First challenge! Knife “How to sharpen” tips and basic knowledge you should know

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Introducing tips on how to sharpen knives and knives! A thorough explanation of how to sharpen, which is surprisingly easy, from basic preparation to the type of knife. First of all, let’s know the characteristics of the material of the knife you have and master how to sharpen the knife that suits it! If you use a knife that cuts well, you can rest assured that you will be outdoors!


What are the tips on how to sharpen a knife?

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Do you feel that the knife, which is indispensable for cooking and work even outdoors, has become difficult to cut recently?


Introducing basic knowledge about the tips of “sharpening” to restore the sharpness of knives that are difficult to cut, the types of knives, and the characteristics of materials.


“Angle” is important in how to sharpen a knife

There are two important angles when sharpening a knife. Basically, let’s remember “15 degrees” and “45 degrees”. 15 degrees is the angle at which the knife placed on the grindstone is laid down. 45 degrees is the angle with respect to the grindstone when the knife placed on the grindstone is viewed from above. The point is to keep the angle and sharpen without hanging!


What you need to sharpen a knife / knife

  • Kitchen knife
  • Whetstone
  • Cloth (to prevent the grindstone from slipping. Prepare unnecessary items as it gets dirty)
  • A container sized to hold a grindstone (bathtub, bucket, etc.)


Before using the whetstone, soak it in a bathtub or bucket filled with water for about 30 minutes to absorb enough water and make it slippery. Use a grindstone that has absorbed moisture on a flat surface. You can prevent the grindstone from slipping by laying a wet and tightly wrung cloth under the grindstone.


How to sharpen a knife that changes depending on the type

How to sharpen a stainless steel knife

Stainless steel has the characteristic of being extremely hard, but it can be sufficiently sharpened by using a medium whetstone around # 1000. You may also use a manual grindstone called an oil stone that is soaked in oil.


If you want to sharpen more “easily” and “safely”, we recommend using a sharpener. Factories such as Leatherman, Victorinox, BUCK, and Mora knife are famous.


How to sharpen a steel knife

Since steel is a hard material, choosing a rough whetstone with a high hardness of around # 500 is the key to sharpening efficiently in a short time. Good compatibility with ceramic grindstones made of hard materials. It is important that the surface of the grindstone is firmly flat.


How to sharpen a titanium knife

Titanium is a soft metal with low hardness. Therefore, it goes well with soft finishing whetstones from # 1200 to # 3000.


For those who are unfamiliar with whetstones, we recommend using a sharpener that anyone can sharpen by simply rubbing. If you sharpen it with a machine, the blade will be shaved back, so be careful not to overdo it.

Frequently Asked Questions Q & A How to sharpen a knife / knife


How to sharpen a knife / knife

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You can keep the angle constant by customizing two pennies between the grindstone and the knife and sharpening them slowly. You can use a commercially available guide to get a more convenient and accurate angle.


Please tell me the tips for sharpening both blades.


A double-edged blade is one that has a blade on each of the left and right sides. The characteristic of both blades is that the angles of the left and right blades are different. Therefore, the trick is to change the angle at which the blade is laid down on the left and right to sharpen it.


If the angle shifts and the angle of the blade is distorted, is it better to custom a new angle with a rough grind?


If the angle of the blade is distorted, use a rough whetstone to correct the shape. Scrape off all the cutting edges with a rough whetstone so that the cutting edges are straight. You should do it at an angle of 45 degrees.


What are the key points to custom a knife last longer?

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No matter how sharp a knife is, it cannot maintain its performance without maintenance. After using it, you can sharpen it repeatedly to get familiar with your hands and increase your attachment. Enjoying maintenance is also a part of the fun of knives, and it is important to know that it will last for a long time.


[Naniwa Toishi Co., Ltd. Super Ceramic Whetstone]

It is a ceramic grindstone. Since the count is 1000, it has a hardness that is easy to use for both stainless steel and steel.

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  • Count: 1000 (medium whetstone)
  • Size: W210 x D70 x H25 mm
  • With whetstone stand


[Naniwa Abrasive Industry Co., Ltd. Chocolate Tohoku]

The number is 1000, which is a medium whetstone. The unique model is that the case that doubles as a grindstone stand is a silicon chocolate type.

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  • Count: 1000 (medium whetstone)
  • Size: W175 x D55 x H16 mm
  • With chocolate type silicon case


[Blacksmith Toyokuni Cross (Large)]

It is an original cloth of blacksmith Toyokuni. As it is a soft material, it will not damage the knife. Remove oil and dirt after using a knife and keep it in good condition at all times.

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  • Material: Synthetic leather
  • Size: (approx.) Length 18 x Width 26 cm


[Blacksmith Toyokuni Cross (Small)]

It is an original cloth of blacksmith Toyokuni. It is easy to handle because it is smaller than the large one. Oil, salt, and dirt are attached to the used knife, and if left unattended, it may cause rust. Polish it quickly and prepare for the next use.

How To Sharpen 08, Shieldon

  • Material: Synthetic leather
  • Size: (approx.) 13 x 18 cm


Challenge maintenance! Get your own knife!

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Preparation for the bonfire starts with the preparation of firewood! I want to maintain the knife well so that it can be kept in the best condition at all times.


Challenge maintenance without fear of failure! I want to create my own one that is familiar to my hands while enjoying changing the sharpness of the knife with just one sharpening method!


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