How to choose Victorinox

There are different models of Victorinox. By comparing functionality, design, and price, you can choose the outdoor multi-tool that best suits your purpose. Let me show you how to choose Victorinox.


Choose according to the situation

Victorinox has many features. That means that you can use it in a wide variety of situations. Here, we will introduce how to choose according to the situation.


If you go outdoors or camping, the “knife” is recommended

Choose Victorinox 01, Shieldon

If you want to enjoy cooking outdoors such as camping, we recommend the one with a “knife”. All Victorinox knives are sharp, so you can buy them with confidence. The size of the knife is also a point of selection.


The large Victorinox is equipped with a large, sharp knife.


“Pliers” is recommended for mountaineering and fishing

Choose Victorinox 02, Shieldon

“Pliers” is a convenient tool for pinching small objects such as removing small bones of fish. You can also remove the thorns that have stuck in your body in outdoor situations. If you want to do detailed work, we recommend the model equipped with “pliers”.


If you want to bonfire, “saw” is recommended

Choose Victorinox 03, Shieldon

If you want to cut a tree used for a bonfire at a camp, we recommend the one with a “saw”. With a “saw”, it’s also convenient for a little DIY. Victorinox, which has a small number of tools, may not have a “saw”.


If you have the potential to cut trees to set fire in the camp, choose Victorinox equipped with a “saw”.


“Can opener” is recommended for travel and disaster prevention

Choose Victorinox 04, Shieldon

“Can opener” is recommended for those who are conscious of travel and daily disaster prevention. It is convenient to have a “can opener” when eating for a natural disaster. Natural disasters come suddenly, so choose Victorinox with a can opener. It is also recommended for those who eat canned food outdoors.


Select by the number of tools

Choose Victorinox 05, Shieldon

The most important thing about Victorinox is the number of tools it has. Choose the number of tools that Victorinox comes with to suit your purpose and taste. Here, we will introduce how to select by the number of tools.


For the number of tools that are easy to carry, “around 15 to 30 types” is recommended

Choose Victorinox 06, Shieldon

For those who are easy to carry and do not need too many functions, we recommend around “15 types” of tools. With more than 30 tools, you’ll find models with pliers, scales, files, compasses, and more.


For those who want to purchase a compact size Victorinox, we recommend around “30 types” of tools.


If the maximum number of tools is good, “80 types” is recommended

Choose Victorinox 07, Shieldon

The one with the most tools in Victorinox has models with more than “80 types” of functions. When it comes to models with “80 types” of functions, they are equipped with tools that exceed the level of the tool box, such as Torx bits and LED lights.


It’s about the size of a man’s big fist, but it’s so functional that you won’t have to worry about it. However, it is heavy and bulky to carry, so it is necessary to choose according to the application.


“Knife only” is recommended if the minimum required


For those who only need a knife, we recommend Victorinox, which is a “knife only”. Victorinox has a high reputation for the quality of knives, so you can fully feel its charm even with “knife only”.


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