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How to carry and use a knife: The rule of the knife is “really” strict.

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This time, I would like to talk about how to properly operate the wholesaled knives unlike before. It’s kind of annoying when it comes to operation, but the point is to “carry it properly” or “use it safely and comfortably.”


Under Japanese law, you are basically free to buy a knife, but there are strict rules about carrying around. Basic knives are treated the same as guns in Japan, even those who have permission cannot carry guns freely. You need a clear reason to go to the shooting range, go to the gun shop, go hunting, and so on. That’s why it’s a violation to leave it in the car.


And the knife is really the same. There are many people who are not very conscious, so let’s check again.


To put it simply, “Don’t carry it for no purpose” and “When you carry it, don’t take it out immediately”.


The “purpose” here is the “correct purpose” when going back and forth for EDC activities such as “camping” and “fishing”, returning from a shop, and for maintenance such as sharpening. Self-defense or showing to someone is not the right purpose.


In addition, do not carry the knife naked (even in a sheath) in a bag, even for the right purpose. It is a violation to keep it in your pocket or hang it on your waist.


Wrap it in a cloth, put it in a staff bag, put it in a case, put it in a bag, and carry it. The point is that it’s important that you don’t get it right away, and the law wants to crack down on people who are stunning to commit crimes with a knife, so that’s not the case.


If you are unlucky on the way to and from the camp and get police questions, be sure to tell them that you have a knife. If the purpose and the way of carrying are correct, there is no blame.


I was ashamed to ask a job question and a knife came out of my bag. At this time, I was going to a fishing camp until the day before, and the knife I thought I had dropped was inadvertently in my bag. After being interrogated in various ways, I was able to get rid of the criminal pear, but I wasted a lot of time.


The act of possessing a knife for EDC use is a natural act for an EDC man, but once you step into the city, you need to be aware that it is no longer an EDC knife.


Please be careful, everyone (laughs).


I want to be careful about handling in the room

By the way, you need to be careful about how to handle it in the room or at the site. The knife is also a dangerous tool. Mishandling can result in personal injury or injury to others. Let me tell you some points to handle safely.


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Many people have not been able to do this.


Imagine pulling out a sword in a historical drama. First, push up the brim of the sword with the thumb of your left hand holding the scabbard and “cut the custom”. Can you imagine it? The scabbard of the Japanese sword is tensioned so that it cannot be easily removed in order to carry the sword safely. The act of removing this tension to prevent it from coming off with the thumb of the left hand is called “cutting the custom”, and by doing this action, the sword can be safely pulled out.


If you pull out the knife vigorously with the knife under the tension of the sheath, there is a possibility that someone will be cut unintentionally with too much force. In the case of a knife, push out the sheath with the thumb of your right hand holding the handle and gently pull out the knife after the tension is released. If you can do this, you will feel like an expert (laughs), so please practice it for your safety and for your coolness!


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Next is how to hand over the knife. Whether you put it in the scabbard or not, hold it out with the handle side facing the other party. In some cases, it may be safe to place it on the ground or table before receiving it instead of handing it over.


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And for safe use, always use the blade outwards from yourself. Even in that case, even if the knife should come off completely, you need to be careful not to have anyone in front of it. In some cases, pay special attention when working with the blade facing you.


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How to carry it in the field (outdoor field). You have to be in a bag on the way to and from the city. It is normal to pass the sheath through the belt and hang it on the right-hand side. Some people, such as large ones, hang it to the left like a sword and pull it out with their right hand. If the clip is attached with a folding knife, hook the clip from the inside of the pocket.


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If the blade is kept wet and dirty in the sheath, the blade may rust, and in the case of a leather sheath, it may be damaged. At a minimum, wipe the blade with your pants or apron before putting it in.


When you get home, wash and dry it properly, and if you don’t use it for a long time, lightly apply industrial oil to the blade.

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Next time, I would like to explain about “sharpening”, which is the most important (?) In knife maintenance and is something that everyone is not good at or anxious about. It’s easier to give birth than you think. It’s surprisingly easy to try. Stay tuned.


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