How to choose a Victorinox by popular model

Victorinox has a variety of popular models such as Huntman and Camper. By comparing popular models, you can choose Victorinox with excellent functionality and design. Here, we will introduce how to select multi-tool by model.


“Huntman” is recommended for the royal road in the royal road

Victorinox By Popular Model 01, Shieldon

“Huntman” is a model that can be said to be the royal road in Victorinox. Equipped with blades, drivers, can openers, saws, etc. If you are unsure about which Victorinox to choose, we recommend the Huntman, which is easy to use and has a good design.


“Camper” is recommended for camping

Victorinox By Popular Model 02, Shieldon

“Camper” is recommended for use in camping as the model name says. You can use a saw to cut firewood or a knife to cut food for a campfire.


For those who want to purchase for outdoor activities such as camping, “Camper” is recommended.


“Classic SD” is recommended for a simple design

Victorinox By Popular Model 03, Shieldon

“Classic SD” is a model equipped with the minimum necessary tools such as blades, drivers, and tweezers. With a simple design of red, black, and blue, it is loved by both men and women.


It is a recommended product for beginners as it can be purchased at a reasonable price.


“Traveler” is recommended if necessary for travel

Victorinox By Popular Model 04, Shieldon

The “Traveler” is a model equipped with functions necessary for travel, such as large and small blades, can openers, and punches. It is a model that is easy to use for both right-handed and left-handed people. It is especially recommended for those who like traveling because it can handle a wide range of situations during travel.


If you use it for fishing, “Fisherman” is recommended

Victorinox By Popular Model 05, Shieldon

“Fisherman” is recommended for fishing scenes. “Fisherman” has scales and scales. The fish mark on the handle is the mark of “Fisherman”.


If you want to carry around 9 functions, “Rally” is recommended

Victorinox By Popular Model 06, Shieldon

The Victorinox “Rally” is a small pocket knife with nine functions. Equipped with tools such as blades, strippers, wire strippers, drivers, and nail files. Recommended for those who want to have Victorinox with the minimum necessary tools.


“Outrider” is recommended for large size with 14 functions

Victorinox By Popular Model 07, Shieldon

The red handle is attractive, and it is a model that can be widely used for camping and mountain climbing. A large size Victorinox with a blade with a lock. For large sizes with 14 different tools, we recommend the Outrider.


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