I want to remember! Four precautions to use the standard knife “Opinel” wisely

The Standard Knife Opinel 01, Shieldon

The classic EDC knife “Opinel” is a popular item with its sharp and easy-to-hold wavy shape. Whether you’re already using it or buying it, check out the Opinel notes you’ll want to remember! Don’t miss the basics such as the type of blade and My Opinel, which is full of originality.


The classic EDC knife “Opinel”

The Standard Knife Opinel 02, Shieldon

The French knife “Opinel”, which is familiar as an EDC knife. It is easy to handle even for beginners and is also popular as the “first book”.


Opinel knives have some caveats you need to know to handle them wisely.


Check out the basics such as the type of blade and standard size, 4 points to note, and “My Opinel” to enjoy originality!


There are two types of Opinel, high carbon steel and stainless steel.

Made of high carbon steel

The high carbon steel has a sharp sharpness, and the cross section of meat and fish can be cut smoothly without collapsing. On the other hand, due to the characteristics of high carbon steel (carbon steel), it easily rusts and requires careful care.


Opinel No.9 Carbon

The Standard Knife Opinel 03, Shieldon

  • Blade size: 9cm
  • Weight: 59g
  • Materials: Blade / High carbon steel, Handle / Beech


Opinel No.10 Carbon

The Standard Knife Opinel 04, Shieldon

  • Blade size: 10 cm
  • Weight: 82g
  • Materials: Blade / High carbon steel, Handle / Beech


Made of stainless steel

The Standard Knife Opinel 05, Shieldon

On the other hand, stainless steel has the advantage of being resistant to rust and easy to handle even for beginners. Its sharpness is slightly inferior to that of high carbon steel, and it needs to be sharpened and followed regularly.


Opinel No.9 Stainless

The Standard Knife Opinel 06, Shieldon

  • Blade size: 9cm
  • Weight: 65g
  • Materials: Blade / Stainless Steel, Handle / Beech


Opinel No.10 Stainless

The Standard Knife Opinel 07, Shieldon

  • Blade size: 10cm
  • Weight: 69g
  • Materials: Blade / Stainless Steel, Handle / Beech


Opinel Note 1: Let’s attach a blade before using

The Standard Knife Opinel 08, Shieldon

First of all, the most important point to note about sharpness. The sharpness of the new Opinel is not good because the blade is not sharpened. If you buy an Opinel, first sharpen it and sharpen it. In addition to the grindstone, it is also easy to use a metal polish that tears and polishes cotton.


Metal polishing shiny

The Standard Knife Opinel 09, Shieldon

  • Applicable materials: Gold, silver, body, brass, tin, iron, stainless steel, aluminum, enamel and other metals


Opinel Note 2: Lock firmly

The Standard Knife Opinel 10, Shieldon

Opinel has a lock mechanism from No.6. When you turn the rotary safety, ring called EDC, the raised blade is locked so that it will not be unintentionally piled up.

The Standard Knife Opinel 11, Shieldon

Rotate the ring half a turn to lock the blade. You don’t have to worry about the blade suddenly folding when you use it.

The Standard Knife Opinel 12, Shieldon

The lock works even when folded. Be sure to turn the safety ring after use as it is dangerous for a child to accidentally carry it without locking it.


Opinel Note 3: Do not leave the handle wet!

The Standard Knife Opinel 13, Shieldon

Since the wood and beech of the handle are highly absorbent, they have a habit of swelling when they contain water. This may pinch the blade and make it difficult to put it in and out.


If you use it while it is wet, it will become stiff and it will be very difficult to put it out.

The Standard Knife Opinel 14, Shieldon

It is dangerous to pull it out by force, so basically, wash it and then dry it thoroughly. Also, the dirt and clogging of the joints can be the cause, so remove them.


Opinel Note 4: Carbon is especially careful of rust

The Standard Knife Opinel 15, Shieldon

For high carbon steel, which is prone to red rust, black rust processing of the blade is recommended as a countermeasure.


With the blade locked in the folded state, slowly pull out the blade and remove it from the handle. When soaked in strong black tea or brewed vinegar, the color gradually changes and turns black in about an hour.


Individuality shines! “My Opinel” found on Instagram

The pattern is marble

While there are many simple wood grain Opinel for EDC use, there are also such fashionable marble-patterned Opinel. It’s rare.


For loss measures

This is an extra edition. Opinel knife that you can hear the voice that you tend to lose because it can be folded compactly. Would you like to protect it by wrapping it in such a cute sleeping bag?


Let’s grow Opinel

The Standard Knife Opinel 16, Shieldon

In France, the home of Opinel, it is customary to give Opinel as a “first knife” to children who are old enough to handle blades. Let’s maintain it well and grow it to your own color so that you can use one of your memories carefully for a long time!



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