13 Recommended Outdoor Axes Popularity ranking

13 Recommended Outdoor Axes

Popular Husqvarna and other manufacturers, even cheap ones that can be used at camping

From here, I will show you how to choose an outdoor ax. There are also recommended products selected by mountain photographer Yusuke Arai, so please check them out.


Husqvarna “Hatchet 38cm (576926401)”

Outdoor Axes 01, Shieldon

Size Overall length: 38 cm

Weight: 600g


“Charlatan Hatchet made by a chainsaw maker.”

“A highly convenient ax with a thick blade that uses hickory material for the handle. This product, which is reasonably priced and popular with wood-burning stove users, features an easy-to-use and well-balanced design unique to forestry manufacturers.”

“It responds flexibly from powerful usage using weight to detailed work. A leather sheath with a belt loop is attached, and it is also a point that it is excellent in portability. This is a gem recommended for those who are looking for a full-fledged ax.”


Adventure Club (BOHKEN CLUB) “Natatonoko Small NS-180”

Outdoor Axes 02, Shieldon


Size Overall length: Approximately 225mm, Saw: Approximately 340mm

Weight about: 600g


Easy to use even for beginners with a set of 2.

As it is a set of two axes with different blade shapes, it is perfect as a starter set for beginners. Each one is light and easy to handle, so it is also recommended for women.


It also comes with a case to cover the blade, so even those who are worried about carrying or storing it can use it with confidence. If you are unsure about what to buy for the first time, please consider it.


UNIFLAME “TSURUBAMI Tsubame Sanjo no Ax”

Outdoor Axes 03, Shieldon

Size Overall length: Approximately 275mm Blade length: Approximately 115mm Blade thickness: Approximately 5mm

Weight: about 450g


A convenient ax that can be used in two ways with one.

It is a convenient ax that can be used not only to cut firewood like a normal ax but also to fold it using the principle of leverage by inserting thin firewood or branches in the holes on the back. With one ax, you can use it in two ways, so it is very convenient and will come in handy in every scene.


In addition, the handle has a grip so it is not slippery and is an easy-to-use item. It also comes with a case that covers the blade, so you can use it with confidence.


Hultafors “All Round”

Outdoor Axes 04, Shieldon

Size: 44 cm

Weight: 1010g


You can use it with confidence because of its long-established stable quality.

Hartaforce is a toolmaker founded in 1883 and is the most famous manufacturer in Sweden. Since it is a long-established manufacturer that is supported worldwide, it should be reliable and can be used with confidence.


The mounting part of the head and handle is made by our unique processing technology so that it will not come loose. Therefore, it is an item that is easy to use and can be used habitually for a long time.


Barebones “Japanese Nataax”

Outdoor Axes 05, Shieldon

Size: about 49 cm x about 2 cm x about 5 cm

Weight: about 1.02kg


A hatchet inspired by Japanese tools.

It has a characteristic appearance like a Japanese sword and is made based on Japanese tools. With a vintage and Japanese design, it is recommended for those who want to be particular about their appearance. It has high functionality and durability, and if you have one outdoors, it will surely be a big success.


However, since it is a slightly heavy product, it may be difficult for women and beginners to handle it.


COLD STEEL “Trench Hawk Ax Ax”

Outdoor Axes 06, Shieldon


Size Overall length: Approximately 485mm Width: Approximately 220mm Blade length: Approximately 95mm

Weight: about 935g


Functionality while the stylish design ◎

The whole is based on black and features a stylish and contemporary design. I think many people like the look because of the high design that makes them feel fashionable.


Of course, it is made of highly functional and durable material. It is suitable for chopping wood and logging and is an indispensable product for enjoying full-scale outdoor activities.


Morakniv “Camping Ax”

Outdoor Axes 07, Shieldon

Size Overall length: 32.2 cm

Weight 510g


“Easy-to-use camping ax.”

“The handle is made of plastic, and the blade is made of boron steel, which has both abrasion resistance and impact resistance, which is used for chisel, etc., making it a heavier-duty ax than it looks. It’s the perfect item to learn to break, cut, and sharpen things without hitting an ax.”

“It can be used from camping to bushcraft, and it is a reasonable ax made to satisfy not only beginners but also experienced ax users.”


Gransfors Brukus “Wild Life (415)”

Outdoor Axes 08, Shieldon

Size Overall length: 34 cm

Weight: 600g


“Bushcrafter purveyor ax.”

“A lightweight outdoor gear and sharp item that can be used for a variety of purposes, from camping to wood stoves. A well-balanced hatchet that the world-famous Ax brand is proud of. The company’s ax-specific sharpener (grinding stone) is also on sale, so you can use it comfortably for a long time.”

“The handle is thinner than the same size of other companies, and it may feel a little thin for those with large hands. It does not get tired even when used for a long time and is ideal for bushcraft. It is a popular hatchet (hatchet) that is supported by many outdoor men.”


Hultafors “Hatchet (840025)”

Outdoor Axes 09, Shieldon

Size Overall length: 38 cm

Weight: 900g


“Rugged and heavy-duty hatchet.”

“Ax manufactured by a Swedish tool maker with AGDOR, a global ax brand. It has a fairly heavy head in the hatchet, so it is sure to be useful for chopping wood and pruning in the field with its overwhelming power.”

“It may be awkward as the first hatchet, but it is recommended for work that requires power.”


Gransfors Brukus “Hunter (418)”

Outdoor Axes 10, Shieldon

Size Overall length: 47cm

Weight: 900g


“Hunting model field ax!”

“A slightly special ax made for hunting. A two-handed ax with a thin blade that can handle everything from dismantling prey to debranching and chopping wood for bibark (emergency camp).”

“One of the attractions is that the total length is 473 mm and it can be handled with one hand. With a size that does not get in the way even when attached to a backpack, it is a gem recommended for auto camping.”


Helko “Heritage Hand Ax (HR-7)”

Outdoor Axes 11, Shieldon

Size Overall length: 36 cm

Weight: 600g


“Ax with a history of 160 years.”

“An ax that has cleared the German industrial standard, which is said to be the strictest in the world. The handle made of the hickory core creates tough stickiness and durability, and the blade is manufactured using the technology of Solingen (a long-established German knife maker) and boasts a very sharp sharpness.”

“Supported by wood-burning stove enthusiasts, this hatchet will be a great addition to the field.”


Ultra Natura “Universal Ax”

Outdoor Axes 12, Shieldon

Size Overall length: 46 cm

Weight: 1.2kg


Universal type that uses glass fiber.

A versatile ax that can be used not only for camping but also for bushcraft and gardening. The handle is made of sturdy fiberglass, and the blades are attached to it as a unit, so it is strong against impact and allows stable work.


The point is that it comes with a blade case for safety that you are addicted to firmly.


Hewflit “Hand Ax”

Outdoor Axes 13, Shieldon

Size Overall length: Approximately 26 cm

Weight: about 300g


For those who just want a light ax.

A handy type ax that can be used for bonfires and barbecues in camping. The main body weighs about 300g and is very light, and it also comes with a case so you can hang it on your waist and carry it around.


The grip is made of wood, making it easy to fit in your hand. Three types of hexagonal wrenches are attached to the blade part, which is useful for camping and DIY.


“Unlike the ax for chopping wood, the hatchet is a field ax that is fired from craft and used for light chopping wood.”

“It is intended for use with one hand rather than a two-handed ax, so it is not suitable for hard applications. Please use it as long as you can use it with one hand, and avoid giving excessive impact. Be aware of your skills and uses, and pay attention to the length and head weight when purchasing.”


Choose the outdoor ax that suits your needs

In outdoor activities such as camping, there are occasions when you need an ax, such as chopping wood. In this article, we have introduced how to choose an outdoor ax and recommended products.


Consider who will use it and what purpose it will be used for, and choose an outdoor ax that is easy to use.


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