How to choose an outdoor knife

Choose by grip material

By focusing on the material of the grip that is the handle, you may find your favorite item. One guideline is to select a material that is comfortable to use, such as ease of grip, ease of use, and lightness.


Light and easy to grip “wooden”

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If you like a simple grip, we recommend using wooden material. The material is relatively easy to grip, so even children who are holding a kitchen knife for the first time can bring it with confidence. It is relatively lighter than durable and is a grip that I would like to recommend to beginners of outdoor knives.


“Made of resin” with abundant variations

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Resin is the most commonly used material when processing knives by yourself. It is characterized by various shapes and patterns and abundant variations. Some are combined with wood and some have unusual gradations.


Choose according to the scene you use

Outdoor knives are versatile knives that are useful in a variety of situations, but if you choose a knife that is especially useful in active scenes, there are few mistakes. Please buy a knife that suits your purpose.


For “chopping wood” and “cooking” at the camp

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It is an outdoor knife that is very active in camping, but it is more efficient if you change the type of knife depending on the scene you use. We recommend a carbon steel knife that is sharp when breaking firewood and a folding knife that is easy to use when using it for cooking.


For “rope cutting” etc. in mountain climbing

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Outdoor knives are used for cutting ropes in mountaineering, but small and lightweight knives are still popular for mountaineering that moves around. Especially, folding knives and multifunctional army knives are recommended.


It is convenient to have both a universal type and a specialized type

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Outdoor knives can be worked smoothly by selecting the knife according to the usage scene and purpose. Therefore, it is convenient to have one specialized type with excellent sharpness and durability, and one universal type that can be used in various scenes.


For example, if you want to enjoy the outdoors in an unmaintained area with lots of trees and leaves, prepare a durable, durable knife for bonfires and chopping wood, and then a multi-tool or sheath knife. It is safe to leave it.


In any case, it is difficult to do all the work with one outdoor knife, and in some cases, the blade may get caught or it may be difficult to cut, so have 2 or 3 depending on the application. recommend.


Choose by Manufacturer

You can also choose outdoor knives based on the manufacturer’s criteria. Each has its own characteristics, such as a manufacturer that has been trusted for many years and has a proven track record, and a manufacturer that has a wide variety of products, so please find the one you like from the manufacturers that we introduce.


Popular “OPINEL” as a long-established “brand”

Choose An Outdoor Knife 06, Shieldon

OPINEL is famous as a long-established French manufacturer. It has a simple design, but it has a lock function.


It is a manufacturer with long-standing trust as a manufacturer with a lineup of masterpieces in the outdoor knife industry. Recommended for those who want to choose from a wide variety of types and materials.


Long-established “back” of “folding knife”

Choose An Outdoor Knife 07, Shieldon

“Back” is a long-established American knife maker founded in 1902. The “Lockback type” of the “Folding Hunter” released in 1964 is famous as the most copied knife in the world.


Not only products for hunters, but also modern and stylish products are available. The # 110 model, which represents the image of a folding knife, is still a popular staple product.


“Morakniv” recognized by the Swedish imperial family

Choose An Outdoor Knife 08, Shieldon

Morakniv is Sweden’s most famous outdoor knife manufacturer. We have a large number of high-quality knives, but they are of a quality that is recognized by the Swedish royal family.


It is a manufacturer that can be recommended with confidence. If you are looking for a knife that is confident in its traditional culture and quality, this is a manufacturer that you should definitely buy.


World-recognized “Made in Japan” knife maker “Toyokuni Forging Factory”

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Even in the world of outdoor knives, where Europe and the United States were the mainstream, knives with high quality by Japanese craftsmen are becoming popular. Among them, the “Toyokuni Forging Factory”, which produced outdoor knives that won the European competition for the second consecutive year, is famous.


Toyokuni’s outdoor knives, handmade by craftsmen one by one, are attracting attention from people all over the world for their high quality and reasonable price.


Also, pay attention to the shape of the blade!

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The parallel surfaces of the blade are called blades. There are various types of outdoor knives, but the shape of the blade is also unique, so finding your favorite shape is one way. The sharpness and strength of the blade also change depending on the shape of this blade.


It may be damaged as you use the knife, so frequent maintenance is a point to use for a long time. The one with a constant blade angle is called flat grind, which is the most common shape.


In the case of folding knives, pay attention to the lock function!

Choose An Outdoor Knife 11, Shieldon

If you choose a folding knife, also pay attention to the locking feature for safer use.


The lock function is equipped with unlocking methods that differ depending on the knife, such as Lockback type and ball lock type. You can use it safely by choosing the lock function that suits your usage.


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