Industry first! Items that enhance camping from the up-and-coming brand one after another

The Up And Coming Brand 01, Shieldon

The outdoor brand MAAGZ, which became a hot topic in the bonfire “RAPCA” where you can enjoy bonfire and cooking at the same time.


From such an up-and-coming brand, we have picked up 3 types that you are interested in from the new series that enhances camping!


With a novel idea unique to MAAGZ, we will introduce notable items that you can enjoy more than you use.


“Bonfire Jinmaku HUBER 900” with expandable width

The Up And Coming Brand 02, Shieldon

HOBER900 First of all, I would like to introduce “HUBER 900”, which is recommended for campers who want to enjoy the bonfire more.


In addition to working as a windscreen to protect the flames from strong winds, it can also be used as a blindfold for the site, creating an environment where you can concentrate more on the bonfire.


The size of the main body is 90 cm in length × 230 cm in width, and it covers well even with a large bonfire. Of course, it goes well with MAAGZ’s popular bonfire “RAPCA”.


Expandable with optional parts!

HOBER900 expansion and the biggest feature of “HUBER900” is that the size can be expanded horizontally by adding an optional “expansion panel”. Not only solo camps but also camps with a large number of people using 2 or 3 bonfires, it will be widely used!

The Up And Coming Brand 03, Shieldon

HOBER900 fasteners Easy to handle, you can easily connect by simply connecting the fasteners of the main body and the “expansion panel”! Since the setup and withdrawal can be completed quickly, you can secure enough time to enjoy the bonfire.


Hanging chain and side pockets for added convenience

The Up And Coming Brand 04, Shieldon

The Up And Coming Brand 05, Shieldon

A hanging chain is placed along the pole from the edge of the main body to the center. If you use a carabiner or hook, you can hook and store gear around the bonfire and cooking utensils.


There is also a large pocket at the bottom for storage. Items that tend to be bulky, such as gloves and tongs, will fit perfectly.


Main fabric that is tough and resistant to sparks

The Up And Coming Brand 06, Shieldon

HOBER Fabric 100% cotton canvas (No. 8) is used for the body as a material that can withstand the sparks of a bonfire. It’s a tough material that is resistant to tearing, so it’s safe to use for a long time.


“Back saw custom kit” to enjoy originality

The Up And Coming Brand 07, Shieldon

Backsaw Next, a custom kit that can process the item “backsaw” that has been used for a long time in the EDC scene in Europe and the United States will appear. Not only can you use it, but you can also enjoy it from the point of making it, and it seems that you will become more attached to it!


The lineup is available in two sizes, a 10-inch that is handy and easy to use, and a 24-inch that is likely to cut thick logs. Both are compact when carried, so it is also an advantage that they can be used in a wide range of situations.


You can custom only one gear in the world

The Up And Coming Brand 08, Shieldon

The backsaw frame is made of beech wood, which is hard but also elastic. You can make it into a shape that you can easily hold with a knife or a rough metal file, or apply oil that gives a texture to make it the only original design in the world.


Unlike off-the-shelf products, you can experience the fun of using your own gear at camping!


“Multi-tool bag S” that can put together gear

The Up And Coming Brand 09, Shieldon

Multi-tool back in a camp where small gears and small items are inevitably increasing, I want a storage item that can manage them all together. MAAGZ’s “Multi Tool Bag S” can be used to store anything such as cooking goods and tools around the bonfire!


It is a smart storage bag that organizes items that tend to be complicated to store and makes it easy to carry.


As a wall pocket style that makes it easy to take out the contents

The Up And Coming Brand 10, Shieldon

Multi-tool bag image If you hang it on a table or rack with the flap open, you can use it like a wall pocket where you can easily take out things! The length of the belt can also be adjusted, so it is a nice point to set it in an easy-to-use place.


Let’s enjoy camping more with innovative MAAGZ new items

The Up And Coming Brand 11, Shieldon

Summary How was MAAGZ’s new series, which has a wide range of items that combine practicality for outdoor activities with designs that make you want to use it for a long time?


Innovative ideas from an up-and-coming brand seem to resonate with a wide range of campers. We recommend checking early before it becomes popular and unavailable!



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