10 accette da esterno consigliate [per tagliare legna e falò in campeggio]

Silky hatchet Nata double-edged 180mm body rubber handle 555-18   A hatchet is often used in camping and hunting. Most of the cutlery that originated in Japan, called hatchet, is made in Japan. It is useful mainly for chopping wood used to start a fire.   At camp, you must first be able to make […]

10 classifiche di popolarità consigliate per il moschettone da alpinismo

If you’re looking for beginner outdoor gear, my recommendation is that the Carabiner is a must. “Carabiner” is useful when you pass each other on a mountain trail or when you pass a ladder. I would like to have one as a support tool and mountain climbing that follows steep routes and lead climbing performed […]