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Humans have been hunters for many years, and that has evolved down with years, alongside their weapons of choice, and there are many of them. Among the many popular ones, hunting knives have been able to withstand the test of time, evolving into reliable tools that are still usable to this day.

We are going to explore some hunting tips that anyone interested in going for their first rodeo would benefit from knowing. This includes a look at the types of hunting knives they have to carry with them and the tactics they have to employ to ensure their hunt is successful. If you are a budding hunter, then this is for you.

Carry the Right Knives

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There is a reason they are called hunting knives. They are designed to handle the hardest tasks when you are out in the wild. For this reason, you have to make sure that the knife you are carrying with you is a hunting knife and can handle the exact thing you intend to use it for. If you plan to skin an animal, then make sure you have a strong skinning knife with you. A knife meant for decapitating an animal quickly will have to be bigger and stronger. There are many types of hunting knives that you can choose from. You simply have to make sure that you know your intentions beforehand prior to making a choice.

Go Slow

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Hunting requires some form of expertise, and one of the most basic skills you have to exhibit is being slow. Animals are very sensitive, and any quick movement will alert them of your presence. Think of the lion when hunting; it keeps a low profile in one place for a very long time, moving inch by inch until it is within striking distance. That’s how you should also be moving. Sudan movements will always give away your location, and that could send your pray scampering for safety. To move better, keep your clothing light.

Be Silent

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Silence goes hand in hand with discrete movement. Animals have sensitive ears that will pick out the slightest of sounds around them. This is the reason why accomplished hunters in the wild, like the big cats, come with padded feet that allow them to move without making any noise. Make sure you avoid paths that are littered with twigs or dry branches as they tend to create noise every time you step on or brush against them as you move. Wear light padded shoes that minimize noise with every step you make until you are within striking distance.

Hunt Alone

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The smaller the party, the higher the chances of success. More people mean more distractions and more noise, and animals will be able to spot you from a mile away if you move in a group. For the best results, keep the hunting party to a minimum number at all times. If you can go alone, the better for you as you will be able to control a lot of things. You can move how you want in any direction in relation to the location of the prey without the need to coordinate with other people around you. Being alone also allows you to cover the necessary ground if you know where to look. You also have the luxury of making split-second decisions on the spot as things unfold. This flexibility will increase your chances of landing a kill.

Pick your Landmarks

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Getting lost in the woods is easier than what many people assume it to be. You may have grown in the place, and that will make you think that you know the woods like the back of your hand, but it takes a little mistake to totally lose all your bearings. When starting out, make sure you mark some landmarks physically or in your head. This way, you have something to work as your bearings if you feel like you are lost.

There have been cases of people being lost in the woods for days without food or water. Another way of ensuring that you are right on track would be to carry a GPS device that can be located by other people. If you chose to go hunting alone, make sure you inform other people of where you’re going just in case they don’t hear from you for a while.

Follow with Care

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When tracking animals, small or big, you have to exercise caution. Be aware of your surroundings because there is a chance that something else may be hunting you too without your knowledge. Wild animals are dangerous, and don’t get too confident in your weapons thinking that you have the upper hand. Animals have the advantage of disguise on top of being accomplished hunters, thanks to years of evolution. Therefore, every time you go hunting, first ensure that the area you chose doesn’t have dangerous predators and, at the same time, ensure that you have escape routes mapped out in your head—exercise caution when you are out in the wild.

Preparing Your Knife for Hunting

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Like a soldier who goes to warm always makes sure your hunting knife is in tiptop working condition. Start by checking for any rust or breakages and then clean it nicely. This goes a long way in ensuring that you are able to deal with any surprise that may pop up. Hunting trips are never that frequent, and this means that you have all the time you need to ensure that the hunting knife in your arsenal is sharpened and oiled, and well kept, awaiting the next time you go hunting. You can even take it to a specialist to have it checked with professional eyes and made even better. The last thing you want is to reach for your hunting knife only to find it has an issue.

Learn how to Trail

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Trailing an animal is a skill only exclusive to experienced and well-seasoned hunters. It takes time to master the technique, but once you have it figured out, you will be able to score more kills in every hunt you participate in. One of the basic tactics you can use for trailing an animal is doing it against the wind to stop your scent from notifying them of your presence. On the scent part, make sure you don’t wear any perfume as that will give away your location, causing the animal to bolt for its life. Keeping things simple is always a better tactic as it makes you blend in much better with nature, giving you a slight advantage over the animal you are trailing.

Be Quick

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If you are hunting in a group, you have to be extra quick and agile if you want to score a kill before other people. This means that you have to be extra keen and sharp to notice things that others cannot. You have to figure out all the escape routes that the animal may choose to take and cover those to the best of your abilities. You also have to be a step ahead of others, analyze the animal more closely to figure out its behavior before going for the kill. It is the small things like this that separate true hunters from amateurs. To get to this level, however, requires a lot of experience, and it will take you a lot of time.

Eat Well Beforehand

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Carrying food with you or eating while stalking an animal is the fastest way to give your location away, that and the dangers of littering a pristine hunting ground. Before setting out for a hunting trip, make sure that you have eaten enough to keep you on your feet for as long as the hunt needs to continue. Feeding well in advance also increases your ability to focus on the task at hand. However, carrying a water bottle with you is allowed since walking around in the woods looking for animals can take a toll on the body, and frequent rehydration would be what you need at least once every hour. So stock up well on that.


Hunting is an intense activity that requires prior planning. It is also dangerous, and for this reason, you have to prepare yourself well, both mentally and physically. Get the right tools well in advance, stock up on your puppies and prepare for any emergency. Most important, notify people of where you are going if you are a solo hunter. To know more about hunting knives, visit Shieldon(knife manufacturer) and browse through a long list of options that may fit your needs.

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