Basic knowledge of tactical pen

What is a tactical pen?


An American knifemaker developed the tactical pen for self-defense purposes.


Self-defense has a conical shape with a thin tip, and it looks like a normal ballpoint pen, and the point of writing letters is no different from the popular ballpoint pen.


Since this self-defense ballpoint pen is supposed to be used in the same way as Kubotan, it is essential to devise Mr. Kubotan, the developer of Kubotan and taught Jiu-Jitsu at the Los Angeles Police Department and the FBI or to learn similar self-defense techniques.


Although tactical pens are useful for self-defense, it is almost impossible for ordinary people to master them against thugs without prior training in self-defense.


Those who have mastered self-defense and the general public other than those who have experience in martial arts should first act with the idea of escaping to a safe place and think of tactical pens and Kubota as a talisman in case of emergency. Let’s do it.


It is a fact that tactical pens developed and sold by manufacturers who are good at metal processing, such as knives and guns, are difficult for the general public to use for self-defense purposes.


However, due to its functionality and ruggedness, it is a high-spec tool full of strength and charm that attracts many military fans.


Top-selling ranking of tactical pens


  • S & W Tactical Pen M & P AluminumS & W Tactical Pen M & P Aluminum
  • SOG emergency tool FLINT tactical pen type FT1001SOG emergency tool FLINT tactical pen-type FT100
  • S & W Tactical Pen with Glass Breaker & Touch PenS & W Tactical Pen with Glass Breaker & Touch Pen
  • S & W folding penknife liner lock typeS & W folding penknife liner lock type
  • S & W Tactical Pen M & P2 Screw-inS & W Tactical Pen M & P2 Screw-in
  • S & W Tactical Pen Aluminum Alloy Screw-in TypeS & W Tactical Pen Aluminum Alloy Screw-in Type
  • Basic knowledge of tactical pen, ShieldonTactical pen aluminum black
  • UZI Tactical Pen UZITP6 Black with Cuff KeyUZI Tactical Pen UZITP6 Black with Cuff Key
  • UZI Tactical Pen TACPEN2 with glass breakerUZI Tactical Pen TACPEN2 with glass breaker
  • Bullet Ballpoint Pen UZI Brass GoldBullet Ballpoint Pen UZI Brass Gold
  • UZI Tactical Pen TP6GM Gunmetal with Cuff KeyUZI Tactical Pen TP6GM Gunmetal with Cuff Key
  • Stedemon Titanium Tactical Pen with EDC Ceramic BallStedemon Titanium Tactical Pen with EDC Ceramic Ball
  • Basic knowledge of tactical pen, ShieldonGERBER Tactical pen IMPROMPTU with stainless steel glass breaker
  • UZI Tactical Pen UZITP12BK AluminumUZI Tactical Pen UZITP12BK Aluminum
  • boker Plus Tactical Pen 09BO08 AluminumBoker Plus Tactical Pen 09BO08 Aluminum


Choose a tactical pen

Body material

Most are made of grade aluminum alloys used in aircraft, and rarely are there tactical pens made of stainless steel, titanium, and Damascus steel.


Made of aluminum alloy

Aluminum is well known for its lightweight, with a specific gravity of 2.7, which is about one-third the weight of iron’s 7.8.


Its lightweight and strength are used in various fields, and aluminum alloys are often used for aircraft structures. Tactical pens mainly use aluminum alloys for an extension for aircraft structures.


Made of stainless steel

It is used in all fields as a metal that does not easily rust and is a metal produced by adding 10.5% or more of chromium (Cr) to pure iron.


Compared to aluminum, it takes more time to process and is more than double the weight, so it is not often used for tactical pens.


Made of titanium alloy

Titanium has a specific gravity heavier than aluminum. Still, its tensile strength per density is one of the highest among metals, so it is possible to commercialize a product with the same power that is lighter than aluminum.


Titanium is not often used as a material for tactical pens, but due to its texture and moderate weight, pens using titanium for high-end lines are on sale.


Made of Damascus steel

The beautiful steel material with wood grain pattern is formed by forging multiple metal plates superimposed on each other. Three types of tactical pens are good as blade steel materials for high-end knives.



In addition to the insertion cap type, there are three types of tactical pen caps: a screw cap type and a twist type without a cap, rare in popular ballpoint pens.


Plug-in cap type


Plug-in cap typThe plug-in cap protects the pen tip firmly, and the cap can be easily removed when using it, so you can start writing smoothly.


However, there is a possibility that the cap will come off due to a strong impact and be lost, so if you are worried, we recommend the screw cap type tactical pen.



Screw-in cap type


Screw-in cap typeSince the cap is fixed by twisting, it is a little troublesome to remove the cap, but even if you handle it roughly, the cap will not come off first.


Since the cap firmly protects the pen tip, it is the most suitable pen structure for tactical pens.





Twist type


Twist typeThe structure is such that the tip of the pen comes out when you pinch the front and back of the pen with your fingers and twist it, so there is no need for a cap, and it is the fastest to start writing.


However, since the hole where the pen tip comes out is constantly exposed to the outside, foreign matter may enter, and you may not be able to write, or the stored pen tip may be damaged.





Ink type

Currently, tactical pens that use oil-based ink are the mainstream.


Ink color

Ink color

There are two types of tactical pen ink, black and blue.


I think that blue ink ballpoint pens are rarely used in Japan, but it seems that blue ink ballpoint pens are generally used in Europe and the United States.


The reason is that when blue ink is used for character correction and signing, the characters typed with the typewriter are black, so it is easy to understand.


Even now, most of the printed matter is copied in black ink, so if you write notes or sign with blue ink, the handwritten part will be easy to understand.


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