A paper knife that can cut not only envelopes but also cardboard and cardboard

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A paper-knife is used to open envelopes. It is difficult to choose many types such as double-edged, single-edged, and serrated blades that can cut the cardboard. Therefore, this time we will introduce how to select paper knives and recommended products in a ranking format. Please refer to it.

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Paper knives are not very sharp, aren’t they? In fact, it protects the contents of the envelope from damage by making it less sharp than scissors and cutters. There are also types of paper knives that can cut cardboard and cardboard.


There are various designs such as cool ones in the shape of a sword, cute ones as accessories, and stylish antique-style ones. Furthermore, the material is not only stainless steel but also wood and fluorine processing, so I am wondering which one to choose.


Therefore, this time we will introduce how to choose a paper-knife and the recommended product ranking. The ranking was created based on the shape, material, and design. If you are unsure about purchasing, please refer to it.


What is a paper-knife (letter opener)?

Paper Knife 03, Shieldon

Paper knives, also known as “letter openers,” are primarily used to open glued envelopes. Generally, it is characterized by having less sharpness than cutters and scissors. Therefore, the risk of damaging the contents of the envelope is reduced.


Therefore, it is recommended to use a paper knife instead of a cutter or scissors for envelopes containing important documents. There are also paper knives that are jagged and can cut cardboard and cardboard.


Is a paper-knife recommended as a gift?

Many paper knives are particular about their shape and decoration, making them ideal as gifts. However, there are some points to be aware of when giving a knife as a gift.


It is safer to avoid giving it as a wedding gift

Paper Knife 04, Shieldon

There is an idea that it is unlucky to give a knife as a gift in some parts of Japan. This is because it has the meaning of “cutting the edges”. Therefore, it is safe to avoid it as a wedding gift. Of course, if the bride and groom want it, please give it as a gift.


The meaning that can be put into a knife is not all bad.


Paper knives are recommended as gifts other than marriage!

Paper Knife 05, Shieldon

Cutlery gifts are not suitable for wedding gifts because they lead to “marriage cutting”. On the other hand, in Shichigosan, cutlery is used for blessings such as guardian swords for boys and kaiken for bride costumes. This is because it contains the wishes of “cutting off disasters” and “opening up the future.”


Therefore, it is recommended as a gift for relatives and acquaintances, a celebration of going on to school/promotion, a celebration of new construction/opening, a celebration of employment, a celebration of moving/starting a new life, a Christmas present, etc.


Difference between paper-knife and paper cutter

Paper Knife 06, Shieldon

If you just ask the names “paper knife” and “paper cutter”, they sound like they are pointing to the same thing. As you can see in the image, the paper cutter cuts a large amount of paper and is completely different from the paper-knife.


If you are looking for a paper cutter, please refer to the 15 recommended selections at the link below.



If you haven’t used a paper knife yet, take this opportunity to find your favorite one. It is very convenient to have one at home, so I would appreciate it if you could refer to this ranking.


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