Custom your camp comfortable by making a “kitchen knife case” that is kind to everything and does not use nails or screws.

Kitchen Knife Case 01, Shieldon

Easy processing with cork board! I made a light, durable, and fashionable case for camping knives. If you have a case on your kitchen knife, you can carry it safely. You can do it with scissors and a bond, so why not custom a nice home with your own blade?


Easy with cork! I made a case to carry a kitchen knife safely

Kitchen Knife Case 02, Shieldon

Have you ever felt dangerous because you didn’t have a scabbard when you brought your knife to the camp?


This time, I tried to custom a kitchen knife case that can be easily made by myself using a commercially available cork board in order to avoid such danger.

Kitchen Knife Case 03, Shieldon

If you have two knives in a cork case, a cutting board, and a vegetable knife, you can rest assured even if you have small children and it will be easy to carry. Also, since soft cork is the material, no force is required to make it.


It fits perfectly with any kitchen knife, and the cost is very cheap. It’s a really recommended self-made idea.


How to custom ① Cut the cork board

Cut out in the shape of a kitchen knife

Kitchen Knife Case 04, Shieldon

Prepare a kitchen knife, a cork board, and a red oil-based pen 2 mm thick cork board. Trace the shape of the knife blade and draw a cut line about 5 mm outward. Prepare two sheets, front and back.


You can get a cork board at a home improvement store for $1 per sheet.

Kitchen Knife Case 05, Shieldon

Knife, scissors, cut cork board Cut with scissors along the cut line. In addition, cut out two 5 mm wide rods. This is the gusset.


Next, glue the gusset.


How to custom ② Glue

Glue a 5mm wide rod

Kitchen Knife Case 06, Shieldon

Fasten the adhesive surface of the cork with a clothespin. Attach a bond to one of the parts, and attach a 5 mm wide rod while bending it along the edge. Hold it with clothespins until it is completely glued.


Glue another part

Kitchen Knife Case 07, Shieldon

Fasten both adhesive surfaces with clothespins. Attach a bond on the adhered 5mm wide stick, and cover and paste the other part. Secure with clothespins.


Cork knife case, gusset part up It looks like this from the front. The knife blade fits in this gap.

Kitchen Knife Case 08, Shieldon

Wait for the bond to dry, then finish.


Remove the adhesive surface

Kitchen Knife Case 09, Shieldon

Cork knife case, sand the corners When they are completely attached, sand the corners to make them smooth.


If you are troublesome, you can omit it.


This is complete!

Kitchen Knife Case 10, Shieldon

Cork knives case, knives, cutting board, vegetables in no time! If you do this, you can safely put it in your camping luggage.


How to custom ③ I tried attaching a stopper

Cork is a non-slip material, so this alone is fine, but I thought about a device that would prevent the knife from slipping out of the case even if it was accidentally slanted.


Fasten the blade so that it does not come off

Kitchen Knife Case 11, Shieldon

Case with kitchen knife and stopper A stopper is attached to prevent the case from coming off.


Use the cotton plain weave tape used for the handle of the bag and the hook-and-loop fastener. All of them are 100%, and you can get them at handicraft stores.


Adhesive hook-and-loop fastener to plain weave tape

Kitchen Knife Case 12, Shieldon

Plain weave cotton tape, bond Cut the plain weave tape, apply a bond to both ends to prevent it from fraying, and let it dry.

Kitchen Knife Case 13, Shieldon

Adhere the hook-and-loop fastener to the cotton tape with a bond Cut the hook-and-loop fastener and attach the bond to the back of the soft side (loop surface). The cloth sucks the bond, so add a little more.

Kitchen Knife Case 14, Shieldon

Adhere the hook-and-loop fastener to the cotton tape and fasten it with a clothespin.

Glue the hook-and-loop fastener to the plain weave tape. If you stick it slightly inward from the end of the tape, it will be easier to pinch when turning the stopper.


Secure with clothespins until they stick together.


Adhesive plain weave tape to the kitchen knife case

Kitchen Knife Case 15, Shieldon

Adhere cotton tape to the kitchen knife case Attach plain weave tape to the cork case. Plenty of bonds.

Kitchen Knife Case 16, Shieldon

Adhere the hook-and-loop fastener to the kitchen knife case Turn the cork case over and attach the harder side (hook surface) of the hook-and-loop fastener to the case. Bond a lot.

Kitchen Knife Case 17, Shieldon

Clip the kitchen knife case and hook-and-loop fastener. Secure them until they are completely adhered. Wipe off any sticking out bonds.


If you can’t reach it with a clothespin, you can use a large clip.


It’s done!

Kitchen Knife Case 18, Shieldon

With a cork knife case, two knives, and a wooden plate stopper, it is safer. You can decorate it with your favorite stickers and stickers. You can paint it.


I made a case besides a kitchen knife. Next, I will introduce an example.


Let’s make something other than a kitchen knife!

Also for pizza cutters and bread knives

Kitchen Knife Case 19, Shieldon

Bread knives, pizza cutters, pizzas, sandwiches vinyl covers of pizza cutters are easy to remove, and I was worried about going somewhere soon. I wanted a solid cover, so I made it the same way.


I also made a cover for a bread knife that is dangerous if it touches the jagged edges. A Daiso character sticker is attached so that you can tell what kind of knife it is.


For pizza cutter, cut like this

Kitchen Knife Case 20, Shieldon

Unfolded view of the pizza cutter and case The cork cut to a width of 5 mm is soft, so you can stick it on a gentle curve, but if it is a circle, it will bend so tightly that it will crack, so cut out the cork according to the roundness of the pizza cutter and glue it. bottom.


Please try making other things!


Rakuchin processing gives a kitchen knife a safe place to live!

Kitchen Knife Case 21, Shieldon

Even knives and knives without tackle boxes, knives with cases, and cutlery cases can be made with corkboard. The 2mm thick cork is easy to process, so you can use any design of blade.


All you have to do is prepare scissors and bonds, and then borrow clothespins from the clothesline. Please custom a safe and wonderful house for camping blades!



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