5 new outdoor knives indispensable for camping

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Knives are indispensable for outdoor activities such as camping. Of course, there are many scenes where you need to use it for cooking, such as removing branches and cutting ropes.


However, even if you say “outdoor knife” in a bite, there are various specifications. A large, full-tongue knife (integrated blade and handle) can be used to crack firewood, but it is a little inconvenient to carry. However, if it is small, it cannot withstand hard use.


It’s true that the big one is also the small one, but if you don’t need such a big one considering your camping style, a small knife with a small turn is more convenient.


Here are five new outdoor knives, from large to small. If you use the knife carefully, it will last a lifetime. Try to find the one that suits your style.


5 new outdoor knives indispensable for camping


1. Bushcrafter coveted orthodox school

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Bushcraft has become popular in recent years. A knife is the most important item for a style that makes the most of what is in nature. “A & F Bushcraft Knife” was made for such bushcraft. The knife produced by Mr. Koji Hara, one of Japan’s leading custom knife makers, has a large blade length of 15 cm and a total length of 27 cm, and can handle anything from cooking to making fire. The sheath made of genuine cowhide is also made by leather craftsman Eiji Nakamura, and is perfect for genuine people.


2. Opinel with screwdriver bit

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Opinel, a popular French brand in the camping scene. The new “Tool Knife DIY # 9” released by a long-established folding knife with a history of more than 130 years is a tool system with a bit on the side of the handle. The bit is designed to be attached to the opposite side of the handle blade. Of course, the knife part has a mechanism that locks by turning the root, which is typical of Opinel. The size that fits in the palm of your hand makes it easy to use even in camping and easy to carry. There are two types of bits, a Phillips screwdriver and a flat-blade screwdriver, so they are useful in case of emergency, such as repairing gears or tightening loose screws.


3. Unique shape stimulates desire

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Camping knives are also available from YOKA, which is popular for its excellent functionality and design. The all-stainless steel “YOKA CAMPING KNIFE” with integrated handle and cutting edge is a “cleaver knife” with a meat-cutting knife as a motif. Although it has a unique shape, it is easy to handle because it is small with a total length of 20 cm and a blade length of 10 cm and weighs 140 g. It is one that can handle everything from cooking to making feather sticks.


4. Victorinox Authentic Full Tongue Knife

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Victorinox, which is famous for its multi-tool “Swiss Army knife”, has also introduced a full-scale outdoor knife. The “Outdoor Master”, which is available in two sizes, has a full tongue structure that integrates the handle and the cutting edge, and the L size with a total length of 22 cm and a blade length of 10 cm can handle batoning. The Kydex sheath comes with a fire starter, which is also recommended for bush crafters.


5. An outdoor kitchen knife that will make you feel good

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The fun of camping is eating. The food you eat outdoors mysteriously doubles the deliciousness. Cutting tools such as kitchen knives are indispensable for cooking, but you want to prepare something special for you, not the one you use at home. “Blacksmith Takumi” is a kitchen knife made for such camping rice, and it is made of high-grade steel that is small but has excellent sharpness and is resistant to rust. We are working in Sakai, Osaka, a world-famous production center for cutlery. Because it’s extraordinary, it’s an ant to try different tools.


Of course, you need a kitchen knife and knife to cook even outdoors such as camping. However, it is inconvenient to carry it if it is big, and I would like to use something with a special feeling that will make the atmosphere of the camp lively.


For those who are particular about such tools, check out the outdoor kitchen knife “Blacksmith Takumi” ($151-as of October 5). The sharpness lasts, and even though it is small, you can cut fish with bones and slice thick steak meat and tomatoes smoothly.


A small outdoor knife with a beautiful Damascus pattern created by Sakai, a town of cutlery.


A “blacksmith” made in Sakai, a town of cutlery with a history of more than 600 years since the Tokugawa Shogunate. The quality of Sakai knives is recognized as professional cooks from all over the world come to buy them.


And the secret of the pleasant sharpness lies in the material of the blade. The high-grade steel material V gold No. 10 that is particularly resistant to rust among stainless steel is used.


While the hardness of a general stainless steel knife is about HRC57, V gold No. 10 contains a lot of carbon, so the hardness is HRC61. It has high wear resistance and can be expected to have long-lasting sharpness.


In addition, “interruption finish” is adopted in which V gold No. 10 is sandwiched between soft parts. As a result, it also has the property of being hard to bend and break like a Japanese sword.


In addition, the two blades have a Damascus pattern, which does not have the same pattern, and a rugged, uneven mallet pattern, which makes the high-quality feel even more distinctive.


The size is compact with a total length of 19 cm and a weight of 74 grams, and a special wooden case that protects the 8.5 cm blade is attached. The handle is designed to take advantage of the curved line that fits in the hand, and it has excellent durability and water resistance, such as using mahogany that is resistant to getting wet.


It’s an outdoor kitchen knife that seems to liven up camping food.


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