BABACHO Taki fire hatchet

BABACHO Taki fire hatchet

A 31-year-old office worker camping to enjoy cooking and drinking. His wife and daughter and a few childhood friends from elementary school go out to campsites around the Kanto area. Providing the best gourmet food at the camp of the day …

I bought it with the prize money for the Shieldon Knives photo contest (camping EDC)! ]

A small wood-splitting hatchet from the long-established hardware wholesaler “Babacho Hardware” in Tsubamesanjo, Niigata Prefecture. Due to the sharp edge of both blades, it is also excellent as a knife. For you who think that hatchets and loaves are exaggerated! It is a small hatchet that is perfect for outdoor activities. The attached genuine leather case is also solid, and if you apply leather cream firmly, you can enjoy aging.

Anyway, there is no doubt that it will satisfy the desire for ownership. Outdoors are so good. Visit our website to find your dream knives and multi-tools. If there are any dreamy knives in your mind, let me know, and we will make it come true.

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