9 selections by multi-tool function! A classic introduction to the outdoor army, Totoku, and all-purpose knives!

Outdoor Multi-tools, also known as Swiss Army knives, Totoku knives, and universal knives, are very useful for solving problems during camping and mountain climbing. Here are 9 useful and unique items that are very useful and unique to each function! Let’s prepare the hottest popular items and enjoy the outdoors!

What is a multi-tool in the outdoor scene?

Outdoor Multi Tools 01, Shieldon

In the outdoors, full-featured and compact items are encouraging. Outdoor multi-tools that can be used for various purposes are also called Swiss Army knives, Totoku knives, and universal knives. In addition, when climbing a mountain, “lightening” and “enhancement of functions” are important, and items that are compact and have abundant functions are indispensable.


Recommended for the outdoors! 9 useful multi-tools

Introducing recommended items that meet the demands of all outdoor scenes, such as Victorinox, which is world-famous for multi-tools, LEATHERMAN, which has a reputation for high quality and durability, and multi-tools with kara tori. To do.


Victorinox Mini Champ AL

It is a compact all-rounder equipped with 14 functions in a small body and solves even small daily problems.

Outdoor Multi Tools 02, Shieldon

There are too many types of Victorinox, so I was a little lost, but I decided to use a metal handle. To be honest, there are some functions that I don’t use, but the deciding factor was that they didn’t have scissors, a Phillips screwdriver, and a wine opener.


Victorinox Huntsman

Equipped with frequently used tools, it is a popular model with a size that is easy to grip and use. It is also a particularly popular model for outdoor activities and disaster prevention.

Outdoor Multi Tools 03, Shieldon

As expected, it is a Victorinox product. Even if you think about sharpness and usability, it’s outstanding.


Gerber Shortcut Mini Tool

Multi-tool Used as an officially adopted product by the military and police around the world, it is a reliable brand with a reputation for quality and durability. It is a tool that can be used in daily life.

“When folded, it’s about 6 x 3cm, so it doesn’t get in the way when attached to a car key. It’s a little stiff, but as I used it, it got better.”

Outdoor Multi Tools 04, Shieldon

Leatherman Micra

Five colors to choose from and designed to be easy to use not only for men but also for women. Equipped with parts for ideal personal care such as tweezers and nail files, 6 types of parts such as a flat-blade screwdriver and a knife are stored compactly.

Outdoor Multi Tools 05, Shieldon

I think this site is the best in terms of functionality and ruggedness.


Leatherman Squirt PS4

Mainly miniature size pliers, in addition to being small but reliable, scissors are installed inside the handle. It can also be attached to key chains and backpacks.

Outdoor Multi Tools 06, Shieldon

Essentials Always in your jeans pocket. I can’t let go. It’s just the right size.


Victorinox Cadet AL

It is a model equipped with the minimum functions required outdoors. A lightweight yet wear-resistant item with high durability. It can be used for a long time.

Outdoor Multi Tools 07, Shieldon

“It’s not too small to use, it’s practical, it’s thin and light, so I always put it in my bag, but I forgot to transfer it to the Checked baggage and had to abandon it at the baggage inspection area at the airport, so it was my second purchase. ..”

“Plastic handles are cheap and easily scratched, so I can’t attach them to them, and I prefer aluminum handles that look beautiful and are durable.”

“I owned the item that I abandoned at the airport for 5 to 6 years, but I was satisfied with the product, which was carefully made and finished, so I decided to buy the same item.”

“However, aluminum has high thermal conductivity, so it is unexpectedly “cold” for outdoor use in winter.”


Victorinox Tomo

A conceptual collection is drawn by Victorinox and Japanese designers. It has few functions, but it is characterized by graphics with the theme of nature, human beings, and creativity.

Outdoor Multi Tools 08, Shieldon

“At first glance, it looks like USB and is so cute that you can’t think of it as a multi-tool! It’s small and light enough that you don’t feel the weight, but the sharpness of the blade is good and it is highly practical.”



Northman Titanium Camping5 virtue tools with titanium spoon and fork

It is a multi-tool that is easy to use, such as materials and textures. Titanium used as a material is 46% lighter than iron, and it does not rust and is resistant to corrosion, so it can be used for a long time. It is also equipped with a spoon and fork, making it an item that further expands the scene of activity.

Outdoor Multi Tools 09, Shieldon

“I used to use a similar product made of stainless steel, but I was attracted to the sound of titanium and bought it. The knife can be cut, and above all, it should not rust. I’m satisfied.”



Adventure Club 7 Toku Spoon & Knife with Fork With Case

It is an item with a good balance between price and function. In addition to spoons and forks, it also has a can opener, bottle opener, and corkscrew. It’s a very well-balanced item in this price range.

Outdoor Multi Tools 10, Shieldon

It is very useful when you have a small meal or eat the fruit in the car. I felt that it was a good purchase for the price.


Active in various situations! Get ready with multi-tools!

Outdoor Multi Tools 11, Shieldon

Have you ever wished you had a time like this? In such a case, the multi-tool is a reassuring item that can be used in various ways. If you’re in an outdoor scene where you don’t know what’s going to happen, be prepared! !!


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