Michal Galovič

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Michal Galovic, is another outstanding knife designer, with a unique, minimalist, Nordic-inspired aesthetic that lends itself particularly well to everyday carry tools. The creator of the Kizer Slicer, which some consider to be the best EDC pocket folder of all time is now among the most renowned knife designers.


Michal Galovic’s designing journey started when his custom knifemaker father, who was working on a folding knife at the time, urged him to utilize CAD to create a workable locking mechanism and design for the knife. It was a chokehold. The designs were basic and functional, and the appearance was heavily influenced by two factors: functionality and the locking mechanism.


After three years, Michal’s fascination and passion for inventing various materials and locking mechanisms for knives was uncontainable. He then enrolled at a technical university in Germany, where he majored in Mechanical Engineering. Because it covers the majority of knife-related topics, including CAD, production, material science, and much more. He was creating a lot of ideas at the time, and his father couldn’t keep up, so he began thinking about various methods to move from design to making real knives.


So then, Michal began contacting production businesses that were collaborating with various designers. He was able to begin certain projects, and his concepts were subsequently commercialized. While he is a prolific solo designer, he also collaborates with prominent companies like Shieldon and Bulk knives. While he is not currently taking bespoke orders, you may still purchase his works from his previous collaborations from their individual shops.


Michal considers himself to be at the beginning of his design career. He still has a lot to learn regarding knives and a lot more knives to manufacture. Though he is still in college he intends to start his own folding knife firm in Slovakia after obtaining his degree.

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