Easy leather craft! Great for outdoor activities! DIY leather-wrapped carabiner

Carabiner 01, Shieldon

Marry, an Arasa woman who loves nature and running. We are planning to try trail running this year! She likes leather crafts and also makes her shoes and bags.

You can hang a mug on your backpack or fix a tent or tarp. A carabiner is one of the must-have items for innovative camping gear!

The metal itself is rugged and relaxed, but why not wrap it in leather and customize it to your specifications?

It’s easy to make with a small piece, so it’s also recommended for beginners in leather craft!

This time I will make two kinds of leather-wrapped carabiners.

What to make this time

Carabiner 02, Shieldon

The carabiner used this time. The position where the leather is wrapped is just flat and seems to be easy to handle.

This time, I will use two carabiners sold at a ¥10 shop.

Required materials

Carabiner 03, Shieldon

This time I used two types of leather.

  • Carabiner
  • Leather (slightly larger than the area you want to wrap)
  • Several clips
  • Two sewing needles for leather
  • Linen thread
  • 2 or 4 rhombuses

Please use the leather of your choice. This time, I used thick and solid brown leather and thin and soft black leather.

However, be careful when recycling old leather. If the leather is soaked with oil and stretched out, the “leather habit” in steps 2 and 3 may not work. Use new leather or proceed to the following process even if you don’t have a habit.

How to make

Carabiner 04, Shieldon

Cut out the leather.

  1. 1. Cut according to the size of the carabiner you want to wrap the leather. Cut the width so that there is an extra 1.5 cm.

I feel like I’m doing something a little wrong.

Carabiner 05, Shieldon

  1. wet the leather with water to soften it.

Leather stretches and softens when soaked in water and hardens when it dries. Taking advantage of this property gives a habit to leather.

If you wrap the leather while it is dry, it will not fit neatly. Wetting the leather with water is contraindicated as it can cause dryness and mold, but it is okay if you moisturize it well after it dries. Wet the leather so that the water reaches the inside of the leather.

Carabiner 06, Shieldon

Secure it firmly with a clip.

  1. Wrap the softened leather around the carabiner and secure it with a clip. Leave it for at least one day until it dries.

If you proceed to the following process while the leather is still wet, the leather is fragile and may tear when you pull the sewing thread hard. Even if you don’t go that far, the holes will become too large, and the strength will decrease, so please dry them thoroughly.

Carabiner 07, Shieldon

I have a strong habit of leather.

After drying for a whole day from step 3, even if you remove it from the carabiner, the habit remains firmly attached.

Carabiner 08, Shieldon

The traces clipped will serve as a guide for making holes.

  1. I will sew from the black leather side. Make a hole for sewing with a diamond perforation as close as possible to the carabiner.

Enter the second hole from the end → The place where you entered the end hole. The edge is where the most force is applied, so reverse stitch it to strengthen it.

Carabiner 09, Shieldon

  1. Attach needles to both ends of the hemp thread and enter the second hole from the back. Insert needles from both sides into the first hole and cross in the spot. After returning to the first hole and performing the first reverse stitch, continue sewing to the end.

Carabiner 10, Shieldon

I’m doing the last reverse stitch.

  1. After sewing to the end, sew one stitch back and cut the thread near the hole. If you apply a little bond to the end of the line, it will not fray.

The cotton thread slips so that it can be untied in this way, but the linen thread does not fall, so you don’t have to tie it.

Carabiner 11, Shieldon

The black leather carabiner is complete!


  1. Finally, cut off the excess leather, and you’re done.

Carabiner 12, Shieldon

Make a brown leather carabiner.

  1. Finish the brown leather carabiner. Cut off the unnecessary part of the leather first, and make a hole for sewing with a diamond perforation 1 mm from the end.


Carabiner 13, Shieldon

It looks like they are tying the laces on the miniature lace-up boots.

  1. Sew in the same way as tying shoelaces.

Carabiner 14, Shieldon

The brown leather carabiner is complete!

  1. At the end of sewing, tie it tightly with a suitable thread and push it into a gap in the leather so that the knot is not noticeable.


Enjoy the carabiner decoration!

Carabiner 15, Shieldon

The carabiner of the ¥10 shop has transformed into a cool one!

Carabiner decoration can be quickly done with a small piece of leather. It’s also interesting to buy an assortment of different colors and types of leather and make various ones.

Only two types of sewing have been introduced this time, but there are various other sewing methods such as those with a “-” shape and those with an “x” shape.

Please try to make a carabiner full of originality!

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