A thorough review of a kit that allows you to easily custom your own knife!

Custom Your Own Knife 01, Shieldon

I actually tried using a kit that allows me to custom my own EDC knife! We will thoroughly review from the points of how to make it to the actual usability. “It’s my knife” allows even beginners to easily arrange their own tastes. Introducing the product lineup at the end!


Self-made knife kit “It’s my knife”

It’s my knife is a kit that anyone can easily custom an original knife.


“Handmade knife” which is one of the custom categories and longing. Although I long for a knife that I don’t wear with people, I think there are many people who feel that the threshold is high due to the difficulty and effort.


This item has lowered the hurdle of such a handmade knife. Anyone can easily custom an original knife. This time, I actually made it, so I will send you a detailed report!


Recommended for people like this!

  • People who want an EDC knife
  • People who want to try simple custom and crafting
  • People who are vulnerable to the sound of “original”


There are only four steps to custom it!

The work process is simple with only four. It’s okay, “My Knife” will definitely be completed. There are many cases where women and children are enjoying themselves, so please feel free to make it as if you were playing.


Process 1 Cut out

Custom Your Own Knife 02, Shieldon

Cut out the handle parts from the board. It’s like removing the parts of the plastic model here, and you can easily proceed with it.


Process 2 Shave

Finally, the production of wood carving (sculpture work). Cut out the handle material and cut it into the desired shape with a knife. First, drop the corners, and when the shape is formed, adjust it while actually grasping it. The design is infinite.


Process 3 Polish the surface

Custom Your Own Knife 03, Shieldon

Polish the surface with the sandpaper that comes with the finish of the handle material. What I want to be careful about here is to sharpen too much. Soft wood can be easily changed in shape just by sanding it with sandpaper.


Let’s cut it little by little while checking the design so as not to make a mistake.


Process 4 Stop the grip with screws

Custom Your Own Knife 04, Shieldon

Finally, sandwich the blade with the handle material and screw it with a screwdriver to complete. In addition to the special screw, a special screwdriver is also included, so it’s really easy.


The total working time depends on how much the handle material is built, but with a simple grip it can be done in less than a day.


The point to finish it beautifully!

Custom Your Own Knife 05, Shieldon

Wrap a string around the knife to improve grip.

When shaving with a thin blade, wrapping a string etc. as a temporary grip will reduce the burden on your hands. You can work more safely because the grip is also increased.


Cut off leaving the ears of the grip material

When cutting out the grip material, you can use the grip design to the limit of the size by cutting out leaving the ears large.


Insert the blade along the flow of wood grain

The important point of wood carving is to insert the blade without going against the grain of wood. If you shave along the grain of wood, you can shave cleanly with less force.


For a grip that is easy to grip when scraped thinly

The grip material of It’s My Knife is quite thick, probably because it is supposed to be scrapped.


It depends on the size of your hand, but if you want to custom a knife that is easy to grip as a practical knife, it will be easier to grip if you not only sharpen the silhouette but also reduce the thickness of the grip material.

Check the video for details on how to make it!


Click here for the finished product!

Custom Your Own Knife 06, Shieldon

I tried to scrape it like a wood grip of a fishing rod. Considering the ease of grip, it is cut quite thinly. Finished with an oil finish.


I will introduce knives full of individuality to see what other arrangements can be made. ,,


With the feeling of interior custom, if you finish it with your favorite oil, you can easily transform the same wood into a different look. The baking process is roasted with a burner and oil coated. It’s relatively easy to get rid of.


You can also enjoy painting to your heart’s content. Of course, the texture of the wood is nice, but the original grip painted in your favorite color and pattern is also nice.


This is the grip of the handle material custom. Kazuno rarely falls when walking in the mountain stream, but you can easily wholesale EDC knife at the knife craft shop.


There are many other handle materials available on the market for knife make-up. If you use the handle material of another company, you can custom a knife with a higher degree of originality.

Custom Your Own Knife 07, Shieldon

The paracord grip was also quite compatible. Practical in wet scenes without worrying more than wood.


Thorough review of usability!

It’s My Knife is a knife made of serious steel called “Aogami” from Yasuki Steel. It is a knife that can be used up, which is a waste just by making it.


I actually tried using it in the field, so I will review the feel.


How sharp is it?

A sharpness that can be used for wood carving. The keyword for the sharpness of this knife is “Yasurai Steel (blue paper)”.


Yasuki Hagane is a type of steel developed by Hitachi Metals and is often used in carpentry tools and kitchen knives. It is further classified into “blank paper”, “blue paper” and “silver paper” in Yasuki Steel.


The “blue paper” of this knife is characterized by being harder and more tenacious than “blank paper”, and is a steel that is often used for high-end kitchen knives. A knife that you can continue to use while caring for it.


How do you feel when you hold it in your hand?

Custom Your Own Knife 08, Shieldon

The feeling of holding it in your hand is quite compact. It’s light, but not hard to use. I think it’s a knife that even women and children can enjoy. When it comes to gripping the grip, it’s up to you.


You can ask for a grip, or run for design and upload it to Instagram! It looks fun too. In that case, don’t forget to cover.


The blade of the normal knife is a little short


The basic type blade is a little special as a knife. The shape of the knife with the tip down, also known as the sheepfoot.


When using this type of knife, it is necessary to hold down the part near the tip of the blade when applying force. With It’s My Knife, “Kubomi” is properly made in that part, so you can put more effort into it and handle detailed work by suppressing the Kubomi as shown in the image.

Custom Your Own Knife 09, Shieldon

It is close to the image when using a utility knife. Based on that point, the length of the blade when actually applying force is close to “the length of the part beyond” Kubomi “”, and the blade is unexpectedly compact.


The impression I used is that the blade length is close to that of a chisel or mini knife. It is a very easy-to-use knife for that purpose, but if you want to use it as a multi-knife in camping, the folding type is recommended.


Be careful of rust!

Custom Your Own Knife 10, Shieldon

Yasuki Steel “Aogami”, a blade material, has the highest rank among steel materials and is a steel that can be cut hard. At the same time, steel that cuts hard has the characteristic of being easily rusted.


Rust-resistant stainless steel is often used for survival knives and fishing knives that often get wet. It can be used for a long time with care such as rust prevention processing, regular maintenance, and not using it around water.


Check the product lineup!

Custom Your Own Knife 11, Shieldon

The basic series of It’s My Knife that first appeared is “Sword”. It has gained popularity since its appearance, and now various lineups such as knife type and handle materials have been released.


Basic It’s my knife

Basic series knife. You can choose the material of the handle parts from beech tree and magnolia EDC.


Magnolia EDC, which is easy to sharpen, is recommended for beginners.


It’s my knife Bunanoki

Custom Your Own Knife 12, Shieldon

  • Size: Blade length = 45mm, Blade thickness = 1.5mm, Handle material = 120x68x9mm, Overall length after assembly = 149mm
  • Materials: Handle material = Bunanoki, Blade material = Yasuki Steel (blue paper)


It’s my knife Magnolia EDC

Custom Your Own Knife 13, Shieldon

  • Size: Blade length = 45mm, Blade thickness = 1.5mm, Handle material = 120x68x9mm, Overall length after assembly = 149mm
  • Materials: Handle material = Magnolia EDC, Blade material = Yasuki Steel (blue paper)


Folding type

Introducing folding type. It is convenient to carry and has a long blade, so it may have been a long-awaited lineup for existing users. If you are making it for the first time, the beginner’s edition is recommended.

It’s my knife folding style custom.

Custom Your Own Knife 14, Shieldon

  • Size: Blade = Length 9.3 x Thickness 0.2 cm, Handle = Width 3 x Depth 12.7 x Thickness 1 cm
  • Materials: Blade = Yasuki Steel (blue paper), Handle material = Bunanoki


It’s my knife folding style Bunanoki Beginner’s Edition

Custom Your Own Knife 15, Shieldon

  • Size: Blade length = 93mm, Blade thickness = 2mm, Handle = 127x30x Left 10 Right 8mm, Overall length after assembly = 220mm, Blade storage = 147mm
  • Materials: Handle material = Bunanoki, Blade = Yasuki Steel (blue paper)


With a safety guard recommended for the first knife

Blades with safety guards that protect your hands from knife blades are also available. An item that is very attentive.


For those who are new to wood carving, women and children, if you have a guard, you will have a different sense of security.


It’s my knife with safety guard Magnolia EDC

Custom Your Own Knife 16, Shieldon

  • Size: Blade length = 45mm, Blade thickness = 1.5mm, Handle material = 120x68x9mm, Overall length after assembly = 149mm
  • Materials: Handle material = Magnolia EDC, Shaving knife = Iron


It is convenient to have a dedicated sheath!

A special leather sheath is also on sale. A sheath is essential when carrying a normal knife at camping. It is an attractive item with a good texture and a simple design for storage.


It’s my knife dedicated sheath

Custom Your Own Knife 17, Shieldon

  • Size: It’s my knife exclusive size
  • Material: Nume leather


Knife kit that revolutionizes handmade knives

Custom Your Own Knife 18, Shieldon

First of all, it is a knife kit that can be made really easily. For example, it is a perfect material for enjoying a relaxing time after a weekend meal. And the finished knife is practical, which is also great.


Personally, I use a knife to remove the cotton from mountain stream fish and rotate it to cut out woodwork. Please custom and use your knife.



Click to have more Shieldon EDC knives and tools fun.



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