Common materials for folding knife blades

As a coolest pocket knife, the choice of blade material is critical. However, there is no best argument among materials. Because of the different materials, it was born in response to various needs. By understanding the commonly used blade materials of folding knives, we can better enable ourselves to purchase folding knives suitable for ourselves.

What are the commonly used materials for folding knife blades?

The answer is carbon steel, stainless steel and tool steel.


Carbon steel:

The advantage lies in the ease of use and durability after hardening. But its shortcoming lies in its corrosion resistance, which is fragile. Those who choose carbon steel as the material are generally people who are very obsessed with quality and knife setting to a certain degree. They can take good care of the tools in their hands, and they have always kept them in their best condition before.

Just like Ukulele, the entry-level will choose synthetic wood form. When you are obsessed, you will also buy a whole piece of wood. Because the sound is better, but maintenance is also tricky. The most crucial point is that it is expensive.


stainless steel:

The most significant advantage of choosing stainless steel is that the blade will be easier to maintain and has better corrosion resistance. Of course, some hardness and edge retention will be sacrificed accordingly. Moreover, the chromium content of stainless steel is generally between 13% and 30%. In some countries, the chromium content cannot be too much for the tools used for cutting food. So when buying, you need to pay attention.


Tool steel:

In addition to the above two traditional materials, the most popular is steel made from various modern technologies based on conventional steel. However, there are many types of steel, and basically, every manufacturer has its secret recipe. Of course, there are also standards for tool steel. For example, there are water hardening, cold working, hot working and so on. Among them, high-carbon chromium (D series) in hard-working is currently one of the more popular ones, especially D2, which has strong wear resistance but is not as strong as low alloy steel. The mechanical properties of D2 are susceptible to heat treatment. It is widely used in the production of shear blades, planer blades and industrial cutting tools. High carbon + chromium is a combination of the essence of carbon steel and stainless steel.

Here is also a manufacturer: Shieldon. The blades of their folding pocket knife products are made of D2 steel. Here are a few models:

DSC 0196, Shieldon

DSC 0105, Shieldon

DSC 0120, Shieldon

For more choices, please follow the shield on the official website.


to sum up:

There is no perfect folding knife globally, and some are just the right knife for the right person. Only by understanding your purpose of use can you better choose the folding knife you need.

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