DC 블레이드

DC Blades is a knife and gear-making group that contains 2 knife designers: Justin Carvin & Chris Harrison


Chris Harrison

Occupation: Bladesmith & Designer

Background: Owner of Old Squirrel Knives. With almost 25 years of experience in the fabrication industry as a pipefitter/welder/CAD modeler have been able to apply those skills toward making edged weapons &tools.

Instagram @old_squirrel_knives


Justin Carvin

Born 1981 in South Mississippi Son of a decorated veteran former firearms instructor. Over 30 years in the knife


Knife Designer for 15+ years Background in Martial Arts/BJJ(Brazilian jiu-jitsu). Former Co-Owner of Tier 1 Tactical Store.

Instagram @tier1gearreviews     YT Channel: Tier 1 Gear & EDC


A long-time collector of Edged Weapons. Dances better than Patrick Swayze

They made fixed blade with hawkbill shape before (like a scythe), and Shieldon asked for converting it into a folding item. Therefore, the famous and reputable Shieldon scythe came out to the market. It hit #1 once in a time.




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