Let’s buy a hatchet that is very active in the forestry industry

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A hatchet that is useful not only for outdoor activities such as camping and mountain climbing but also for gardening at home. You can get cheap products at home improvement stores, but you can compare various masterpieces on the Internet. This time, we will introduce how to select hatchets and recommended products in a ranking format.

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There are various types of hatchets that are useful for camping, bonfires, mountain climbing, etc., including blade length, size, and usage. Therefore, it is important to custom a selection after grasping exactly what kind of scene you will use the hatchet.


Some may use it for forestry and horticulture. In fact, there are even hatchets that can be used like survival knives, such as those that are ideal for hunting. Which one to choose depends on each person. However, please be careful not to violate the Firearms and Swords Law, and keep it securely after use.


Therefore, this time, we will introduce how to select hatchets and recommended products in a ranking format. The ranking was created based on type, functionality, ease of use, etc. If you are unsure about purchasing, please refer to it.


What is the difference between hatchet, ax, hatchet, and hatchet?

In the sense of breaking the firewood and removing the branches, the “machete”, “ax”, “hatchet”, and “machete” feel similar. So what’s the difference between these four?


A hatchet that is also convenient for rowing bushes

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The “machete” introduced this time is a tool mainly used for debranching and chopping. The most common shape is called “waist hatchet”, the one with a blade edge like a sword is called “sword hatchet”, and the one with a stone bump at the tip of the blade is called “shrimp hatchet”. The sword hatchet is also very useful when rowing bushes.


Not only these types but also the ease of use depends on the blade length, sharpness, size, weight, etc. Some of them are useful for outdoor cooking such as camping and barbecue, so please compare various products!


A large ax that smashes logs

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A tool with a wedge-shaped iron blade at the tip of the handle is called an “ax”. It depends on the size, but the usage is mainly split. Often confused with a hatchet, many axes are larger than a hatchet and are swung down with both hands. The feature is that you can smash a tree about the size of a log if you get the hang of it.


A hatchet that you can easily buy at a home improvement store

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The shape of the “hatchet” is not so different from that of an ax. It is also recommended for beginners as it can be easily handled with just one hand, as opposed to a large type ax that must be swung down with both hands. This is enough for chopping. The compact size that you can buy at home improvement stores is also convenient to carry.


Masakari with a wide cutting edge

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Often confused with an ax is custom, which is also included as part of the lyrics of a famous song. However, although they are similar, the difference in shape is obvious. In contrast to an ax with a wedge-shaped blade, the hook has a wider blade edge. It is used for chopping and logging small trees.


Great success in camping! Which is more convenient, an ax or a hatchet?

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If you are a beginner in the outdoors, you tend to feel that the hatchet and the ax are similar in the sense of “breaking the firewood” and “pruning the branches”. However, since the types are different, there should be the most suitable usage for each. Which is actually more convenient?


Since the ax is swung down with both hands, it has much more power than the hatchet. Therefore, it is ideal for efficient chopping. On the other hand, the hatchet that can be handled with one hand is perfect for those who are not confident in their strength or for a little chopping. Each has its own merits, so be sure to choose the one that suits you best.


How to choose a hatchet


“A little inconvenient is just right” camp. Among them, the hatchet is especially active. From here, I will explain the important points when choosing a hatchet.


Choose from the types of hatchets

As mentioned at the beginning, the hatchet can be roughly divided into three types: “shrimp hatchet”, “sword hatchet”, and “waist hatchet”. Consider the application and usage scene, and choose the one that suits your needs.


“Shrimp hatchet” with a bump on the cutting edge

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“Shrimp hatchet” is characterized by having a stone “hump” on the cutting edge. Since the blade part is designed so that it does not easily hit the ground, there is no need to worry about excessive damage to the blade even when splitting without a workbench. However, due to its shape, it also has the disadvantage that the blade is difficult to sharpen.


“Kenna” can be used as a survival knife

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At first glance, the “sword hatchet” looks like a knife and is characterized by the sharp tip of the blade. Unlike common hatchets such as cracking and pruning, it is highly regarded for hunting. Great for clearing vegetation that is hindering your progress.


In addition, it can be said to be a very convenient tool because it can be used for cooking such as cutting fish and cutting vegetables outdoors such as camping. If you want to use it as a survival knife, choose a sword hatchet. Many products have a brim as a risk countermeasure.


Speaking of the general image of a hatchet, “Koshinata”

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When you hear the word “machete”, many people think of the type of custom. The feature is that the blade has a square shape, and it is the most suitable type for chopping and debranching. It has a large distribution volume and can be easily obtained at home improvement stores.


There are various sizes from large to small, and it is important to select the product that suits the purpose and scene of use. If it is compact and has a small turning radius, it can also be used for undergrowth and bamboo splitting.


Choose from blade types

There are two types of hatchet blades, “single-edged” and “double-edged”. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so be sure to consider the purpose, purpose, and ease of use for yourself.


“Single-edged” featuring a re-shaped blade that is easy to sharpen

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The characteristic of the “single-edged type” is that the cross-section of the blade is “re-shaped”. It’s perfect for cutting something, and it’s also attractive for easy maintenance. It is said to be a type suitable for undergrowth, debranching, and peeling of firewood.


It is said that the single-edged type is easier to use when performing such detailed work, but it is important to note that most of them are for right-handed people. Left-handed people should check carefully before purchasing.


“Double-edged” featuring a V-shaped blade with a rounded blade

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The cross-section of the “double-edged type” blade is “V-shaped” as opposed to the single-edged hatchet whose cross-section is re-shaped. The thick blade makes it difficult for the blade to spill, and its excellent durability is a major advantage. On the other hand, please note that it is not suitable for detailed work.


However, since the blade fits well into a large tree, a double-edged hatchet is recommended for chopping! Although maintenance is a little time-consuming, it is better to use a double-edged hatchet for tasks that are difficult with a single-edged hatchet.


Choose from blade materials

Depending on the material used for the blade of the hatchet, various characteristics such as hardness will differ. One of the important points is whether the material is easy for you to use.


“Stainless steel” that is resistant to rust and has high strength

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“Stainless steel” is used in many tools and cutlery, and hatchets are no exception. One of the major features is that it is strong and resistant to rust. It is a very popular material because it looks luxurious.


However, if the stainless steel is used for the hatchet, there is also the disadvantage that the sharpness is easily lost. Therefore, regular maintenance and polishing are indispensable. Just keep in mind that you may need to buy a new one, as the blade may get worse over and over again.


“Carbon steel” that is durable but vulnerable to rust

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“Carbon steel”, which is made by adding carbon to iron, is also one of the popular materials. In addition to its high hardness, it is significantly improved in durability by quenching. It can be said that it is a relatively easy-to-use material because it remains sharp for a long time.


However, it is not as resistant to rust as stainless steel. Maintenance after rusting is troublesome, so we recommend that you pay close attention to water. Another disadvantage is that it is vulnerable to shocks. Be careful when using it.


“Damascus steel” with a mysterious pattern

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“Damascus steel” has a mysterious pattern. Damascus steel, which is said to have been made in ancient India, is recommended for those who want to feel the magnificent feeling while feeling the history of the world. In addition, it is strong and resistant to rust, so it is useful when participating in outdoor activities.


Select by blade length

The ease of use varies depending on the length of the blade. The important thing is to find a hatchet that is not too long and not too short “for me”.


“100 mm or less” that is easy to turn and easy to carry

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In terms of finding usability for yourself, choosing by the blade is one of the important points. In the case of hatchets, short products are sold starting from 100 mm or less. It can be said that it is a convenient length to carry, which can be easily taken out from the waist or pocket and used easily.


“210 mm or more” for chopping work

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While there are short products of 100 mm or less, those with long blade lengths can reach 210 mm or more. Although it has the disadvantage of being inconvenient to carry, it is not suitable for chopping if it is small. If you want to use it in places other than detailed work such as chopping, you should select 210 mm as a guide.


In addition, the length of the blade length, which is said to be particularly popular among the many hatchets, is about 160 to 210 mm. If you don’t know which one to choose, one way is to start with something that is easy for beginners to get along with.


If you focus on practicality, grasp the “weight” that suits you

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It is very important to know the weight that suits you because it is too light to exert its power as a hatchet, or it is too heavy and your arm is completely pulled out, which increases the risk. That is. After examining various products, let’s consider the balance when choosing.


Regarding the weight, there is a part for each person, but in general, it is said that a hatchet of about 500 to 600 g will not make your arm tired easily. However, if you mainly use chopping, it is recommended that you choose something that is a little heavier so that you can swing it down quickly.


“Easy to hold the handle” is indispensable for using the hatchet

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Wood is often used for the hatchet handle. However, some manufacturers are particular about “easy to hold the handle”, such as some products that use rubber. In the case of wood, it is recommended to use a type that becomes thinner toward the blade because it is easier to grip.


On the other hand, the rubber grip is not only easy to grip, but also has the characteristic of being hard to slip. When considering safety, it is best to choose a hatchet with a rubber grip handle. There is no doubt that it will alleviate the impact of swinging the hatchet down!


Wide range of “price range” from cheap to expensive masterpieces

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The price range is important no matter what you choose. That’s because the range of products you can choose depends on your budget. The same is true for hatchets, and there are various prices for hatchets. It’s a good idea to choose one that has a good balance of budget, performance, and usage, from cheap ones that can be wholesaled nearby to expensive masterpieces that are lined up in specialty stores.


“Ease of use” is important because it is a knife

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The most important thing in choosing outdoor equipment such as hatchets. That is “ease of use” for me. Even if the characteristics such as size, application, and blade type differ depending on the product, the final deciding factor is the ease of use.


Especially the hatchet is a knife. Choose something that fits your hand so that you don’t hurt yourself as well as others. Also, be sure to perform proper maintenance when the sharpness becomes poor.


“Sheathed type” for safe and secure carrying

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It is good to buy the hatchet alone, but we recommend buying it as a set with a “sheath”. It is safe to put it in a scabbard while carrying it. You can wholesale it separately, but if you are purchasing a hatchet for the first time, it is safer to wholesale it as a set for the time being.


Choose from manufacturers and brands

Many manufacturers and brands have released hatchets because they have been active for a long time. Here are some of the most popular manufacturers and brands!


“Honmamon” has many fans regardless of level

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Custom is very popular as a knife style. It is famous that many amateurs and professionals use it because they are particular about not only the manufacturing method but also metal and steel. Not only are there many products that are easy to use, but one of the attractions is the reasonable price that is easy to reach.


“UNIFLAME” where you can have a set of outdoor equipment

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“UNIFLAME” is a very popular manufacturer that sells a lot of outdoor equipment, and if you want to buy a hatchet for camping or barbecue, you should check it first. The secret to its popularity is that it can be combined with other outdoor goods. It’s a reassuring ally for camping beginners.


Long-established brand of Japanese-style cutlery “Toyokuni Forging Factory”

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The long-established wholesale-style knife brand founded in Kochi Prefecture in 1946 is the Toyokuni Forging Factory. As it has a long history, it has an attractive design with excellent functional beauty and outstanding sharpness. The abundant lineup such as “Bonfire hatchet”, “Thinning hatchet” and “Echizen hatchet” will be transferred one after another.



Select by type of blade shape

The hatchet is roughly divided into a sword hatchet and a waist hatchet, which are characterized by the shape of the blade and the suitable application. We will also introduce a shrimp hatchet with a function to protect the blade.


Knife-shaped “sword hatchet”

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It features a knife-like cutting edge and a sharp-edged blade. Originally, most of them are used for hunting, such as blood removal and dismantling of prey. It can be used for multiple purposes outdoors, such as making holes with the tip and wiping grass with the top of the blade.


If you choose one that is easy to handle, it is also recommended for cooking as a substitute for a kitchen knife. Many of them have a short handle and are not suitable for full-scale firewood chopping, but thin firewood can also be used for wood chopping.


Rectangular “waist hatchet” like an ax

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A rectangular blade hatchet with no cutting edge. It is suitable for forestry applications such as breaking bamboo and trees and dropping branches due to the weight and centrifugal force of the blade-like ax. Many of them are not suitable for detailed work, but if you want to break firewood for a bonfire at a camp, a moderately heavy hip hatchet is convenient.


“Shrimp hatchet” with stones to protect the blade

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It has a shape similar to that of a hatchet, but it is also called a hatchet with chopsticks because it has a protrusion called a stone or chopsticks at the tip of the blade. When the hatchet is swung down, the protrusion first hits the ground, preventing damage to the blade.


Like the hatchet, it has a shape suitable for chopping firewood, and you can also use it by pulling the chopped firewood with a protrusion. Due to the protrusions, it may get in the way when sharpening.


Choose by how to attach the blade

Like other knives such as wholesale knives, hatchets have single-edged and double-edged blades. Suitable work differs depending on how to attach each blade.


“Single-edged” for fine work such as wiping branches

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There is a blade on either the left or right side of the blade, and it looks like a letter when viewed from the front. It is divided into right-handed and left-handed depending on the side with the blade. Compared to double-edged blades, the blades are thinner and sharper, and the cutting edge is easier to bite into, making it a shape suitable for cutting work.


It is suitable for use in removing tree branches and peeling trees. Because the blade is thin, it is vulnerable to impact, and if you hit it hard, the blade will easily spill. In addition, general knives such as household knives have many double-edged knives and may be difficult to use unless you are accustomed to them.


The single-edged hatchet is recommended not only for outdoor activities but also for forestry and gardening. In the following article, we introduce the popular recommended ranking of hatchet. Please take a look.


“Double-edged” that is easy to handle and suitable for chopping wood

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There are blades on both sides of the blade, which is V-shaped when viewed from the front. There is no distinction between right-handed and left-handed, and the advantage is that it is easy to handle.


Since the force is applied evenly to the left and right of the material to be cut, the shape is suitable for straight cutting work. The blade easily bites into the fibers of wood, making it suitable for the work of breaking firewood by taking advantage of the weight of the blade.


Since the blade is thicker than the single-edged blade, it is durable and resistant to spillage, but the sharpness is inferior to that of the single-edged blade. Even a branch that can be swung down once with a single-edged hatchet may not be cut without hitting the blade many times with a double-edged hatchet.


Select by the length of the blade

For outdoor hatchets, the appropriate work depends on the length of the blade length. If you use it for chopping wood, you need a certain length.


“180-200mm” for the main usage of chopping wood

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If you want to divide the firewood that is generally sold at campsites into a size that is easy to use for a bonfire, we recommend a hatchet with a blade length of around 200 mm. If the blade length is short, the blade length may not be sufficient for the thickness of the firewood and it may not crack well.


The hatchet is a blade with a relatively long blade length, and it is said that it is easier to use a shorter one for small people and a longer one for large people. If the blade is too long for your physique, it will be difficult to handle, so it is important to choose a length that is easy to swing. The article below provides a detailed introduction to wood splitters. Matching please see.


“100-165mm” for detailed camping work

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If you use it widely for detailed work in camping such as cutting wood or cutting strings, a hatchet with a blade length of 100 to 165 mm will be easy to use. Those with a blade length of around 100 mm are compact and convenient to carry.


Choose by the weight of the entire hatchet

A hatchet is a tool that uses the weight of the blade to cut and crack. However, if it is too heavy, it will be difficult to handle and dangerous, so be sure to choose one with the appropriate weight.


Recommended for chopping wood around “500g”

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If you use the weight of the blade to break thick firewood, it will be easier to use one that weighs 500g or more. The heavier the item, the more efficient the work will be, but the arm will get tired easily and it is not suitable for long-term use.


Around “300g” for versatile usage

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If you want to drop branches, clear bushes, carry them outdoors, and use them for various purposes, it is easy to use something around 300g. When dropping thick branches or breaking hardwood, it may not be fully functional due to insufficient weight.


Choose by blade material

The material of the hatchet blade can be roughly divided into those using stainless steel and those using carbon steel. Each one has different ease of use and maintenance, so let’s check the features.


“Stainless steel” that is hard to rust and easy to handle

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Stainless steel with chromium added to carbon steel is resistant to rust and corrosion because its surface is covered with an oxide film. It is said that even beginners can easily handle it because it requires less maintenance.


Stainless steel has a certain level of strength, but its sharpness and blade holding are inferior to those of carbon steel. Stainless steel is not rust-proof at all, and it is a metal that does not rust easily, so it is necessary to take care such as wiping off moisture after use.


The lower the carbon content, the less likely it is to rust, but the hardness will decrease and the sharpness will worsen. On the other hand, those with a large amount of carbon have good sharpness but are prone to rust.


“Carbon steel” with sharp sharpness and long blade holding

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Carbon steel, which is an alloy of iron and carbon, has the property of being strong and hard, so it is characterized by its sharpness and long-lasting blade. On the other hand, the harder it is, the less tough it is, so it is more likely to be chipped by a strong impact. Also, since it is easy to rust, you need to be careful to wipe off the water immediately after use.


White paper steel made of high-purity iron and blue paper steel made by adding chromium or tungsten to white paper steel is known as high-quality carbon steel. Although it is expensive, it is used for sharp hatchets.


The traditional hatchet blade has a shape in which the hard carbon steel that makes up the blade is protected by soft steel called ground iron. This covers the brittleness of carbon steel and increases its strength. Some products use stainless steel as the base iron to prevent rusting.


Choose by the shape of the handle

The shape of the handle is directly linked to the stability when gripped and the ease of work. If you can’t grasp and check before purchasing, pay attention to the points of the pattern shape introduced below.


It is easy to hold a handle with an “oval” cross-section.

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If the cross-section of the handle is oval, it fits the shape of the gripped hand and is easy to hold. Some low-priced hatchets and small hatchets have a circular handle, but long-term use can cause hand fatigue. Choose one that does not make you feel uncomfortable when you hold it.


The “thinner toward the blade” shape stabilizes the grip

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If the handle is tapered toward the blade, the grip strength is easily transmitted and the grip is stable. A hatchet with a certain amount of blade length is extremely dangerous if your hand slips and drops or jumps out of your hand. The stability of the grip is also an important point in terms of safety.


Choose by sheath/case material

In order to carry and store the hatchet safely, we recommend a product that includes a sheath and a case. Depending on the material, there are differences in portability and durability, so choose the one that suits your purpose.


Lightweight and easy to carry “plastic”

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The durable and lightweight plastic case is suitable for carrying without worrying about the blade popping out. If it comes with a belt loop and hanging parts, it is also convenient for mountain walking.


“Wooden” that is gentle on the blade and durable

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The wooden scabbard is reinforced with a copper plate, etc., and is highly durable and protects the blade firmly. Due to the hygroscopicity of wood, it absorbs moisture that causes rust and keeps it at just the right humidity. Another point is that it is moderately soft and gentle on the blade.


Compared to other materials, they tend to be bulkier, heavier, and more expensive. However, many of them have a rugged and wild design, and the appearance is one of the reasons for their popularity.


“Vinyl/leather” available at home improvement stores

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Vinyl and synthetic leather cases are often attached to reasonably priced hatchets that can be wholesaled at home improvement stores. Although it is thin and lightweight, it needs to be careful about its durability, such as being easily torn during use.


Choose by manufacturer or brand

Manufacturers in regions where knives have been actively made as an industry historically are trusted for high-quality products that make use of their accumulated know-how. For knives such as hatchets that require careful handling, you can rest assured that you can choose products from a proven manufacturer.


Custom wholesale “Toyokuni Forging Factory” with a proven track record of traditional crafts

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Kochi Prefecture, where forestry has been active for a long time, has been active in the production of cutlery for agriculture and forestry such as sickles and hatchets, and is known as custom wholesale, a traditional craft. The Toyokuni Forging Factory is a manufacturer in wholesale City, Kochi Prefecture, which conveys traditional manufacturing methods to the present day. In addition to custom-style knives, it also handles outdoor knives.


“Uniframe”, a manufacturer in wholesale City, Yangjiang Prefecture, known for its blacksmithing technology

Buy A Hatchet 43, Shieldon

It is an outdoor equipment brand of Shin-Etsu Works, a metal product manufacturer in wholesale City, Yangjiang Prefecture. The hatchet, which has a good reputation for its shape designed to be easy to use outdoors and the high quality produced in wholesale City, Yangjiang Prefecture, is popular.


“Babacho hardware” known for the full tongue Taki fire hatchet

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It is a manufacturer in wholesale City, Yangjiang Prefecture, where the hardware industry such as cutlery and tools is thriving. The popular product “Taki Machete” has a shape suitable for chopping wood to start a fire at a camp. Like a full tongue outdoor knife, it can also be used to create butting and feather sticks.


Popular “Chiyoshi” for camping and gardening hatchets

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It is one of the original brands of Shieldon wholesale Co., Ltd., which handles tools and custom tools. We have a wide range of cutlery as carpentry tools and gardening tools such as hatchets, axes, and saws. In addition to forestry, there are also outdoor leisure hatchets, which are recommended for beginners.


Hatchet maintenance that should not be forgotten

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A hatchet is a type of knife, so be sure to maintain it after you finish using it. Clean the blade with a neutral detergent such as dish detergent, and dry it thoroughly so that no water remains. If you feel that the sharpness has decreased, please polish it with a hatchet whetstone.


When choosing a hatchet, pay attention to the shape and material of the blade, as well as the handle and sheath. Introducing the points to choose a hatchet suitable for outdoor activities such as camping and mountain walking.


Shieldon Knife is a professional custom outdoor tool manufacturer that owns a factory and designers. Check out our blogs for tips and tricks around outdoor knives and multi-tools! Or contact us if you need help with sourcing hinges.


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