I want to handle the fish caught with a fishing knife!

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In this article, we will introduce how to choose a fishing knife and recommend some products. What are the characteristics of knives from famous manufacturers such as Shimano and Daiwa? What is a good cost-performance knife, from high-end knives to 100 average knives? We will also introduce knives for veterans who are aiming for greenery!


There are countless types of fishing knives on sale, from well-known fishing makers to minor makers. There are so many types that you have a headache when you don’t know which one to choose!


Actually, when you buy a fishing knife, there are some criteria to choose from, such as the type of fish you catch, the material and shape of the knife.


In this article, we will introduce how to choose fishing knives and recommended products in a ranking format. The ranking was created considering the type, material, design, and price of fishing knives. Please refer to it.


There are countless types of fishing knives

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A convenient and indispensable item for squeezing and handling the fish you catch is the fishing knife. If you use a fishing knife to prepare the fish you caught before you bring it home, you can eat it fresh even after you get home!



Choose by knife material

The material of the blade of the fishing knife differs depending on the product. Each material has its own characteristics, such as those that are hard to rust, those that are easy to maintain, and those that are sharp, so I will introduce them.


Rust-resistant “stainless steel” is recommended!

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Fishing knives often come into contact with fish blood and seawater, so if you neglect to take care of them, they will quickly rust and become unusable.


Fishing knives are roughly divided into “steel” and “carbon steel” which are said to be easy to rust, and “stainless steel” which is said to be hard to rust.


After all, stainless steel, which is hard to rust and easy to clean, is more popular, but even if it is hard to rust, if you neglect to care for it, it will eventually rust. To continue using it for a longer period of time, wash it under running water and dry it properly before storing it.


For those who find it difficult to maintain, “H-1 steel”

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Recently, “H-1 steel” fishing knives, which are said to be top-level rust resistant, are also on sale. The famous one that uses this material is the “Sabi Knife” sold by a manufacturer called “G Sakai”.


This material has an amazing performance that it will not rust even if it is soaked in seawater for a year, and even if it comes in contact with blood or seawater, it is easy to maintain by simply rinsing it with water! Of course, it is also possible to perform maintenance by applying a whetstone.


This knife is widely popular not only with anglers but also with divers and campers. Why don’t you give it a try?


To prevent accidents, use your own “grip that fits your hand”

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Since fishing knives are often used when the hands and knives are wet, the ease of grip is also important. Therefore, it is recommended that the grip part is curved instead of straight.


If the grip does not fit your hand, not only will it be difficult to apply force, but your hand may slip and you may be injured. It seems better to choose after actually grasping whether the grip fits the size of your hand or whether it is easy to catch your fingers!


Choose a size that is easy to carry! Also, pay attention to the “gun sword method”! ?

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If you leave the fishing knife somewhere, such as in a car, it may violate the gun sword method. Always wear a fishing knife when you go fishing.

Therefore, it is also important to choose a fishing knife that fits in your toolbox or bag. Choose a fishing knife considering not only the size of the fish you want to handle but also the size of your toolbox!



So far, we have introduced 15 fishing knives by type[1]. In the explanation part, I wrote about the material and the characteristics of the knife, but did you notice that the price also varies considerably depending on the product?


[1]: How to choose a fishing knife – Shieldon


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