: Key ring

11: Scissors

12: Multi-hook

13: Pliers

14: Wire cutter

15: Terminal crushing



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