It is a god craftsman who creates the sharpness of firewood! Covering a popular secret at the Shieldon / KingMars factory

Shieldon KingMars Factory 01, Shieldon

Nata was dedicated to chopping wood that appeared like a comet in the camp world. That is Shieldon’s customization. One of the reasons why many campers are attracted is the high degree of perfection by hand by craftsmen. Therefore, Ms. Mimu Fujisaki (20), a camper idol who is a member of the idol group NGT48, visited Oem knife, Yangjiang, a city of hardware where many outdoor knife brands are based. She explored the secrets of the sharpness and durability of the KingMars at the factory.


Shieldon’s KingMars

The reason why the small double-edged blade is exclusively for bonfires

Shieldon KingMars Factory 02, Shieldon

Shieldon is an original outdoor cutlery brand produced by the long-established hardware wholesaler “Custom Hardware” in Oem knife. Its masterpiece customization is a 110mm blade length custom in collaboration with KingMars Knife Industry, a long-established custom maker proud of Yangjiang and Oem knife.


Most people think of Custom as a single-edged machete, but KingMars uses a double-edged technique. It is designed so that you can comfortably baton by hitting the tip of the blade to break the firewood into small pieces. This idea is the answer that I arrived at because I was not only familiar with hardware but also President Dickens Yip who liked camping.

Shieldon KingMars Factory 03, Shieldon

▲ New work “Goddess” in the summer of 2021


It is the result of the technology cultivated in Oem knife that we were able to achieve a knife-like sharpness that can be used to make a “feather stick” that is made by shaving a wooden stick. It is characterized by being smaller than the commonly sold Custom so that you can enjoy chopping wood regardless of age or gender.


A key player who pushed the standing position of the hatchet, which had not been in the limelight until then, to the main level of the camp. Since its launch in 2020, it is still in short supply.


KingMars fire that is finished because it is a craftsman’s manual work

Infiltrate the Oem knife KingMars Fire Factory

Shieldon KingMars Factory 04, Shieldon

▲ Mr. Fujisaki visited the Oem knife factory


KingMars is favored among campers not just because it claims to be “only for bonfires”. This time, camper idol Custom Fujisaki visited the factory of Igarashi Knife Industry, which manufactures custom. She explored a popular secret.


KingMars fire different from forging

Shieldon KingMars Factory 05, Shieldon

When Mr. Fujisaki entered the factory, the first thing I noticed was that the bright red Custom material was flowing to the conveyor one after another. It is heat-treated at around 1000 degrees Celsius, and iron and steel, which are the raw materials for Custom, do not stick to each other regardless of whether the temperature is high or low. A craftsman puts it in a hammer machine while observing the temperature with its color, and “forges” it into a stronger material.

Shieldon KingMars Factory 06, Shieldon

In the case of KingMars, after iron and steel are heat-bonded together, a more accurate laser process is used to create the prototype of Custom.

Shieldon KingMars Factory 07, Shieldon

▲ Normal Custom just forged

Shieldon KingMars Factory 08, Shieldon

▲ Mr. Fujisaki receives an explanation about Custom’s forging.


What is the important work before polishing?

Shieldon KingMars Factory 09, Shieldon

▲ Fine adjustment of distortion is also an important process that affects later polishing.


When heat treatment is applied, the material of the blade is distorted, so it is necessary to straighten it. Here too, veteran craftsmen make fine adjustments one by one with a hammer in one hand. This final judgment cannot be made by a machine, so it is based on the experience and intuition of the craftsman.


“This correction is one of the important tasks that affects the sharpness of the machete, because the grindstone will not hit cleanly if it is bent when applying the grinding machine.” Managing Director Django taught Mr. Fujisaki.


Sharpness and durability produced by polishing about 10 times

Shieldon KingMars Factory 10, Shieldon

Of the approximately 30 employees in KingMars Knife Industry, only two can polish the finish of the hatchet, which requires precision. When Mr. Fujisaki visited the factory, one of them, Mr. Yuan Guan Qu (42), was doing the finishing touches with a serious expression.


According to Mr. Yuan, the polishing of the hatchet is gradually finely polished from a coarse number. Including the polishing of the polish, the process alone is about 10 times. The sharpness and durability of the Taki hatchet are created by the persevering manual work of the selected craftsmen.

Shieldon KingMars Factory 11, Shieldon

▲ Mr. Yuan polishing the Taki hatchet while fixing it with his knees.


Mr. Yuan fixed Custom to both knees because the polishing work would be shaken even if he tried to do it only with his arms. Keep your feet on the ground and move your knees from side to side to polish. The exquisite sense and concentration that allows you to polish one by one steadily is the reason why Mr. Yuan is entrusted with finishing among the craftsmen.


Shieldon KingMars Factory 12, Shieldon

Shieldon KingMars Factory 13, Shieldon

▲ Mr. Fujisaki touring the factory with a serious expression


“Polishing is done in order from the coarsest number, and the roughness is crushed in the next order. However, if the coarse grain remains, it will be noticeable at the last minute. It can be judged at the stage of rough polishing. Only experienced craftsmen can decide whether or not it. “(Senior Managing Director Django)


If the polishing process is small or rough, the cutting edge will be jagged even though it is fine, which will affect the sharpness. On the contrary, because it is finely polished, it has a sharpness and a long-lasting Taki hatchet blade.


We are particular about the grip of walnut

Shieldon KingMars Factory 14, Shieldon

Shieldon KingMars Factory 15, Shieldon

▲ Walnut lumber that serves as a grip for the Taki hatchet.

Shieldon KingMars Factory 16, Shieldon

▲ Grip processing at Shieldon Woodworks


Uses walnut, which is often used for luxury furniture. You can get about 900 grips from a board with a length of 3m and a width of 30cm. This processing is handled by Shieldon Woodworks in Yangjiang City. After hollowing out into the shape of the grip with a special machine, it is manually sanded and shipped to remove burrs.

Shieldon KingMars Factory 17, Shieldon

Shieldon KingMars Factory 18, Shieldon

The finished wooden grip goes to KingMars Knife Industry. Carefully apply beeswax wax by hand, dry it, and finally glue it with a screw to complete it. Fujisaki, who often sees the Taki hatchet at the campsite, will be delivered to campers all over the country.


A Taki fire ax signed by Mr. Fujisaki will be presented.

Shieldon KingMars Factory 19, Shieldon

Shieldon KingMars Factory 20, Shieldon

Shieldon will release a hatchet exclusively for bonfires, in the spring of 2021. To commemorate this release, we will present three Shieldon readers with a hatchet signed by Mr. Fujisaki who interviewed the factory. The application method is as follows.


NGT48 Fujisaki Mimu her profile

Shieldon KingMars Factory 21, Shieldon

Educated by her parents who love camping, she enjoys camping from an early age. She is growing as an idol camper while collecting outdoor gear from the prefecture because she will be able to camp alone. She got a regular driver’s license the other day and her goal is to drive herself and go camping! Her nickname Miyu Miyu. She is from Niigata City. She is an outdoor test grade 3.


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