5 Victorinox Popular Recommended Rankings

VICTORINOX Huntsman Camouflage 1.3713.94

5 Victorinox Popular Recommended 01, Shieldon

The camouflage color is wild.

Victorinox camouflage design that the Swiss Army also loves. This multi-tool is recommended for those who want to use the Swiss Army knife wildly. It has 15 frequently used functions such as knives, scissors, punches, cans, and tweezers.


The camouflage pattern of the royal road “Huntsman” model is recommended for those who want to make a difference.


Color: camouflage

Number of tools: 15

Size: 3x3x13cm

Weight: 0.1kg

“I think that the design and mobility are good and the cost performance is excellent. 16 tools of this size! There was black, which was about 500 yen cheaper, but I bought a camouflage. It seems to be useful in the outdoor field from now on.”


VICTORINOX Huntsman Doctor Helicopter JDH-1.3713.7


5 Victorinox Popular Recommended 02, Shieldon

Doctor helicopter support model.

It is a support model in which 100 yen is donated to the emergency medical system by a doctor helicopter for each purchase. The tools needed for disasters and emergencies are equipped like a small toolbox. It is a limited model with the doctor helicopter logo that can also provide medical support.


Color: Silver

Number of tools: 16

Size: 9.1cm x 2.7cm x 2cm

Weight: 95g

“I bought it because I saw the support campaign of the doctor helicopter and wanted to support it directly.

I have a standard one, but I think I can boast that I have one.”


VICTORINOX Camper pocket tool

5 Victorinox Popular Recommended 03, Shieldon

Silver color is cool.

Among the many red colors, the silver color is a cool “camper” model. This model is equipped with a saw and can be used to cut twigs and thick ropes. This product is recommended for those who want to have a camper model with a unique design.


Color: Silver

Number of tools: 15

Size: 3x3x13cm

Weight: 0.1kg

“Lightweight, compact, minimal equipment with no unnecessary items, very easy to use.”


VICTORINOX Huntsman 1.3713

5 Victorinox Popular Recommended 04, Shieldon

Long-selling disaster prevention supplies.

It is useful in a wide range of scenes, from outdoor scenes such as the sea and mountains to work in the office. It is a long-selling disaster prevention product, and you want to keep it in your emergency bag. The red color is the royal road color of Victorinox.


Color: Red

Number of tools: 15

Size: 9.1×2.6×2.1cm

Weight: 95.25 g

“I brought it when I went abroad for a year.”

“Since the knife is big, this was enough for a year without buying a knife.”


VICTORINOX Soldier knife 0.8461.MUCH

5 Victorinox Popular Recommended 05, Shieldon

Favorite by Swiss soldiers.

This model is equipped with a large blade, saw, and driver. It is also recommended for those who hunt in outdoor situations. The “Soldier Knife” is a model used by Swiss soldiers.


It is not slippery and has excellent impact resistance. It is useful in various situations such as cutting wires and opening cans.


Colo:r green

Number of tools: 10

Size: 11.1×3.4×1.8 cm

Weight: 149.69 g

“Most troubles can be overcome with this one.”

“Especially frequently used is a large blade with a thumb hole and a jagged saw blade, which is useful for cutting hard-to-cut items.”



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