A few key points about choosing an electric knife

Electrician knives will often be used for a long time. Especially when purchasing for the first time, it is important to carefully consider and select.


Choose by shape

The shape of the electric knife is folding and sheathed. Please understand each feature and use it as a reference when choosing.

“Folding type” is recommended if portability is important

Electric Knife 01, Shieldon

The foldable type is compact to carry, so it is popular because it is easy to handle even if the work space is small. However, it may open and cut your hand, resulting in injury, or it may be folded tightly and take a long time to remove.

It’s recommended for those who value portability, but it’s a good idea to keep that in mind.


“Sheathed type” is recommended for work efficiency and robustness

Electric Knife 02, Shieldon

In recent years, the sheathed type electric knife has become popular. It is not difficult to take out and is supported by those who want to work quickly. Since it is integrated with the handle, it is relatively hard to break even if it is hard, and it is made sturdy.


The sheathed type is especially recommended for those who place importance on work efficiency and robustness.


Choose by blade material

Electrician knives are made of various materials. Make sure you understand the characteristics of each material and choose it.


“Stainless steel” is recommended for rust resistance and ease of maintenance

Electric Knife 03, Shieldon

Metal is easy to rust, so maintenance such as wiping it off is essential after use. If it is made of stainless steel, it will not rust easily, so you can use it easily with almost no maintenance required. The same is true for electric knives, which is recommended if you don’t use them often.


One problem is that if the sharpness becomes dull, you can sharpen it, but it is hard and requires skill. In particular, electric knives need to be moderately sharp, which requires a high level of skill.


Even though maintenance is easy, be aware that if you apply it with water, it will rust if you do not wipe it off.


If you use it for a long time, we recommend “steel” which is easy to sharpen.

Electric Knife 04, Shieldon

Steel is made by mixing iron with carbon in a certain proportion. It rusts more easily than stainless steel, but it can be sharpened relatively easily, so it can be used for a long time while being maintained. This is recommended if you will be using an electric knife for many years as an electrician.


“Plastic” is recommended for lightness

Electric Knife 05, Shieldon

Plastic is characterized by being resistant to rust and light. Easy to clean and handle, plastic products are also recommended for beginners. Plastic blades are not sharp, but they are said to require little maintenance and can be used continuously.


If you wipe it when it gets wet, you can wipe the blade once in a while. The sharpness is unlikely to feel bad unless you use it incorrectly.


Choose by grip material

The material of the grip affects ease of use. Please know the characteristics of each material and use it as a reference when choosing.


“Wooden” is recommended if it fits comfortably in your hand

Electric Knife 06, Shieldon

The wooden grip is easy to fit in your hand. The more you use it, the more it will fit in your hand. If the edge of the grip hurts your hand at the time of purchase, you can file it in advance to remove the corners.


Also, depending on the site, oil may be attached, but if it is made of wood, it will absorb the oil, so it can be said that it is relatively easy to use.


“Rubber processing” is recommended for non-slip items

Electric Knife 07, Shieldon

The rubber processing type is recommended for those who want to work accurately because it is relatively non-slip even when sweating. If it is a natural wood, the feature of wood is that it absorbs the oil from your hands and is familiar to the sucker. It also looks stylish.


“Plastic” is recommended if it is lightweight and does not burden you

Electric Knife 08, Shieldon

The grip made of plastic material is very light. Because it is light, it is recommended when you want to work easily with less strain on your hands and arms. However, be aware that plastic can crack if hit.


One of the merits is that you can continue to use it for a long time if you handle it carefully so as not to hit it.


If you want to work smoothly, we recommend a weight of about 100g.

Electric Knife 09, Shieldon

The weight of electric knives varies from product to product. It is widely sold from light weight of 100g to heavier one depending on the material. For actual work, we recommend products that are as light as possible.


The lighter it is, the less strain it puts on your hands and arms, and you can easily work for a long time. Finding and choosing a product that weighs 100-200g will make your job easier.


“Moderate sharpness” is recommended to avoid damaging the core wire

Electric Knife 10, Shieldon

Electrician knives are required to have a sharpness that is different from other knives. Especially when dealing with cables

Moderate dullness is required to prevent damage to the “core wire”. You can’t tell the sharpness just by looking at the product, so it is recommended to refer to the reviews and reviews.


“Blade length and overall length” is recommended to be 10 cm or 2 cm to speed up work

Electric Knife 11, Shieldon

Generally, there are two ways to choose the size, long or short. But for electric knives,

In order to increase the work speed, you can also choose one with a total length or blade length such as 10 cm or 2 cm.


The coating is stripped from the tip of the wire by 10 cm or 2 cm, but if the blade length and overall length match the size, you can find out by hitting an electric knife without taking out a tape measure. If you want to speed up your work, you can choose an electric knife whose overall length and blade length are often used.


That’s all you need to decide when choosing an electrician’s knife.

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