3 popular recommended outdoor sword hatchets

The traditional outdoor survival must be firewood cutting and fire-making. At this time, if you have a suitable outdoor firewood chopping tool, you will get half the result with twice the effort. Here, we recommend three styles of outdoor sword hatchets. In Shieldon, you can customize various styles of outdoor tools.


Senkichi Leisure hatchet sword type SGKN-3

Outdoor Sword Hatchets 01, Shieldon

Easy to use and recommended for beginners.

Chikichi brand sword hatchet known for outdoor and gardening cutlery. It’s a reasonable price, but it’s sharp and easy to use, so it’s recommended for beginners. It is a blade with steel that is made by joining soft base iron and hard blade steel, and it has the advantage of being easy to sharpen.


Size: Blade length: 145mm, Overall length: 325mm

Weight: 320g

Blade type: Double-edged

Material Blade: Blade steel, Handle: Wood

For details, please refer to OEM Fixed Butcher Knife 3Cr13 Blade Wood Handle HH-5992


Toyokuni Forging Factory Tosa outdoor sword hatchet tautodoa-001

Outdoor Sword Hatchets 02, Shieldon

Active outdoors with outstanding sharpness.

With outstanding sharpness, it is a sword hatchet that is active in various outdoor scenes such as cutting ropes and picking edible wild plants. With a brass brim, it prevents your hands from slipping and touching the blade, so it is also recommended for beginners.

Size: Blade length: 120mm, Overall length: 265mm

Weight: 230g

Blade type: Double-edged

Material Blade: Aogami No. 2, Handle: Oak


For details, please refer to OEM Fixed Butcher Knife 3Cr13 Blade Wood Handle HH-5375


Toyokuni Forging Factory Hatchet dime-002

Outdoor Sword Hatchets 03, Shieldon

Highly durable and convenient to carry.

A sword hatchet with a blade length of 120 mm is easy to handle. Blue paper steel is used for the core material, and Damascus steel, which does not easily rust, is used for the blade. Because it is a manufacturing method in which multiple layers of Damascus steel are layered on the core, it is characterized by its unique beautiful pattern and high durability.

Size: Blade length: 120mm, Overall length: 260mm

Weight: 285g

Blade type: Double-edged

Material Blade: Damascus 15 layers Blue 2, Handle: Oak

For details, please refer to OEM Fixed Butcher Knife 3Cr13 Blade Wood Handle HH-7203


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