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Leatherman’s Multi-Tool is an item with many types of tools in one body. Equipped with pliers, screwdriver, scissors, can opener, etc., it is useful for everyday use, mountain climbing, camping, and even in the event of a disaster. Typical models include easy-to-use “FREE” and “WINGMAN”, “sidekick” and “signal” suitable for outdoor activities, “skeleton tool” and “wave” for hard work, and bomb disposal. “MUTED”, bracelet-shaped “tread”, small size “by the number” that can be put in your pocket, etc. In addition, you can select a tool that suits your needs, such as a safe knifeless type or a light mini-sized pocket tool. This time, we will introduce how to choose Leatherman’s multi-tools and recommended products.


What is Leatherman?

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Leatherman is a knifemaker born in Oregon, the USA in 1983. Multi-tools, which are standard products that combine tools such as pliers, knives, and screwdrivers, can be used for various purposes such as daily use, outdoor activities, military, and disasters. In addition, if the product bears the “LTJ (Leatherman Tool Japan) mark”, you can receive a 25-year warranty in Japan even if you lose the warranty card.


Leatherman’s multi-tool features

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Leatherman’s multi-tools are characterized by their elaborate construction and high functionality that is adopted by the US military. It is also called a “palm-sized toolbox” because it has a compact body and many tools. In addition, we are developing a series specialized for various purposes, including a series that is useful in outdoor scenes equipped with knives and fire starters, as well as sturdy tools that are designed for use in disaster sites. There is a series that is equipped with it and a series that can be worn on the wrist like a bracelet and is suitable for everyday use.


How to choose Leatherman’s multi-tool

Choose from features by series

FREE is easy to deploy tools

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Free is characterized by adopting a magnet mechanism that makes it easy to deploy the tool smoothly. Tools that have been taken out by hooking them with your nails can be deployed with one hand for pliers and other tools by simply pressing the base with your thumb. It is also attractive that it locks and is firmly fixed when unfolded, and the handle part is designed so that the metal does not hurt your hand when you grasp it.


Wearables can be worn on your wrist like a bracelet

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Wearables are a series that can be worn on the wrist in the shape of a wristwatch or bracelet. Various parts such as a hexagon wrench, screwdriver, SIM card pick, and bottle opener are connected with screws. It’s also fashionable, so it’s also attractive to wear it like an accessory.


The heavy-duty tool (HEAVY-DUTY TOOL) is characterized by its sturdy construction.

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Heavy Duty Tools is a rugged series designed for military and disaster sites. It is one size larger than the other series and has a heavy feel. We are developing various models such as “Crunch” equipped with 15 functions, “Mat” developed for maintenance of rifles, and “EOD” with bomb disposal function.


RESCUE TOOL is designed based on medical scissors

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Rescue tools are a series created based on the voices of people working in the medical and fire departments. It is designed to work safely and quickly in an emergency. It is useful for emergency relief activities such as “RAPTOR” made based on medical scissors and “Skeltool RX” equipped with a blade with high cutting ability.


FULL-SIZE TOOL has up to 20 functions

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The full-size tool is a series with about 20 functions in a compact body. Mainly on pliers, it contains sophisticated and easy-to-use tools such as knives, saws, scissors, screwdrivers, hammers, and wire cutters. It is a multi-tool that can be used in a wide range of scenes from everyday use to outdoor activities and professional sites.


The middle size tool (MIDDLE-SIZE TOOL) is attractive for its lightness and moderate size.

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The middle-size tool is a series equipped with carefully selected functions that are often used from among the full-size tools. Lightweight and easy to handle, it is also suitable for people who want to lighten their luggage outdoors such as mountain climbing. Also, compared to other series, there are more designs and color variations, so it is also attractive to be able to choose your favorite model.


The key chain tool (KEYCHAIN TOOL) can be carried by attaching it to a key or bag.

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The key chain tool comes with a carabiner and key ring and can be carried by attaching it to a key or bag. It features a compact and lightweight design with a total length of about 6 to 7 cm and is equipped with many practical tools such as pliers, knives, scissors, screwdrivers, and bottle openers.


Pocket tool (POCKET TOOL) is equipped with the minimum necessary functions

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Pocket tools are a smaller series than keychain tools. The stainless steel body is equipped with the minimum necessary functions such as a wrench, screwdriver, and bottle opener. It’s the lightest multi-tool in the whole series, so it’s also easy to carry.


Choose according to your purpose

For outdoor activities, we recommend those equipped with knives and fire starters.

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For outdoor tools use such as camping and mountain climbing, we recommend the full-size tool series “SIGNAL”. It is also equipped with tools necessary for outdoor activities such as knives, hammers, fire starters, bottle openers, and can openers, as well as a “rescue whistle” that is easy to reach the human ear.


For disaster prevention, we recommend those equipped with cutters and scissors.

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For emergencies such as accidents and disasters, the type equipped with cutters and scissors that are useful for lifesaving measures is suitable. The rescue series “SUPER TOOL 300” is equipped with a durable stainless steel wire cutter and snips that can cut pipes. In addition, “Raptor” based on medical scissors is a multi-tool for rescue equipped with a wrench for oxygen cylinders and a seatbelt cutter.


Recommended for work with a large number of tools

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For work such as maintenance of automobiles and bicycles, we recommend the “Surge” of the heavy-duty tool series. It is a heavy and multifunctional tool that represents Leatherman and is equipped with 21 functions such as a stainless steel wire cutter, straight blade/wave blade knife, and T shank saw. It is also recommended because it is equipped with a military model “mat” saw, hammer, and screwdriver developed for the US military.


Lightweight ones with only simple functions are recommended for everyday use

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For everyday use, we recommend “Free”, which is equipped with tools such as a screwdriver, scissors, a cutter, and a bottle opener. Also suitable are keychain tools that come with a keychain for easy portability, compact pocket tools that fit in your pocket, and wearables that you can wear as a wristwatch or bracelet.


Select by the number of installed functions

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When choosing a multi-tool, keep an eye on the number of features it has. For those who use it frequently and have many opportunities to do hard work, we recommend a versatile model with various functions. For those who use it infrequently or who want to carry only the minimum necessary tools, the type that is lightweight and has only simple functions is suitable.


The Knifeless model is safe to carry around

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Leatherman also offers a knifeless model that can be carried safely. In Japan, carrying a tool knife may be subject to crackdowns under the Minor Crimes Act, so if you want to carry it, we recommend choosing Leatherman’s original Japanese model “Style CS Knifeless”. Instead of a knife, it is equipped with a “package opener” and scissors that are convenient for opening cardboard boxes.



Survival outdoors requires many tools, which inevitably increases one’s own burden. If there is a handy multifunctional tool, it can not only meet the functional requirements but also reduce the burden on oneself. What else are you thinking about, go shopping.


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