From the correct usage to how to choose, a master thoroughly reviews the main models

Master Thoroughly Reviews The Main Models 01, Shieldon

Speaking of outdoor gear with a wild look, it’s a “hatchet”! However, there is an image that it has a high hurdle to master. So I reviewed the camping ax that can be noticed in terms of appearance, usability, and price. What kind of ax would you like for your first time?


I want a full-fledged ax soon!

Master Thoroughly Reviews The Main Models 02, Shieldon

It’s the season to enjoy the bonfire. There are bonfire goods that are of concern. However, since the bonfire has been reviewed extensively, this time I will focus on the hatchet (hand ax), which is a must-have item for bonfire, although it is small.


We prepared a variety of axes, from classic Scandinavian hatchets to industrial models that emphasize practicality, and asked a master of Bushcraft to custom an apt assessment!


Professional camper Naoto Izawa. After working as an outdoor instructor and rafting guide, he sponsored the outdoor activity creation group “Weekend Adventure Party” for adults. From this summer, we are also holding a survival school that is conscious of disaster prevention. His book is “The Master of Bonfires”.


This time, Naoto Izawa, who also appeared in Jonetsu Tairiku as a “professional camper”, will review the ax. Only the master of Bushcraft has an ax close to him. I’m used to handling it.


Three things to watch out for when using an ax

And before that, first of all, from the precautions when using. Remember how to handle it properly as it is a dangerous tool that can lead to serious injuries if you make a mistake.


  • First, check if there are any people within the 5m range!

Master Thoroughly Reviews The Main Models 03, Shieldon

The first thing to do before using the ax is to make sure there are no people around. When you swing it, it may slip out of your hand or the blade may come off, so be sure to keep a certain distance from the people around you. Keep at least a radius of 5m away.


  • The best hand to hold the ax is bare hand!


This is different for some people, but bare grips (bare hands) are the most slippery. Therefore, it is best to hold the ax with bare hands without gloves. On the other hand, the other hand is the closest to the blade of the ax, so be sure to wear gloves.


  • Be sure to return to the seeds immediately after use!

Master Thoroughly Reviews The Main Models 04, Shieldon

It’s a common precaution for knives, but never leave the blade exposed after using it. It is simply dangerous in a campsite where various people walk around, so be sure to put it in the sheath (cover) if you use it.

Master Thoroughly Reviews The Main Models 05, Shieldon


Based on the above, let’s use each ax. A outdoor knife is said to be a tool for making tools, but an ax is also an extension. However, there is a correct way to use it according to the purpose, so I would like to give a lecture about that with a review!


Now let’s take a closer look at the 9 axes.


Excellent visibility in orange color!

  • Husqvarna hatchet 600g

Master Thoroughly Reviews The Main Models 06, Shieldon

First of all, from the standard model of Husqvarna, a long-established Swedish factory familiar with lawn mowers and chainsaws. A forged hatchet that follows the traditional silhouette of the old days, and has a stylish Scandinavian design.


With a head weight of 600g, a total weight of 820g, and a handle length of 36cm, the size is easy to handle, and the orange color of the grip is also an accent. This is a paint to improve visibility in the forest, but it looks great on the site or in the garage!


“Lighter than it looks and well-balanced”

The first impression is that it is lighter than it looks! It’s a balance that is easier to swing around than I expected.


It may come in handy when you break a bunch of hardwood firewood and throw it into a bonfire. The rest is a bonfire with friends, and it seems to be effective when making a large amount of firewood quickly.


Oops, this breaks nicely. When I actually use it, it’s quite simple and sturdy. Although it is light, the firewood will crack firmly due to centrifugal force. I want to try even thicker firewood.


If you simply use it for chopping wood in a camp, it seems to be quite convenient.


Gachi assessment of professional campers

It’s a model like the royal road of a hatchet, so I can recommend it from beginners to veterans. Especially those who want to enjoy the bonfire camp and those who want to make their own firewood will find it useful. The pattern painted in orange is the part where the taste is divided. However, it can be said that it is a realistic camping equipment that takes safety into consideration to prevent trampling and injury when left on the ground, so it is an ant personally.


Ax evaluation chart Looks (appearance and detailed design), ease of holding (grip and weight), sharpness (easy to split firewood), durability (may be used for a long time), cost performance (can be used for a long time) Balance between price and practicality)


Embodying the charm of a new brand

  • Barebones Field Hatchet 2.0

Master Thoroughly Reviews The Main Models 07, Shieldon

Barebones, whose railroad lantern is breaking, should also pay attention to the ax. This field hatchet has a sophisticated look that follows the style of the brand that combines retro design with the latest technology.


The size of the handle is 43 cm, the blade is L10 cm x H8.9 cm, and the hammer is L2.54 cm x H3.1 cm, and the weight is 544 g. The polyester sheath (cover) feels a little uncomfortable, but it has a minimal design.


“Maybe we specialize in” cutting “rather than” breaking “?”


A thin and long handle reminiscent of the Scandinavian Viking and a thin and sharp blade. This is cool! It is an ax that stimulates not only practicality but also ownership. Even if you put it next to a log house or a wood stove, it looks like a picture.


Moreover, it is easier to handle than I expected. But maybe it’s more specialized in cutting than breaking. It may be easier to use by hitting with another firewood in this way.


It’s easy to hold a straight and long grip, and because the blade is thin, you can also custom feathers.


It looks great on a campsite with old fashion items such as cotton tents and enamel tableware, so I think it’s recommended for people who want to decorate and enjoy it.


Gachi assessment of professional campers

It’s an ax that seems to attract attention only for visuals, but it also has versatility. The head with a thin blade and the centrifugal force of the long handle are suitable for cutting off branches and cutting small-diameter trees, so it may be preferable to use it like a bushcraft rather than chopping wood. Since the hammer on the other side of the blade is small, you may miss the aim and hit the strap of the sheath when using it. You need to be a little careful there.

Master Thoroughly Reviews The Main Models 08, Shieldon

A compact ax that matches a small bonfire!

  • Uniframe Tsubame Sanjo No Ax

Master Thoroughly Reviews The Main Models 09, Shieldon

Uniframe’s Tsubame Sanjono Ax was devised as an ax that supports the production of firewood when using a small bonfire. It is a minimal design that sets it apart from the traditional ax style.


The total length is about 27.5 cm, the blade length is about 11.5 cm, and the weight is about 450 g. If this is the case, it will not be bulky even if it is stored in a backpack. The blade is equipped with a function to fold firewood.


“Easy to baton in terms of size”

Master Thoroughly Reviews The Main Models 10, Shieldon

It’s thicker and heavier than it looks compact. It may be more like shaving than smashing firewood. The blade is actually sharp, so the sharpness in that sense is also good.


It’s easy to baton in terms of size. I sometimes cut firewood and branches to custom pegs like this.

Master Thoroughly Reviews The Main Models 11, Shieldon

I personally don’t use this function to fold firewood very much. But I think it’s useful for small bonfires and nature stoves that require small diameters and short firewood.


Also, the finish of the metal surface of the blade can be expected to have a rust preventive effect. There is a sense of security that there seems to be no problem even if you use it roughly. It might be interesting to use it in cooking. I smashed the chicken (laughs)


Gachi assessment of professional campers

It is a model that clearly understands the clear concept of firewood used for bonfires on a small bonfire and an ax for creating bonfires. I think that there are many things that can be useful in solo camps at campsites where open flames are NG. It may not be acceptable to those who like the looks of an old-fashioned ax, but I want to give it a high score as a realistic camping tool.


Following the design of the standard knife!

  • Mora knife camping ax

Master Thoroughly Reviews The Main Models 12, Shieldon

A solid style camping ax that takes advantage of the design of Mora Knife, a staple item of campers. Maybe there are many people who want to have a knife and a set.


This spec is a basic size with a total length of about 32.2 cm and a blade length of about 11.5 cm, and weighs about 510 g (weight of an ax only). Like a knife, it seems to be quite practical …


“Recommended for campers who are not good at heavy axes”

Master Thoroughly Reviews The Main Models 13, Shieldon

The first impression is that it’s pretty easy to hold. Is it easy to grip? I also use Mora knives, but they seem to have more grip than knives.


Also, the blade is almost the same scanji grind shape as the Mora knife. Unlike other traditional ax blade-like convex grinds, it’s nice that it’s easy to grind.

Master Thoroughly Reviews The Main Models 14, Shieldon

The head is light, so it doesn’t have that much power, but there is plenty of room for coniferous firewood in the campsite. If you use centrifugal force, it will crack quickly. Also, the wide blade makes it easy to aim.


It may be good for people who want a different design, people with small palms, women who do not have a heavy ax, and campers who emphasize lightness.


Gachi assessment of professional campers

It features a design reminiscent of a Mora knife. The grip with a rough texture is slender, so you can grip it firmly. In that sense, I think female campers are also easy to handle. Since the blade is thin, I felt that it was more suitable for burning and pruning than for breaking thick firewood. It seems to be useful in the forest and maintenance work.

Mora knife camping ax

Master Thoroughly Reviews The Main Models 15, Shieldon


A hybrid of Japanese ax and Western ax

  • Quick Camp Bonfire Hatchet -YOKI-

Master Thoroughly Reviews The Main Models 16, Shieldon

The quick camp ax, which incorporates the goodness of Japanese and Western axes, is one of the standard silhouettes and designs. Rivets are also driven into the sheath of Tochigi leather to create a tough atmosphere (paracord is not included).


The size of the main body is 30 cm x H13 cm x W2.6 cm (reference), but there are some individual differences in size and weight due to free casting by Niigata craftsmen. It is a purely domestic gem, including the material, such as using a domestic natural wood main oak for the handle.


“It’s the easiest to use if you’re chopping wood in a campsite!”

Master Thoroughly Reviews The Main Models 17, Shieldon

The traditional US ax is called “good”, but it follows that design. Fasteners to prevent the blade from falling off are also in the style of a US ax.


The balance of weight that you have is also good. I think this paracord is custom, but it feels a bit annoying (laughs)

Master Thoroughly Reviews The Main Models 18, Shieldon

Oh, this is easy to break! The thick blade has the power to split left and right, so it’s very smooth. I think it’s the easiest ax to use for a bonfire that uses purchased firewood at a campsite.


It may be suitable for people who want practical performance but want an ax other than the standard one that others do not have much. Moreover, since it is less than $100, EDC is also good.


Gachi assessment of professional campers

As the item, I personally think that the design reminiscent of a US ax is cool. The blade is relatively thick in this lineup, so it has a strong character as a wood-splitting ax. I thought it would be a little disadvantageous for pruning and shaving, but it’s small and easy to handle, so I think it can be used for multiple purposes in the current US camping scene.

Quick Camp Bonfire Hatchet -YOKI-

Master Thoroughly Reviews The Main Models 19, Shieldon


Super reasonable industrial model!

  • Konyo Family Tree Hand Akkisu

Master Thoroughly Reviews The Main Models 20, Shieldon

Next is the industrial ax sold on Amazon. Depending on the season, it is reasonably priced below $10. Still, it is a simple and sturdy construction such as a rubber grip and a heavy blade.


The size is a little large, 34.5 cm x 11.8 cm x 2.8 cm. It weighs 890g. The sheath is a little cheap, but considering the price range, it looks like this.


“Because of its weight, its destructive power is outstanding!”


It’s quite heavy. The grip has a slightly downward shape, but I think this is a silhouette that conveys the breaking force when swinging down.


Also, when you look at the cross section of the blade from directly above, it has a curved shape to the left. I don’t know if this is such a design.

Master Thoroughly Reviews The Main Models 21, Shieldon

When you actually use it, it has a lot of power because it is heavy. It has destructive power. Still, the control is not bad when swinging around.


I often use an ax as a hammer, but I’m worried because the metal handle can bend. But at this price, it seems like it can’t be helped.


Gachi assessment of professional campers

Anyway, if you want a small ax for chopping firewood, I think it’s good because it’s easy to get a price. It looks like a tool rather than camping equipment, such as a rubber grip like a hammer and processing of a blade that seems to be for nailing, so it is good for practical people, but it may not be interesting as a hobby item.

Konyo Family Tree Hand Akkisu

Master Thoroughly Reviews The Main Models 22, Shieldon


Small & lightweight pocket-sized ax

  • Huefrit Hand Ax

Master Thoroughly Reviews The Main Models 23, Shieldon

Like the Uniframe ax, it is a pocket-sized hand ax that can be used as a set with a small bonfire. It has a large sheath that covers the entire blade, but it’s so thin that you may be a little worried about safety.


By the way, the main body size is about 26 cm x about 8.5 cm x about 0.4 cm, and since it is stainless steel, it weighs 300 g. Isn’t it possible to carry a lightweight camper with such an ax? Let’s ask Mr. Izawa for his opinion.


“It’s a hybrid model of an ax and a knife.”

Master Thoroughly Reviews The Main Models 24, Shieldon

This is not for chopping wood. It also comes with a hex wrench, but I wonder if it will be used in camping. I think it’s more like using it in combination with an ordinary ax rather than taking only this one.


For the time being, it’s not about 70% ax (laughs). A hybrid of a knife and an ax. It may be useful when you don’t want to bring both a knife and an ax in a solo camp with one backpack.

Master Thoroughly Reviews The Main Models 25, Shieldon

The sharpness is not bad. It can be used to cut branches and cut firewood, and if you do your best, you can custom something similar to a feather stick.


It may be convenient for branches that are difficult to do with a small knife or for cutting work that requires a little force. It may be okay to have one, but it won’t be a lifelong companion.


Gachi assessment of professional campers

Although it is in the shape of an ax, it does not have the striking power of the weight of the head, which is the significance of the existence of the ax. Is there a way to use it like a deba knife, such as breaking the bones of fish and birds when cooking? Honestly, I can’t see the concept of what kind of camper I want to use (laughs)

Huefrit Hand Ax

Master Thoroughly Reviews The Main Models 26, Shieldon


One made by a traditional manufacturing method that lasts for over 300 years

  • Hultafors Scout

Master Thoroughly Reviews The Main Models 27, Shieldon

Returning to the standard model again, I am a Hultafors scout. It is said that it is made by the traditional manufacturing method that has continued since 1697 only for the well-established Swedish brand. Forged, the surface is blasted with clear lacquer, and the curved pattern is made of hickory.


The specifications are simple, the total length is 38 cm, and the weight is 900 g. The leather sheath is suede and brass rivets, which is quite astringent.


“It’s a waste to use it only for chopping wood.”

Master Thoroughly Reviews The Main Models 28, Shieldon

Oh, this is easy to grasp. In terms of size, I think it is a model that is suitable for the classic Finnish bushcraft.


If you can camp in a style that allows you to shave off your equipment and get into nature, it will come in handy. It is useful in a wide range of situations where you can get trees that you can cut freely.

Master Thoroughly Reviews The Main Models 29, Shieldon

Firewood also breaks obediently. The feeling may be similar to Husqvarna’s ax. It feels like swinging it down, and I think it will crack without any effort.


But an ax that is useful for long-stay camping and outdoor life. It is a waste to use it only for chopping firewood. In a sense, it may be for intermediate and advanced users.


Gachi assessment of professional campers

As expected, it is a classic gem, and there is no doubt that it has a sense of security. Not only the weight, balance when gripping, and functionality such as sharpness, but also the looks are outstanding. It makes me want something other than practicality. Personally, the narrow, constricted pattern fits my hand and is very easy to grip.

Hultafors Scout

Master Thoroughly Reviews The Main Models 30, Shieldon


Plus the color of France while departing from Italy!

  • Fireside Camp Hatchet Fox

Master Thoroughly Reviews The Main Models 31, Shieldon

The same as the first Husqvarna, this is an Italian-born hatchet with a one-point accent color. It is a model specialized for the camping scene, and it is designed so that you can hit the peg with the ax head.


The size is 70mm across the blade, 330mm in handle length, and 130mm in ax head. The paint of the pattern is a color custom-made by the France importer Fireside, and has the image of an ancient fox color. There are also colors such as Uguisu and Imatsuruha.


“Ideal for lightly equipped bushcraft!”

Master Thoroughly Reviews The Main Models 32, Shieldon

This feeling of size is good! The overall balance of weight and blade shape is also good. Moreover, this ax head can be used not only for hammering but also for butting.


It’s pretty versatile. Auto camp is fine, but I think it’s more suitable for work in natural camps.

Master Thoroughly Reviews The Main Models 33, Shieldon

Normally, it is easy to chop wood. This is only equipped with a backpack, and is ideal for the work required when doing bushcraft (cutting dead trees, cutting fallen trees, making firewood). If I didn’t have the Glens Foch Plucks ax I’m using now, I might have chosen it.


Gachi assessment of professional campers

Of all the axes I’ve used this time, it suits my taste best. It has some similarities to the Hultafors Scout and Husqvarna’s hatchet, but its slightly smaller and lighter weight seems to stand out in terms of portability and ease of use. In addition to chopping wood, the thinness and shape of the blade, which is easy to work with, and the ease of use as a hammer are also highly evaluated!

Fireside Camp Hatchet Fox

Master Thoroughly Reviews The Main Models 34, Shieldon


Click here for Mr. Izawa’s favorite ax!

By the way, Mr. Izawa’s favorite ax is the outdoor ax of the Swedish brand Glens Fochbrooks. It’s a versatile model that can be used for a wide range of purposes, and it’s been about eight years.


The specs are relatively compact and lightweight with a blade length of 63 cm, a handle length of 375 mm, and a weight of 380 g. The classic design is also attractive.


This is a type of ax similar to a knife. Since one can be used for various purposes, it is useful when you want to reduce your luggage.


Also, in short-term camp solo camps, we focus on getting the bare minimum work done quickly. When making firewood or a simple shelter, I handle thin trees, but it is easy to use even in such a scene.


Choose an ax that suits your camping style

Master Thoroughly Reviews The Main Models 35, Shieldon

This time, I tried to prepare a wide range of axes from standard ones to compact models, but of course there are various other axes. So, finally, I asked Mr. Izawa, a professional camper, about the points when choosing an ax.

Master Thoroughly Reviews The Main Models 36, Shieldon

When choosing an ax, I think it’s best to first clarify the intended use. Do you want to chop wood, do bushcraft, or use it for a small bonfire in a solo camp?


Of course, you can choose it by looks, but maybe you just decorate it. Certainly, there is no doubt that just being on the site will greatly improve the atmosphere. However, since it is a precious tool, I think that the world of camping will expand further if you use it and improve your skills.



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