6 popular recommended rankings for the hip hatchet

Igarashi Knife Industry Mascot hatchet

The blade width is as large as 33 mm.

It is a popular outdoor gear with a large blade width and easy to use. It also has a solid sheath, so it can be used safely and securely. The blade length is a little short, about 110 mm, so it is easy to turn around and take it out easily. However, it can be said that it is not suitable for chopping.

The Hip Hatchet 01, Shieldon

Overall length: 245mm

Blade length: 110mm

Weight: 250g

Type: Waist hatchet

Blade type: –

Blade material: Carbon steel

“I often go camping, but I often bring something that doubles as a slightly smaller countertop instead of the usual bonfire, so I used to chop the small branches I chose for that kind of bonfire. It’s perfect.”


Flower sickness Hatchet

There is a bump on the handle.

It has a bump on the back of the handle, so it has a good grip and can be used safely, making it a popular product. In addition, it is convenient to carry because it has a sturdy sheath. It can be safely stored. A hatchet that emphasizes sharpness and ease of use.

The Hip Hatchet 02, Shieldon

Overall length: –

blade length: 180mm

Weight: 685g

Type: Waist hatchet

Blade type Double-edged

Blade material: Blue steel

“It cuts well and is easy to use. I was able to cut the branches easily.”


Asano Woodworks Hatchet with sheath

Very simple hatchet.

It is a very simple hatchet with steel. It also comes with a sturdy scabbard, making it convenient to carry. With a total length of 360 mm and a blade length of 180 mm, it is a convenient size, making it useful in all situations. An entry-class hatchet that is easy to use even for beginners.

The Hip Hatchet 03, Shieldon

Overall length: 360mm

Blade length: 180mm

Weight: 735g

Type: Waist hatchet

Blade type: –

Blade material: –

“It is incomparable to the cheap ones I had before. It cuts well.”



Good balance between price and quality.

It is a double-edged product with a modern design in black and yellow. The size is neither too big nor too small, and it fits perfectly in your hand. This quality is hard to come by at a reasonable price that anyone can easily reach. It is useful when making bamboo splits and bamboo work.

The Hip Hatchet 04, Shieldon

Overall length: –

Blade length: 180mm

Weight: 428g

Type: Waist hatchet

Blade type: Double-edged

Blade material: Steel

“We purchase to cut bamboo of mountain. I used to use a large knife, but I changed to this hatchet. It cuts well. It’s heavy, but the weight is so powerful that you can cut bamboo. The grip is made of resin + rubber so it is not slippery.”


Nagaunsai Wooden pattern bamboo hatchet

Bamboo split Nata considering safety.

“Wooden bamboo hatchet” with a stylish design. As the attached scabbard says “Bamboo split Nata”, it is a product suitable for bamboo splitting and debranching. The thickness increases toward the tip of the handle, making it easy to fit in your hand and suitable for outdoor and leisure use.

The Hip Hatchet 05, Shieldon

Overall length: –

Blade length: 165mm

Weight: –

Type: Waist hatchet

Blade type: Single-edged

Blade material: –

“It’s good, it’s good that things, prices, and portability are light and small.”


Tomita cutlery Jinsaku Bamboo Nata

Competent strap on the grip.

A hatchet with a small turning radius that is convenient for splitting bamboo and pruning. Since it is a sharp knife, there is anxiety that using a hatchet will inevitably hurt you and your surroundings. But if you use this product, it’s okay.

The Hip Hatchet 06, Shieldon

A strap is attached to the grip so that the arm will not fly even if it comes off while swinging the hatchet. The scabbard with a refreshing color is also cute and conspicuous, so you don’t have to worry about losing sight of it no matter where you use it.


Overall length: 315mm

Blade length: –

Weight: 327g

Type: Waist hatchet

Blade type-Blade

Material Stainless: steel

“The goods arrived, which was what I expected. I am satisfied.”


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