Great success in the outdoors! 12 Recommended Cold Steel Knives

Cold Steel Knives 01, Shieldon

Cold steel knife feature. Introducing his knife from the American-born blade maker “Cold Steel”! Bushman, Sanmai series, master hunter, etc. From popular knives, we have carefully selected and collected knives that are likely to be useful in EDC scenes such as camping.


Not just a knife! “Cold Steel” that also manufactures shurikens

Cold Steel Knives 02, Shieldon

COLD STEEL was founded in the United States in 1980 with the goal of making the world’s toughest and sharpest knives. We manufacture a wide range of products such as small EDC knives that use original steel materials and have excellent sharpness, large blades, imitations, and shurikens.


It seems to be useful outdoors! Cold Steel’s popular knife “Bushman”

Cold Steel Knives 03, Shieldon

Cold Steel Bushman is perfect for chopping wood at camps and cutting bamboo and bushes that block the road. The handle and blade are made from a single piece of steel, making it a seamless, integrated knife.


The attached sheath has a fire starter, so it is a useful item for camping.


What is the reputation of Cold Steel Bushman? Check the reviews!

Wholesaled for hunting stoppage. Not only does the blade cut, but it also has a high piercing force, and the blade slips in. As expected, cold steel. The problem is strength, but it is still thinner and looks delicate compared to Fukuro Nagasa. The stars are perfect because it is reasonable considering the price.


Since the blade thickness is delicate than the photo, it is soft as a mountain sword, but I think that it is effective for phlebotomy and piercing if sharpening is devised. After all, it is safer to wrap a paracord around the knife handle to prevent it from slipping. Since it is a rusty steel material, maintenance is essential, but it is also possible to sharpen it with water, so it is recommended for those who seek practicality.


[Cold Steel Bushman Knife]

  • Size (total length): 315mm
  • Blade (total length): 175mm
  • Weight: Approximately 285g
  • Material (blade): SK5 carbon steel
  • Material (handle): SK5 carbon steel
  • Accessories: Sheath


Uses the finest steel materials! Cold Steel “Sanmai III” series

Cold Steel Knives 04, Shieldon

The Sanmai III series uses the finest cold steel for the blades. Speaking of three-sheet striking, it is one of the techniques of Shieldon blacksmithing, but the blade using that technique is a factory knife and has top class sharpness.


The core is made of high-hardness stainless steel, and it is a three-layer sandwich steel sandwiched between flexible 300 series stainless steel with excellent impact resistance on both sides. It has both toughness and sharpness, and is finished as the best blade. I am.


What is the reputation of the Cold Steel Sanmai III series? Check the reviews!

I took it to the camp and it was very successful. Since the blade is thick and heavy, it can handle the work of removing branches with plenty of room, and even if it is used for cooking immediately after that, the sharpness is not lost at all. When cutting meat, cut it from the blade so that it bites into the meat.


When I enter the mountain, I use it quite roughly, but it feels like I picked it up and it seems to endure enough. The first thing to do when you buy a knife of this kind is to shave your hair and try to sprinkle it, then cut open the canned lid, both of which are fine. Blade thickness, shape, edge length, weight, ease of grip, simple leather sheath I think it’s a pretty exquisite knife.


[Cold Steel Trail Master Sanmai III]

This is also a large knife with a Sanmai blade specification. It is a model located at the highest peak of the 16 series of cold steel and has excellent sharpness. The handle is made by Clayton.

Cold Steel Knives 05, Shieldon

  • Size (total length): 368mm
  • Blade (total length): 245mm
  • Weight: 523g
  • Material (blade): Sanmai (VG-1)
  • Material (handle): Clayton
  • Accessories: Nylon sheath


[Cold Steel Laredo Bowie Sanmai III]

A large custom grade Bowie knife with a black linen Micarta handle and a brass guard. This knife with a beautiful and luxurious finish is one that has both practicality and good appearance.

Cold Steel Knives 06, Shieldon

  • Size (total length): 398mm
  • Blade (total length): 267 mm
  • Weight: Approximately 462g
  • Material (blade): Sanmai (VG-1)
  • Material (handle): Black, linen, Micarta
  • Accessories: Leather sheath


[Cold Steel Master Hunter Sanmai III]

The blade is made of high carbon steel containing vanadium steel, which has excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and toughness. The handle is made of clay EX, which is easy to hold and does not slip, and is a material with excellent shock absorption.

Cold Steel Knives 07, Shieldon

  • Size (total length): Approximately 235 mm
  • Blade (total length): Approximately 115mm
  • Weight: Approximately 170g
  • Material (blade): CPM 3-V high carbon steel
  • Material (handle): Clay EX
  • Accessories: Sheath


[Cold Steel Pendleton Sanmai III Custom Classic]

The blade, which is compact in size but designed to be slightly shorter than the handle, has a thickness of less than 5 mm. It is a tapered full tongue structure with a luxurious finish. This is also the top model of the brand that has both practicality and good appearance.

Cold Steel Knives 08, Shieldon

  • Size (total length): 210mm
  • Blade (total length): 74mm
  • Weight: Approximately 200g
  • Material (blade): Sanmai III
  • Material (handle): Linen Micarta
  • Accessories: Leather sheath


[Cold Steel Outdoorsman Sanmai III]

A slightly large knife with a total length of 280 mm. Not only the sharpness of the cold steel Sanmai blade, but also the appearance and ease of holding are perfect.

Cold Steel Knives 09, Shieldon

  • Size (total length): 280mm
  • Blade (total length): 142mm
  • Weight: Approximately 253g
  • Material (blade): Sanmai III
  • Material (handle): Clayton
  • Accessories: Leather sheath


 [Cold Steel SRK Sanmai III Survival Rescue Knife]

This survival rescue knife is a model designed as a harsh multipurpose survival tool. Practical and tactical fixed blades, durability, etc. have been evaluated and have been adopted by the special forces Navy SEALs. It is also recommended for camping, the outdoors, and fishing.

Cold Steel Knives 10, Shieldon

  • Size (total length): 280mm
  • Blade (total length): 152 mm
  • Weight: Approximately 232g
  • Material (blade): VG-1 stainless steel
  • Material (handle): Clay EX
  • Accessories: Sheath


[Cold Steel Skinner Master Hunter Sanmai III]

A skinner knife with a gut hook used to cut skin and tendons when dismantling prey. The handle is a non-slip Clayton, and the sheath is made of a flexible resin material, Concealex.

Cold Steel Knives 11, Shieldon

  • Size (total length): 235mm
  • Blade (total length): 115mm
  • Weight: Approximately 173g
  • Material (blade): Sanmai III
  • Material (handle): Clayton
  • Accessories: Concealex sheath


Ideal as an EDC knife! 4 Recommended Cold Steel Knives

Cold Steel Knives 12, Shieldon

Next, we will introduce recommended cold steel knives that can be used in EDC fields such as camping. Some of them are self-defense knives that you can use when you encounter a bear in the mountains. Please check it.


[Cold Steel Folding Knife Code 4]

One of the Cold Steel Code 4 series. It is a lockback type folding knife that can be unlocked by pushing the back, and when opening it, the blade can be fixed by simply opening it.


The blade is made of sharp stainless steel and has a serrated edge at the blade edge. It’s foldable so it’s easy to carry.

Cold Steel Knives 13, Shieldon

  • Size (total length): 215mm
  • Blade (total length): 90mm
  • Weight: Approximately 120g
  • Material (blade): Japanese AUS8A Stainless
  • Material (handle): 6061 aluminum


[Cold Steel Outdoor Knife Piece Maker 3]

A small and easy-to-use outdoor knife. The handle is made of polypropylene and has a shape that makes it easy to grip, and the brims on both sides of the handle protect your fingers from injury.


The sheath made of Secure EX, which does not crack or mold, is made of elastic resin-like material, and is lightweight and sturdy.

Cold Steel Knives 14, Shieldon

  • Size (total length): 215mm
  • Blade (total length): 105mm
  • Weight: Approximately 95g
  • Material (blade): German 4116 stainless steel
  • Material (handle): Polypropylene
  • Accessories: Secure EX sheath


[Cold Steel Spike Neck Knife]

Slender type knife. Full tongue structure made of 420 stainless steel Despite its compact size, it is as thick and heavy as 5.5 mm and is sturdy. The cord-wrapped handle is designed for a good grip.

Cold Steel Knives 15, Shieldon

  • Size (total length): 205mm
  • Blade (total length): 97mm
  • Weight: Approximately 72g
  • Material (blade): 420 stainless steel
  • Material (handle): Cord wrap
  • Accessories: Sheath / ball chain


[Cold Steel Outdoor Knife Finn Bear]

A compact and easy-to-carry outdoor knife, “Fin Pair”. Polypropylene, which has excellent impact resistance and durability, is used as the bundle material to prevent slipping and allow a firm grip. The blade is made of 4116 stainless steel, which is resistant to rust, strong and has a long-lasting sharpness.


The attached sheath uses a lightweight and durable Secure-Ex sheath, and the back side is a clip type, so it can be easily attached to a belt or bag up to a width of about 5 cm.

Cold Steel Knives 16, Shieldon

  • Size (total length): Approximately 220 mm
  • Blade (total length): Approximately 100 mm
  • Weight: Approximately 78g
  • Material (blade): 4116 Stainless steel
  • Material (handle): Polypropylene
  • Accessories: Secure-Ex sheath


How to use is up to you!

Cold Steel Knives 17, Shieldon

This time, I introduced you to a cold steel knife. In particular, the Sanmai III series has a good reputation for its toughness and excellent sharpness. Not only for those who are hunted, but also for processing fish caught during camping and EDC activities, scraping the surface of firewood with a knife to make it easier to burn, cutting ropes, etc. It is convenient.


It also helps you to custom your own chopsticks from the fallen trees and to make some memories. Why don’t you expand the range of EDC activities by paying close attention to how to handle the gun sword method?



Click to have more Shieldon EDC knives and tools fun.


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