A must-have item for camping! 10 recommended super-convenient and versatile all-purpose knives

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Introducing a versatile knife that is convenient for the outdoors. Bringing it on an airplane or taking precautions in daily life. Here are some tips to keep in mind before you buy a universal knife. Victorinox and other recommended all-purpose knives are also posted, so please check them out.


Can opener, bottle opener, scissors, screwdriver … All you need is this one!

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A universal knife is a convenient item that combines the minimum necessary tools such as knives, scissors, saws, can openers and bottle openers. It refers to so-called army knives, multi-function knives, and Totoku knives.

Super Convenient And Versatile All Purpose Knives 03, Shieldon

A versatile knife that is convenient not only for EDC activities but also for emergencies. One thing to be careful about is how to handle it. Carrying a knife without a “just cause” is prohibited by law and is a violation of the Minor Crimes Act.


Do not carry it with you unless you have a legitimate purpose, such as camping or EDC activities.


When can I use it? Check the rating of all-purpose knives

It’s easier to use than it looks. It also has a saw and two knives, so it can be used outdoors in a wide variety of fields.


I thought it would be convenient to put it in a carry-out bag and purchased it. It is difficult to pull out each blade, but I think it is safer than pulling out easily. It’s compact, unobtrusive, and comes with a case, so I think it’s a good product to bring with you.


In the sea, in the mountains, in the river, in the fields, in the thickets, for 30 years, not to mention traveling domestically and internationally, I have never let go of it since I met. I’m using it for the third generation now, but none of them broke in the middle and became unusable.


There are various reasons for having a universal knife, such as utilization in EDC scenes and preparation for disaster prevention. With many different tools in one item, it’s convenient to carry and doesn’t take up space. It’s an item that you can bring with you without any loss.


This is for beginners! The classic all-purpose knife “Victorinox”

Super Convenient And Versatile All Purpose Knives 04, Shieldon

The most famous of all-purpose knives is the Swiss “Victorinox”, a knife brand with a history of 130 years.


Speaking of Victorinox classics, the all-purpose knife “Victorinox Traveler PD” that incorporates 14 types of functions. If you get lost, this is it! It is a highly reliable product.


What is the reputation of the Victorinox Universal Knife? Check the reviews!

I have been using it for over 10 years now. For a short time, I cut it with a knife, cut it with scissors, use a toothpick after a meal, use tweezers for hangnail, polish it when I feel it gets caught in my nails, cut my nails a little with scissors, etc. increase.


What surprised me when I got it was the finish of each tool, including the saw. I think it’s a real tool made very carefully. The blade is sharp and has the texture of a real blade.


In addition to comments that evaluate the quality of Victorinox, there are many comments that it is very useful in everyday small situations such as EDC scenes. It seems that it will solve the scene of “If there is that at such a time …”.


Victorinox Traveler PD

The body is small and lightweight at 84g. The red color is chic in a simple design. It is equipped with as many as 14 types of equipment and can be widely used.


  • Equipment: Large blade, small blade, can opener, flat-blade screwdriver (3 mm), bottle opener, wire stripper, flat-blade screwdriver (6 mm), reamer punch, Phillips screwdriver, scissors, multi-hook, tooth pick, tweezers, key ring (14 equipment in total)
  • Size: Length 91mm (longest), Height 17mm (longest)
  • Weight: 84g


Great for EDC activities such as camping! 9 versatile knives for various purposes

Super Convenient And Versatile All Purpose Knives 05, Shieldon

I picked up a versatile knife that is very useful in EDC scenes such as camping. A compact and versatile knife. It is an item that you want to have as an emergency in case of emergency.


VERTEX 20 Functions Tool

Super Convenient And Versatile All Purpose Knives 06, Shieldon

In addition to being reasonably priced, it is equipped with 20 tools. Although it is very compact, it has many functions, so it is also recommended for those who want to wholesale multi-tools from now on.

  • Equipment: Knife, small knife, saw, can opener, scale, net remover, tweezers, Yangko, scissors, large minus driver, small driver, Phillips screwdriver, corkscrew, bottle opener, hook, string and nail cleaning + Nail file, scraping off
  • Size: Width 100mm (longest), length 200mm (longest), thickness 22mm


Victorinox Classic AL

Super Convenient And Versatile All Purpose Knives 07, Shieldon

A simple design with a guilloché-carved aluminum handle. There are 5 types of equipment, but it is a very easy-to-use multi-tool because it is equipped with frequently used functions such as scissors and knives.

  • Equipment: File, flat-blade screwdriver, key ring, blade, scissors
  • Size: Width 18mm, Length 58mm, Thickness 6mm
  • Weight: 16g


LEATHERMAN multi-tool style CS

Super Convenient And Versatile All Purpose Knives 08, Shieldon

A multi-tool with a full range of equipment, mainly scissors. The scissors have springs so they are very easy to use. The bottle opener also doubles as a carabiner.

  • Equipment: Scissors, knife, nail file, Phillips screwdriver, tweezers, bottle opener, lanyard ring
  • Size: Length 117mm (longest)
  • Weight: 41.1g


GERBER Bear Grylls Ultimate Multi Tool

Super Convenient And Versatile All Purpose Knives 09, Shieldon

A multi-tool with a mechanic atmosphere created by a long-established American knife maker. The pliers have springs so they are easy to use.

  • Equipment: Pliers, wire cutter, straight blade / wave blade knife, saw, bottle opener, scissors, Phillips screwdriver, slotted screwdriver (large / small), lanyard ring, can opener
  • Size: Length 152mm (longest)
  • Weight: 370g


BOKER swiss army knife

Super Convenient And Versatile All Purpose Knives 10, Shieldon

German knife maker, Voker’s multi-tool. The wood grain grip design is fashionable. Equipped with 8 types of equipment such as a flat-blade screwdriver, a can opener, and a knife.

  • Equipment: Knife (drop clip), can opener, cap opener, leather punch, bottle opener, reamer, flat-blade screwdriver
  • Size: 92mm (when closed)
  • Weight: 125g


LEATHERMAN multi-tool sidekick

Super Convenient And Versatile All Purpose Knives 11, Shieldon

Stainless steel multi-tool with a simple design. It is also equipped with spring-loaded pliers, a wire cutter, and a long-sized saw, so it can be widely used in EDC scenes.

  • Equipment: Spring-type small pliers, spring-type standard pliers, spring-type wire cutter, saw, Phillips screwdriver, large screwdriver, medium-sized screwdriver, ruler, can opener, stopper, wave blade knife, knife, hexagonal driver, carabiner tool, wire coating Peel off
  • Size: Length 970mm (when closed)
  • Weight: 198g


Sheffield Swiss Army Knife British Scrap

Super Convenient And Versatile All Purpose Knives 12, Shieldon

A multi-tool that combines the equipment of a blade, a can opener, and a flat-blade screwdriver. It’s made of stainless steel so it doesn’t rust easily. It’s compact so it’s easy to carry.

  • Equipment: Earl of Wharn cliff blade, can opener, flat-blade screwdriver
  • Size: Approximately 147mm (longest)
  • Weight: Approximately 84g


Sheffield Swiss Army Knife Genuine British

Super Convenient And Versatile All Purpose Knives 13, Shieldon

Multi-tool with 4 types of equipment including marine spikes. High carbon stainless steel is used as the material, and it is characterized by high durability and excellent hardness. Comes with a strap.

  • Equipment: Warn Cliff Blade, Can Opener, Flat-blade Screwdriver, Marine Spike
  • Size: Length 225mm (longest)
  • Weight: Approximately 140g


LOGOS Multitool 14

Super Convenient And Versatile All Purpose Knives 14, Shieldon

Equipped with 14 types of equipment, it is a multi-tool that is ideal for camping and fishing. It also has functions that make women happy, such as nail cleaners and peeling. Reasonable price is also attractive

  • Equipment: Knife, scissors, hook remover, can cut, sewing needle, file, sawtooth, bottle opener, nail cleaner, candy skin remover, corkscrew, Phillips screwdriver, flat-blade screwdriver
  • Size: Width 25mm, Length 90mm, Thickness 20mm
  • Weight: 120g


Is it OK to bring a universal knife? Precautions when taking to an airplane

One item is a useful multi-tool, but one thing to keep in mind is when you fly. It is forbidden to carry dangerous goods such as knives on board as baggage. It’s a good idea to keep it in your checked baggage, not in your baggage, when you fly.


If you are prepared, you will not be ill! Let’s master the all-purpose knife!


A versatile knife equipped with functions that make you feel “good to have” not only in EDC scenes such as camping, but also in small everyday situations. The transform feeling that various equipment comes out from the compact body is also cool! You need to be careful about how to handle it, but it is a good item to have one in case of emergency.



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