5 Popular Recommended Outdoor Knives Ranking

How can we get an outdoor knife for outdoor activities? Now I recommend 5 excellent outdoor knives for you.

BOKER Magnum Trail Sheath Knife

Utdoor Knives Ranking 01, Shieldon

Wide usability with flat grind blade shape.

This sheath knife is a product of BOKER, which boasts a history of 200 years in Germany. A standard flat grind blade that can be used widely in outdoor situations, especially for cutting ingredients in camping.


The material of the blade is stainless steel, and the material of the handle is My Carta. There is a strap on the butt of the handle, so you can hang it on your rucksack and carry it with you.


Type: Sheath knife

Blade material: 440A Stainless

Grip material: My Carta

Blade length: 8.2cm

Weight: –

Size: 20 cm

“First of all, the design was good. I didn’t see many knives using mosaic pins, so I decided.”

“Next, because it is a My Carta handle, I sharpened it to make it fit my hand.”


SCHRADE Outdoor knife SCHF36

Utdoor Knives Ranking 02, Shieldon

Outstanding performance even in tough and hard situations.

SCHRADE’s outdoor knife SCHF36 is an outdoor knife that uses a hard carbon blade. In addition, it has a robust full tongue structure, so it is recommended for people who want to use it hard in the outdoor scene.


The handle part has irregularities that fit your hand, making it less slippery. The black body is cool and will surely make you feel like survival.


Type: Sheath Knife

Blade Material: 1095 High Carbon Steel

Grip material: –

Blade length: 11 cm

Weight: 380g

Size: 26cm

“We purchased for camping and barbecue. It’s a lot heavier than I expected, but it’s good for batoning and pruning. Since it is a hollow grind, the cutting edge is thin and the bite angle is shallow, and it is easy to make feathers even though it is large.”


MOSSY OAK Sheath knife

Utdoor Knives Ranking 03, Shieldon

Reasonable and ideal for introductory editions.

This is an affordable and simple sheath knife. The blade is made of high-quality mirror-treated stainless steel and has good sharpness. The handle is made of natural oud and has a full tongue structure, so it is easy to grip and fits well in the hand.


The attached case is made of leather and has a good design, which will make the outdoors look fashionable. It is one that can be used for a wide range of purposes such as cooking and DIY.


Type: Sheath Knife

Blade Material: 3CR13 Stainless Steel

Grip material: Natural oud material

Blade length: 10.5cm

Weight: 240g

Size: 22.5cm

“I think it’s good for this price!”

“The leather sheath, brass, and wood grips were the deciding factors for the purchase.”

“The size seems to be just right for batoning.”


OPINEL Stainless steel # 9 41439

Utdoor Knives Ranking 04, Shieldon

Folding knife with a simple design and easy to hold.

A popular standard product with a simple design that has not changed since its establishment. Stainless steel, which is also used for household knives, does not rust easily, and the warm wooden handle makes it homely and familiar to women.


The blade is made of stainless steel that does not rust, so it is especially recommended for fishing girls. It can be removed from the handle, and the ease of sharpening is also a point.


Type: Sheath knife

Blade material: Stainless steel

Grip material: Beech

Blade length: 9 cm

Weight: 1g

Size: 21cm

“I bought it for solo camp for the first time because it looks good and the price is cheap.”

“The sharpness is good and I like the grip. I think he will play an active role in future camps. For the time being, I’m watching it every day.”


Wilkin Outdoor knife folding knife

Utdoor Knives Ranking 05, Shieldon

Versatile folding knife with excellent cost performance.

Achieves high altitude by high temperature and black dyeing process. The black coating prevents rust and has excellent corrosion resistance. With its polished sharpness, it can be used not only for cooking, but also for various purposes such as ropes, tree branches, and canning.


A gem that is ideal for outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, fishing, and camping. In addition, it is thin and foldable for easy storage, so it is convenient for disaster prevention in case of emergency. Above all, it is attractive that the cost performance is good.


Type: Folding Knife

Blade Material: 3Cr13 Stainless

Grip material: Aluminum handle

Blade length: 8.8cm

Weight: 140g

Size: Overall length: Approximately 20cm Closed length: Approximately 11.5cm

“Even beginners want to make feather sticks, cook fish and cut meat.”

“A folding knife that is perfect for such beginner campers.”


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