How to choose a fishing knife

Fishing knives have several points to choose from. Below, we will introduce how to choose a fishing knife for each point.


Choose by the size of the fish you catch

The types of fishing knives that can be used vary depending on the size of the fish you want to handle. Here, we will explain the features of the three types of fishing knives.


Recommended for those who mainly use “small fish” Slide knife

Fishing Knife 01, Shieldon

A sliding knife is used by inserting and removing the blade from the handle like a cutter. It is popular with beginners because it is easy to handle with one hand, compact, and easy to carry around.


Rust from the water and salt on the blade may make it difficult for the blade to move in and out, so it is essential to wipe off the water after use. Due to its structure, the blade is small, so it is recommended for those who want to handle a lot of small fish!


Folding knife recommended for those who have become able to catch “medium-sized fish”

Fishing Knife 02, Shieldon

Folding knives are knives that rotate the blade 180 degrees around the base of the blade and store it in the handle. It is characterized by its compact size when the blade is stored and its high safety when being carried around.


Some people don’t like the thick handle to store the blade, but some people find it easier to grip, so it seems better to actually grip it before purchasing. Since the blade is stronger than the sliding knife, it can also be used when handling medium-sized fish.


Recommended for veterans aiming for “green things” Sheath knife

Fishing Knife 03, Shieldon

A sheath knife is a large knife with a blade and handles integrated, and the blade is stored in the sheath and carried. It is sturdy, stable and durable, and is recommended for those who want to handle thick large fish and those who are looking for a full-fledged fishing knife!


Choose by Manufacturer

There are many manufacturers that sell fishing knives. Actually, each manufacturer has its own characteristics of knives. Here, we will introduce the features of fishing knives sold by four famous manufacturers.


If you want to choose the one that suits you from various types, “Shimano”

Fishing Knife 04, Shieldon

Shimano sells many types of fishing knives at a low price. With so many different types, you can find the knife that suits you best. This brand is also recommended for those who want to have all the fishing equipment from the same manufacturer!


In addition, the material is made of stainless steel and the size is compact, so it is one of the attractions that you can continue to use it with confidence for a long time. The products are available in colors such as yellow and red as well as black, so it is recommended for those who want to be particular about their appearance.


If you want to choose a good cospa, “Daiwa”

Daiwa is attractive because of the good cost performance of its products. Most of them look simple, but one of the attractions is their durability, such as the use of high carbon stainless steel material. The lock function of the blade part is easy to handle and you can use the knife safely and securely.


“Belmont” is recommended for those who want a little ingenuity

Fishing Knife 06, Shieldon

The Belmont price range is relatively cheap and the knife design is simple. However, there are many easy-to-use devices such as a carabiner on the grip and a wavy blade at the base of the blade.


Not only the blade but also the material of the grip part in particular, and we pay attention to hygiene, so you can use it with confidence!


For those looking for a full-fledged knife, “G Sakai”

Fishing Knife 07, Shieldon

Speaking of G Sakai, the fishing knife made of “H-1 steel”, which is a rust-free material, is famous. The price is high, but you can use a full-fledged knife with high quality. Recommended for those who care about the sharpness of the blade!


Choose by price

Fishing knives range in price from cheap to expensive. When purchasing, it may be a good idea to first decide on a budget and then choose within that budget. Here, we will briefly explain the characteristics of expensive knives and cheap knives.


“High-class” knives are still particular about the material

Fishing Knife 08, Shieldon

The price range of fishing knives ranges from cheap to expensive. Among them, the ones with high prices often come to such prices after sticking to the materials.


Speaking of famous things, the price of a “rust knife”, which uses the rust-free material “H-1 steel”, is still high. For users, the fact that the blade does not rust is one of the attractions that you want to get even if you pay a lot of money!


Some fishing knives are particular about the material of the grip as well as the blade. You may be convinced if you investigate why high-end knives with high prices are priced like that.


Can I get a fishing knife even with “100 average”?

Fishing Knife 09, Shieldon

So far, we have introduced various types and manufacturers of fishing knives, but even 100-yen fishing knives are on sale!


It’s 100 yen, so it’s not sharp enough and you can’t use it right away, right? I thought you there! It’s so sharp that it can handle 100 knives and large fish.


And after using it, if you wash it properly with water and perform maintenance, it seems that you can use it for a year without rust. If you are interested, you can get it for 100 yen, so why not give it a try?


What is the “COSPA strongest” fishing knife?

Fishing Knife 10, Shieldon

As the title says, which fishing knife is good for cospa? That’s a difficult question. The reason is that it depends on what the user places the highest priority on the fishing knife.


As I mentioned earlier, the price range of fishing knives ranges from 1000 yen or less to 100 million yen or more. If you choose at COSPA, it seems better to decide the budget for buying a fishing knife first.


Those that meet the points that you place importance on in that budget. For example, it is best to choose a product that meets the points that cannot be surrendered, such as “stainless steel is good”, “compact one is good”, and “fashionable design is good”.


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